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ableism acouasm adevism adonism aeolism agapism agonism agorism aionism alevism alogism amerism amidism amorism anadesm analism ananism animism arabism asteism atavism atenism atheism athiesm athrysm atomism atypism baalism babiism babyism bahaism ballism baptism bardism bashism battism beauism biblism bimoism biprism blobism blueism bodyism boloism bookism bordism boreism bossism bromism brutism bruxism buckism bullism bundism burkism bushism cambism caraism carlism carnism centesm chaoism charism chavism chekism chemism chorism cladism clanism clonism comtism coneism copyism coreasm coseism cosmism craxism cretism critism crowism cultism cyclism czarism dadaism dashism dealism dereism diapasm diorism donnism dualism duckism dudeism eargasm echoism egomism egotism elitism elohism entrism epicism ergoism erotism etacism etatism evilism exotism eyegasm faceism faddism falsism fangasm fantasm fartism fascism fattism fatuism fauvism feinism fideism filiism flipism fogyism foodism fordism formism gaiaism geekasm gentism girlism goreism grecism guruism handism helcysm heroism heurism hobbism hoboism hoggism hoorism hormism hussism hyloism iconism idolism ietsism iguessm illeism imagism iricism ironism itacism izedism jahvism jahwism jainism jediism jesuism jobbism joygasm juanism judaism kantism karaism klanism kluxism koolism laddism laicism lakeism lamaism leftism leggism leucism lingism lionism locoism lookism luddism lullism machism mahdism maidism manaism marxism mentism millesm mix-ism moanism mobbism moleism monkism mosaism muffism myalism myopism mythism nadaism narcism nashism naziism neolism neonism nerdism nervism neurism nihlism noneism nounism nullism obelism oculism odinism odylism ogreism onanism onirism ooplasm openbsm oralism orgiasm orphism osirism ovarism owenism painism parsism pastism paulism peanism peonism persism phaeism philism phobism phonism photism pianism pietism piggism playism plenism poetism poorism popeism popgasm poppism premism punyism qaraism querism quinism qutbism radiism raelism rainism rakeism ramaism rankism rantism raumism realism rockism ruinism russism sabaism sabeism saivism saktism sarcasm scotism sectism selfism sensism serfism shadism sharism sikhism sionism sivaism sizeism slavism soloism sophism specism sql/psm statism stisism stylism sufiism suicism sunnism surdism suunism syriasm tachism tactism tailism tapeism tennism textism thomism titoism toryism tourism trioism tropism tsarism turcism turfism turkism tychism tzarism unalism unitism uranism utopism vetoism voicism voidism wargasm whigism wholism whorism wiggism yahvism yahwism yangism ynglism zabaism zanyism zemiism zionism zoilism zolaism

Word usage examples

Although the Balfour Declaration gave Zionism the lukewarm support of the backers of the White Guardist pogromists, it did nothing to curb the pogroms.

Zionism, great Zionist leaders and thinkers such as Nahum Goldmann originally dreamed that Israel, like other civilized states, would also be anchored in international institutions and might even form part of a multiethnic federation with the Arab states of the Middle East, thereby resolving the dilemma in which Jewish diaspora liberalism found itself.

Dissenters against Whigism in general, and the government leaders of that school as its most prominent advocates.

As a man as a good programmer and cybernetic architect Ede had always reviled tychism, the school of philosophy teaching that absolute chance underlay all of reality.

Russia, in the struggle with Tsarism, the Bolsheviks had put foward the slogan of a revolutionary constituent assembly as part of their program.

She realized that no mercy could be expected from the ruling class, that between the Tsarism of Russia and the plutocracy of America there was no difference save in name.

Marxism lost the world when it went to Moscow and took over the traditions of Tsarism as Christianity lost the world when it went to Rome and took over the traditions of Caesar.

And as for Russia, ostensibly the freest country in the world, Tsarism in its worst days never imposed such despotic restrictions concerning the coming and going of foreigners, in one particular district, at any rate.

Dostoevsky was compelled to overlook and forgive in his support of Tsarism, and how few illusions he could have about the perspicacity of its servitors, he again returns to his own distressing situation.

For Dostoevsky knew inwardly that, even though he had become converted into a supporter of Tsarism, his change of heart had not been accompanied by any betrayal of principle or of his own standards of personal integrity.