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n. (context music English) One's way of playing the piano


n. performance by or technique of a pianist; "a program of pianism"


Pianism is a jazz album by Michel Petrucciani.

The album was recorded at RCA Studio "C", and was produced by Mike Berniker, engineer Mike Moran. The Blue Note catalogue number is CDP 7 46295 2.

This was Petrucciani's first album recorded under contract for Blue Note, the previous recordings having originally been released by Concord and others (though some were subsequently reissued by Blue Note).

Usage examples of "pianism".

Gospadin Bundelcund, as he was named, had been on intimate terms with all the great virtuosi of his day, and had heard Beethoven, Steibelt, Czerny, Woelfl, Kalkbrenner, Cramer, Hummel, Field, Hiller, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Henselt, and also many minor lights of pianism whose names have almost faded from memory.

Alice Weathers applauds the piano player, as well she might: forty years ago, he reluctantly absorbed the rudiments of pianism at her hands just well enough to pick up a few bucks at occasions like this, when not obliged to perform his usual function, that of selling sweatshirts and baseball caps on Chase Street.