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n. An artistic movement of the last part of the 19th century which emphasized spontaneity and the use of extremely bright colors.


n. an art movement launched in 1905 whose work was characterized by bright and non-natural colors and simple forms; influenced the expressionists


Fauvism is the style of les Fauves ( French for "the wild beasts"), a loose group of early twentieth-century Modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism. While Fauvism as a style began around 1900 and continued beyond 1910, the movement as such lasted only a few years, 1904–1908, and had three exhibitions. The leaders of the movement were Henri Matisse and André Derain.

Usage examples of "fauvism".

A decade later, he changed the history of the art world with the birth of Fauvism exuberant colors and wildly distorted shapes.

Matisse is revered as the father of Fauvism and of modern painting in general.

This was a time of radical new art movements in the West, ranging from Expressionism to Fauvism and Cubism, end Japanese artists returning from study in France and elsewhere in Europe duly introduced each movement to their country, though not necessarily in any coherent order.

Robin and I had gone with him to the art museum and he had looked at the pictures the way someone who understands pictures does, talking about how much he liked the Ashcan painters, why Fauvism stank because of the vulgar colors.