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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a beach bar/restaurant (=on the beach)
▪ We watched the sun go down from the beach bar.
a restaurant chain
▪ the Pizza Hut restaurant chain
a restaurant critic (=of the food, service etc in restaurants)
▪ Being a restaurant critic sounds like a glamorous lifestyle.
catering/restaurant/cooking facilities
▪ The rooms all have cooking facilities and a fridge.
restaurant car
the hotel restaurant/bar/gym
▪ The hotel bar was empty.
▪ Takeaways take aim for the stars CHINESE takeaway restaurants will soon be given a star rating to encourage higher standards.
▪ Other facilities include a bar, an excellent restaurant, swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, solarium &038; skittle alley.
▪ While San Mateo is a pleasant destination for home shopping and browsing, it also has excellent restaurants and cafes.
▪ There are excellent restaurants and hotels, many of them specialising in their own way of serving fresh fish from the lake.
▪ There is an excellent restaurant and, weather permitting, meals can be served alfresco on the terrace.
▪ There is a snack bar by the pool, a taverna in the grounds and an excellent restaurant in the Atlantis itself.
▪ Your genial hosts will recommend several excellent local restaurants.
▪ Santa Eulalia At attractive little town with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and some excellent restaurants.
▪ We found some superb powder - all to ourselves, until we stopped at another excellent mountain restaurant at Le Prariond.
▪ Exactly a year ago today, this man here started the finest restaurant in London.
▪ Budapest has the go-go feel of a city on the move and fine restaurants to match.
▪ Of course, our various Ministries are happy to arrange visits to fine restaurants, the concert, the opera, the ballet.
▪ Californians are casual in dress, even at the opera or in the finest restaurants.
▪ Palazzo Rocco-Saporiti Close to the palazzo there is a fine restaurant.
▪ He had stayed at the best hotels, eaten in the finest restaurants.
▪ Apart from that, everyone was on their own: there were good shops, good restaurants and good racing.
▪ These wines are precious enough to be good choices for restaurant wine lists.
▪ There is no dinner but Lewes has a good range of restaurants.
▪ We never had a good restaurant or coffee bar before.
▪ All bedrooms en-suite. Good restaurant facilities.
▪ A good restaurant, he thought.
▪ Caniço has probably the best selection of restaurants outside Funchal and is very popular with both Madeirans and foreigners.
▪ It had several good restaurants, a well-stocked bookstore, a movie house, and a good hotel.
▪ In Montparnasse artists and art students met each other in the cafés and at the life class and in the little restaurants.
▪ Handsels A charming little West End restaurant with reliable menu.
▪ We went into a little concrete block restaurant in Bayline.
▪ Most typically it starts with a late-night drive to some little restaurant.
▪ The shy teen-ager serving up tacos at a little restaurant called Porkyland was learning computer skills.
▪ There is a nice little restaurant just at the corner of this street.
▪ And he says hello to everyone on the elevator, and most everyone in the casual little restaurant.
▪ Then we sussed out that bread and milk were delivered to the local restaurants really early.
▪ They sipped tea in local restaurants and talked and laughed with whomever was there.
▪ If guests wish to eat out there are several reasonably priced local restaurants.
▪ Some hotels offer discounts on meals taken in local restaurants, for example.
▪ Forlornly we made our way to the local restaurant.
▪ For lunch and the evening meal there are several recommended local pubs and restaurants.
▪ It was followed by a lunch party at a local restaurant where the tables had been placed outside in the cobbled square.
▪ Money from extortion and drugs has reportedly financed a string of chic new restaurants and bars in Dushanbe.
▪ And the first new sit-down restaurant to open in Watts after the 1965 riots did not do so until November 1991.
▪ Sleep is also very important for me, much more than going out to the newest disco or restaurant.
▪ And a new kind of restaurant had sprung up with expensive menus and a young, confident clientele.
▪ A new restaurant is being built in the Overport Battery Casemates and will open next spring.
▪ At its new restaurant, Darden executives vow, nothing in the menu will require special skills or complicated dishes.
▪ About 85 new restaurants will be opened in the next two years to bring the total to well over 500.
▪ Thomas was eating at a New York restaurant recently when he excused himself to go to the restroom.
▪ Palamut serves in a small farming community with a tiny harbour, a small quayside restaurant and excellent locally caught fish.
▪ I had also met Nomura-san, who had retired from the Takarazuka Revue and now operated a small restaurant near our apartment.
▪ The château was empty, almost derelict, and they have turned it into a small hotel and restaurant.
▪ It was as if the small restaurant suddenly gave him all the space he needed.
▪ The Handbook suggested a Ricardo Quispe Mamani who also had a small restaurant on the main square.
▪ They had lunched together at a small restaurant full of pseudo-oak beams and bright red table-cloths.
▪ In a small restaurant for fresh trout.
Small businesses were encouraged, which brought a rapid proliferation of small privately-owned restaurants and shops on the city streets.
▪ Burger King is widely regarded as the quality fast food hamburger restaurant chain.
▪ And other quick-serve restaurant chains, such as Boston Market, are jumping on the bandwagon.
▪ The steak restaurant chain Buffalo Grill withdrew the cuts from its menus last weekend.
▪ The Golden-based restaurant chain has jumped 12 percent in the last two trading sessions.
▪ The demographic data we have provided is accurate enough, but no resemblance to any existing restaurant chain is intended.
▪ A fast food restaurant chain in the United States is pioneering the use of pagers for its waiters.
▪ Lately, the restaurant chain, which caters mainly to blue-collar diners, has been hurt by competition.
▪ By comparison with the cold cobbled alleys, the hotel restaurant was a scene of throbbing gaiety.
