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init. 1 (context military English) armored personnel carrier 2 (context music English) Wikipedia:A Perfect Circle 3 (context cytology English) anaphase promoting complex 4 (context military English) 5 (''wireless communication'') antenna phase center


APC or Apc may refer to:

APC (magazine)

APC (formerly known as Australian Personal Computer) is a computer magazine in Australia. It is published monthly and comes with a cover-mounted DVD of software. The magazine was bought from Bauer Media Group in 2013 by Future plc.

According to the current editor, Tony Sarno, APC remains the personal computing magazine of choice for IT professionals and "power-users" (APC, June 2004, P10). The tagline on the front of the magazine is "high performance personal computing" which APC uses as its point of distinction from other computing titles published in Australia, such as PC User which targets beginner-medium users, and Atomic which targets gamers/modders.

APC was first published in May 1980 by Sean Howard and is the longest running computer-magazine in Australia.

The magazine also has a website, which publishes daily technology news (separate to what's in the printed magazine, with very few exceptions).

Usage examples of "apc".

Ratliff heard Dornhofer order the two APCs to maneuver to where the infantrymen could dismount.

Postwar inspections of Iraqi equipment found that as many as 50 percent of tanks and APCs in some units had simply been abandoned in this fashion.

Vehicles are rolling across as before - tanks, busses, APCs, self-propelled guns, fuel trucks - but near the middle, on one side, stands a stark naked stout man, fighting with soldiers.

Because hed used a coil gun and because of his bum leg, Abbado assigned him to the APCs turret.

There, there Ships, tanks, APCs - the chemical platoons, because Ossipov had got it right in time and the computer programme for the use of the VX gas on each of the target areas had been transmitted to GSFN HQ.

The APCs were dead ahead, high enough that the fan ducts on their undersides were visible from the sea skimming car.

Its APCs, trucks and tanks were now barreling down Highway 23 towards Dillsboro, probing for the Posleen in the distant valley and finding surviving bridges.

He was trundled back to the evacuation hospital and when the slight burns and flesh wounds had been treated, they had waited patiently for him to come out of the coma, hoping APCs would do the job and he could be trundled back into the line, because there was still much trouble out front.