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n. (context aviation English) (initialism of auxiliary power unit English)


APU or Apu may refer to:

Apu (magazine)

Apu (Finnish for "help") is a Finnish family magazine published in Helsinki, Finland. The magazine is known for its columns, an anecdote column called "Nitrodisko", its crosswords, and the weekly "Missä Jallu luuraa?" (Where is Jallu hiding?).

Apu (god)

In the religion and mythology of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, apus are the spirits of the mountains - and sometimes solitary rocks and caves, that protect the local people in the highlands. The term dates back to the Inca Empire.

Usage examples of "apu".

Then Apu and Nanda would listen to the radio, play chess, read, meditate, and pray.

Even though the Pakistanis had taken the keys Apu could easily splice the ignition wires and drive off.

Though Apu tried hard to eavesdrop, he was still not sure why they were here.

Though daily visits to the coop had been the extent of the Kumars' physical life, Apu had retained his wits, his spirit, and most importantly his dignity.

There were times when Apu would wake in the small hours of the night and hear her breathing.

Not just to make sure Apu and Nanda stayed inside the house but to watch for anyone who might approach the farm.

And if Apu and Nanda did what they were told they would not be harmed after that time.

That was the story of this entire region from the time Apu had been a young man.

If only Savitri and Manjay had asked, Apu would have told them to wait.

The others called her Sharab but Apu did not know if that was her real name.

Some of the team members did not agree with her charity, especially when they were Hindus like Apu and his granddaughter.

He had warned Apu to stay in the house and he had cut the telephone line.

He could not be absolutely certain no was one inside or that Apu would not try to get a gun or ax or some other weapon just inside.

We've learned that a Pakistani cell, part of the Free Kashmir Militia, stayed at the farm of Apu Kumar for about five months.

If they needed to forestall any action by India, Apu's confession would play very well on Pakistani TV.