▪ He glanced at the two doors of the hotel restaurant, automatically looking for police.
▪ Shall I go down and eat in the hotel restaurant, or shall I go out?
▪ She agreed, and the next day she and a girlfriend met Garcia for lunch at a hotel restaurant.
▪ They competed to see who could eat most in the hotel restaurant and gorged themselves on Cornish cream teas.
▪ At the Rex Hotel restaurant in Saigon, two drinks and two Cokes cost $ 23.
▪ They had dinner at the hotel restaurant on their first night.
▪ Going Upscale For lunch-goers with an expense account, two classic hotel restaurants offer lavish possibilities.
▪ Other officers could be bribed to turn a blind eye, said a restaurant owner in the port of Algeciras.
▪ The restaurant owner went around the room, trying to separate the dancers.
▪ With that vision in mind, Wilson got up early one recent day and headed to a marketing convention for restaurant owners.
▪ Her husband, a restaurant owner, was almost twice her age and diabetic.
▪ Abrahamian said the largest impact will be felt by restaurant owners.
▪ Rather we get a feeling for the differences in the island societies through encounters with restaurant owners.
▪ It is used mainly in the evening by guests dining in the restaurant.
▪ He dines at the best restaurants, drinks fine wines and beds whomever attracts him.
▪ However, business lunches may crop up from time to time - and also evening invitations which involve dining at restaurants.
▪ While adults dine at restaurants, their children punch answers into boxes at the bar.
▪ Dalhousie Castle Hotel 800-year-old castle set in acres of land. Dine in interesting dungeon restaurant, drink in the library.
▪ Only in cities did we dine in restaurants..
▪ Well-groomed young couples dine in busy restaurants.
▪ The area has plenty of tourist traffic but also is frequented by area families dining at nearby restaurants.
▪ We are new to the London area, and would like to eat in restaurants or visit pubs with others.
▪ The next time you eat in your favorite restaurant, check out the health claims on the menu.
▪ The whole business of eating out in restaurants she considered a worryingly overrated activity.
▪ Neither did she mind that the family now ate at the restaurant every night, one fried chicken part after another.
▪ If you eat in the staff restaurant at lunch-time, take your customers there too.
▪ Shall I go down and eat in the hotel restaurant, or shall I go out?
▪ The men ate lobster in the restaurant there, all at the same table that night.
▪ Kebab King opened its twenty-third franchised restaurant.
▪ Some open restaurants or teach school.
▪ He proposed opening a second restaurant in the park to emulate the success of the Beach Chalet.
▪ Burger King announced plans to open a 20O seat restaurant at Thorpe Park, Surrey.
▪ And why would they open a second restaurant a mere 2.3 miles from the first?
▪ My friend Tony was opening a restaurant in Noting Hill.
▪ Russell Thiel, chef-owner, fashioned his Caesar when he opened his restaurant last year.
▪ You might also consider whether they ought to continue with their attempt to run a second restaurant at all.
▪ His father ran a small restaurant in Nabaa.
▪ She and her husband ran a restaurant for eleven years before opening up Ford Farm in 1973.
▪ It had always been one of his Walter Mittyisms to run a restaurant, and this we discussed with extreme earnestness.
▪ They ran a restaurant at Barnard Castle until recently.
▪ Sandra Bates is a trained caterer who has run three restaurants.
▪ Dinner is served in the lakeside restaurant and lunch snacks are available from a pizzeria.
▪ Girls, even, can learn factory work or serve in restaurants.
▪ Meals are served in the restaurant or guests can take lunch at the beach restaurant.
▪ Meals are served in the restaurant, looking over the mountains.
▪ Breakfast and evening meals are served in the panoramic restaurant.
▪ Meals are served in the intimate restaurant and include a sumptuous buffet breakfast.
▪ One evening, whilst serving in the restaurant, Manuel is rude to a customer.
▪ a Chinese restaurant
▪ A licensed restaurant serves good food all day.
▪ Henderson's Salad Table Licensed wholefood restaurant with a remarkable selection of dishes.
▪ Patrons parking there also would be near the shops and restaurants on Grand Avenue.
▪ The dish was popular with taste testers, but it was some time before it caught on in the restaurants.
▪ The scene inside the lobby restaurant of the studio did nothing to make me less self-conscious.
▪ There are also new lounges for motorists, service restaurants, a play area, casino and cinemas.
▪ There was no need for the accused to reach the restaurant door.
▪ They kept going to this restaurant, and the proprietor took a liking to them.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Restaurant \Res"tau*rant\ (r?s"t?*r?nt;277), n. [F., fr. restaurer. See Restore.] An eating house.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1821, from French restaurant "a restaurant," originally "food that restores," noun use of present participle of restaurer "to restore or refresh," from Old French restorer (see restore).\n\nIn 1765 a man by the name of Boulanger, also known as "Champ d'Oiseaux" or "Chantoiseau," opened a shop near the Louvre (on either the rue des Poulies or the rue Bailleul, depending on which authority one chooses to believe). There he sold what he called restaurants or bouillons restaurants
--that is, meat-based consommés intended to "restore" a person's strength. Ever since the Middle Ages the word restaurant had been used to describe any of a variety of rich bouillons made with chicken, beef, roots of one sort or another, onions, herbs, and, according to some recipes, spices, crystallized sugar, toasted bread, barley, butter, and even exotic ingredients such as dried rose petals, Damascus grapes, and amber. In order to entice customers into his shop, Boulanger had inscribed on his window a line from the Gospels: "Venite ad me omnes qui stomacho laboratis et ego vos restaurabo." He was not content simply to serve bouillon, however. He also served leg of lamb in white sauce, thereby infringing the monopoly of the caterers' guild. The guild filed suit, which to everyone's astonishment ended in a judgment in favor of Boulanger.

