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APV may refer to:

  • APV plc, a former company making process equipment
  • APV (NMDAR antagonist), or AP5, a selective NMDA receptor antagonist
  • Actuarial present value, a probability weighted present value often used in insurance
  • Adjusted present value, a variation of the net present value (NPV)
  • Allen Parkway Village, a housing development in Fourth Ward, Houston
  • Apple Valley Airport (California), from its IATA airport code
  • Advanced Power Virtualization, now renamed PowerVM, a software virtualization technique used by IBM
  • Suzuki APV, a minivan manufactured and marketed by Suzuki
  • Approach Procedure with Vertical guidance, see Instrument approach
  • a registered, non-for-profit, scientific association, see International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Asia Pacific Vision