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Ynglism ( Russian: Инглиизм; which full institutional name is Ancient Russian Ynglist Church of the Orthodox Old Believers – Ynglings, Russian: Древнерусская Инглиистическая Церковь Православных Староверов-Инглингов) is a neo-pagan religion headquartered in Omsk, in Russia, variously classified as a branch of Rodnoveriye, but often not recognised as such by mainstream Rodnover groups. The religion was organised into a church body in 1992 and was officially registered in Omsk in 1998; its leader is Aleksandr Hinevich (also known as Alexander, AY Khinevich, Pater Dii , and Pater Dii Aleksandr Hinevich , a student of Ynglist, Alexey Vasilevich Trehlebov aka A.V. Trehlebov , and Vedagor .

Ynglists teach that " Yngly" is the primordial fiery force from which the universe is arisen. They consider the Ynglings as the noble patriarchs of the Slavs and all other Indo-European (Aryan) peoples and civilisations, the first ones to get awareness of the Yngly. They also worship Rod similarly to other Rodnovers, but consider it the archetypal god of embodied men and the god of the begotten (manifested) world.

Their sacred texts are the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and the Book of Veles. Although centered in the Omsk region, in recent years the church has extended its influence throughout Russia with local communities and a massive selling of books and other media.