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It seems elementary that anyone who has suffered and was sensitive to the past sufferings of German Jews would avoid Nazis, Naziism, and neo-Nazi books like the plague.

Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Josef Goebbels, and Heinrich Himmler, the inner group of Naziism, were at the same time heads of minor fiefdoms within the Nazi State.

It is within this innermost of the inner circles, the very core of Naziism, that we find Wall Street, including Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.

Note: This program is important because it demonstrates that the nature of Naziism was known publicly as early as 1920.

We have demonstrated with documentary evidence a number of critical associations between Wall Street international bankers and the rise of Hitler and Naziism in Germany.

Hitler and Naziism we find Vacuum Oil and General Electric well represented.

German interwar history and the story of Hitler and Naziism, we find both Owen D.

American power elite in the rise of Hitler should also be viewed in conjunction with a little-known aspect of Hitlerism only now being explored: the mystical origins of Naziism, and its relations with the Thule Society and with other conspiratorial groups.

This author is no expert on occultism or conspiracy, but it is obvious that the mystical origins, the neo-pagan historical roots of Naziism, the Bavarian Illuminati and the Thule Society, are relatively unknown areas yet to be explored by technically competent researchers.

This was a submerged driving force behind Naziism, with a powerful mystical hold over the hard-core S.

These cartels were the major supporters of Hitler and Naziism and were directly responsible for bringing the Nazis to power in 1933.

Hitler in this final step on the road to dictatorial Naziism were made through the private bank of Delbruck Sehickler.

Why Thyssen would want to admit such actions before the defeat of Naziism is unexplained.