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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bahaism \Ba*ha"ism\, n. The religious tenets or practices of the Bahais. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] ||

Usage examples of "bahaism".

That is Bahaism, which, as it is now taking form, is a leaven rather than a cult.

Those members of Christian communions which are attracted to Bahaism find in it a real hospitality to the inherited faith they take over.

Bahaism as it is held by devout groups in America, so far as ethics and ideals go, from much that is distinctive in the Christian spirit, though the influence of Bahaism as a whole would be to efface distinctions and especially to take the force out of the Christian creeds.

The movement toward religious syncretism of which Bahaism is just now the expression will not be so easy to dispose of.

There is scarcely a religion that has not its Bahaism, its Modernists, its Brahmo Somaj, its "religion without theology," its attempts to escape from old forms and hampering associations to that living and world-wide spiritual reality upon which the human mind almost instinctively insists.