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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apo \Ap"o\ [Gr. ?. See Ab-.] A prefix from a Greek preposition. It usually signifies from, away from, off, or asunder, separate; as, in apocope (a cutting off), apostate, apostle (one sent away), apocarpous.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

init. 1 '''A'''ir '''P'''ost '''O'''ffice (both Army and Air Force) 2 '''A'''rmy '''P'''ost '''O'''ffice 3 '''A'''ir Force '''P'''ost '''O'''ffice


Apo or APO may refer to:

APO (company)

APO (formerly known as African Press Organization) is a press release wire distribution service and media relations company based in Senegal. It offers press release distribution and monitoring, online press conference, webcast, op-ed placement, events promotion, online reputation and media monitoring. Its headquarters is in Dakar, with offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, India and Seychelles.

The company owns and manages Africa Wire and MENA Wire, press release distribution services focusing on Africa and the Middle East. Founded in 2007, APO is the sole press release wire in Africa.

Apo (drink)

Apo or Apung is a rice beer. It is popular among the tribes in the North East Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. It is prepared by fermentation of rice. It is generally distributed among the participants in a bamboo shoot.

The Nyishi people, who form the major part of the local tribal population in Nirjuli, celebrate Nyokum annually. They serve the local drink, Apung made by fermentation of rice. The Nyishi people offer the drink, every time they drink it, to the spirits (wiyus) by letting few drops of it fall on the ground.

Usage examples of "apo".

Tempering the wind to their sensitive self-esteem, he offered to permit the Mayor and the Secretary of the Interior to withdraw their resignations bare of comment, statement or apology.

Should she for his colic outcries turn him loose with deadly weapons in his hand upon the helpless millions of the people?

Fitted up with an office into which the desk-work of the day is bodily transferred, the Apo often puts to sea on a half-hour's notice.

And these were of a type to select and weld themselves with the apocryphal parts of the new faith.

This is delivered for consumption in the United States, and illustrates the shrewdness with which they choose weapons.

This tempest in the teapot, on top, is just a natural human phenomenon, having nothing whatever to do with the real attitude of the mass.

The little yacht Apo makes trips there, carrying the Governor-General, or one of his aides, from time to time to visit the people.

Yet each American commandant of a remote outpost became the recipient of many weapons, freely surrendered, for faith in our word.

And when they had closely surrounded the place, Ami Binaning, with his only weapon--his little short-bladed work-knife in his hand--for he would not die unarmed --Ami Binaning walked out, with his boys at his side, and came before them.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Ass aulting an Officer of the Law, Felony DUI, Resisting Arrest, Attempted Incitement of a Riot, Possession of a Narcotic with Intent to Distribute, Felony Mayhem.

What is important is the act of apologizing, the act of ad mitting fault, the act of asking for forgiveness.

I take a deep breath and I open the door and I hear laughing and the laughing stops and I step into the Room and my Brother is sitting at a table with a couple of formerly close friends of mine who live together in Minneapolis.

Lincoln's right, and we should apologize to the little guy, but I still think that story was fucking funny.

After the apology, I would tell him that if I ever heard of him spewing his bullshit fantasies in Public again, I would cut off his precious hair, scar his precious lips, and take all of his goddamn gold records and shove them straight up his ass.

I stayed in Jail t hat night and I was arraigned the next morning on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assaulting an Officer of the Law, Felony DUI, Disturbing the Peace, Res isting Arrest, Driving Without a License, Driving Without Insurance, Attempted Incitement of a Riot, Possession of a Narcotic with Intent to Distribute and Felony Mayhem.