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The Stisism Band, later known simply as Stisism, were an American punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York.

The Stisism Band formed in the early 1980s as the duo of Chris Curylo (vocals and guitar) and Stu Pendis (drums). The band played snotty 1977-style punk rock in the vein of The Dead Boys. Their lyrics were nonpolitical, instead derived from the members' interests, including horror and B-movies. Often the lyrical content was fun and humorous, as heard on songs such as "Dancing with Bacteria" and "Male Bovine Excretion". During the mid-1980s, their material (from self-released tapes like Dehydration Synthesis) could often be heard on DJ Pat Duncan's punk radio show on WFMU.

By the time of their first official record, a four-song 7" EP called Introducing.... Stisism, released in 1984 on Mutha Records, the band had been joined by lead vocalist Mikey Plague.

They played their first gig on September 14, 1983. They borrowed players from other local bands such as Adrenalin O.D. until their lineup stabilized with the addition of bassist Fiona Lynn. The band played many hardcore matinee shows at CBGB, and also opened for The Ramones at L'Amour in Brooklyn.

Maximumrocknroll #154 featured an extensive five-page interview with the band.

After a long silence, the band, with their name shortened simply to Stisism, released their first full-length album Coping With Society. It was issued on vinyl by Intensive Scare Records in 1998, and on CD by Man's Ruin Records in 1999. The album was reissued in 2005 by The Orchard.