[Jean-Robert Pitte, "The Rise of the Restaurant," in "Food: A Culinary History from Antiquity to the Present," English editor Albert Sonnenfeld, transl. Clarissa Botsford, 1999, Columbia University Press]

\nItalian spelling ristorante attested in English by 1925.

n. An eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables.


n. a building where people go to eat [syn: eating house, eating place]


A restaurant ( or ; ) is a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services, and some only offer take-out and delivery. Restaurants vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models ranging from inexpensive fast food restaurants and cafeterias to mid-priced family restaurants, to high-priced luxury establishments. In Western countries, most mid- to high-range restaurants serve alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and light beer. Some restaurants serve all the major meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner (e.g., major fast food chains, diners, hotel restaurants, and airport restaurants). Other restaurants may only serve a single meal (e.g., a pancake house may only serve breakfast) or they may serve two meals (e.g., lunch and dinner) or even a kids' meal.

Restaurant (magazine)

Restaurant is a British magazine aimed at chefs, restaurant proprietors and other catering professionals that concentrates on the fine dining end of the industry. The magazine is published monthly by William Reed Business Media and had a circulation of 16,642 in 2011-12.

It produces an annual list of what it considers to be the best 50 restaurants in the world, based on the votes of 837 "chefs, restaurateurs, critics and fun-loving gourmands".

Restaurant (disambiguation)

A restaurant is a place to eat.

Restaurant may also refer to:

  • The Restaurant (UK TV series), BBC Two TV show featuring Raymond Blanc
  • The Restaurant (Irish TV series), an RTÉ television series featuring celebrity head chefs each week
  • Restaurant (magazine), a British magazine
  • Restaurant (1965 film), film directed by Andy Warhol at The Factory
  • Restaurant (1998 film), a romantic film starring Adrien Brody and Elise Neal, directed by Eric Bross
  • Restaurant (2006 film), a Marathi language movie directed by Sachin Kundalkar
Restaurant (2006 film)

Restaurant is a Marathi language movie. It is the debut film of director Sachin Kundalkar.

Restaurant (1998 film)

Restaurant is a 1998 independent film starring Adrien Brody, Elise Neal, David Moscow and Simon Baker. Written by Tom Cudworth and directed by Eric Bross, Restaurant was the follow-up to this writing–directing duo's first film, TenBenny, which also starred Adrien Brody. Restaurant premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival on April 17, 1998, and garnered Adrien Brody an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Male Lead. Set in Hoboken, New Jersey, Restaurant is a romantic comedy about young waiters with big dreams, but few chances to actually succeed. This is Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Lauryn Hill's last movie to date.

Usage examples of "restaurant".

I draw from that money once a month, to pay for the rented rooms, the archival fees, the meals in restaurants.

Balzar, on the rue des Ecoles, in the Fifth Arrondissement of Paris, happens to be the best restaurant in the world.

It was a segment of a video taken eight months before, at the wedding of Baculum and his twelfth wife, a twenty-three-year-old part-time waitress at a highway restaurant outside of Mobile, Alabama.

He was in fact a wealthy businessman who owned a highly bankable avant-garde retail and design empire, two shops, a restaurant and a perfume about to be launched.

Fennella was the start of the direct path straight back to the real world, the restaurants, the shaded lights, stained-glass over green baize tables, women in expensive gowns playing seemingly expensive games that were at root primitively simple, even bars where the bartender bothered to remember your name.

Wicker and Brooks had already arrived at Le Bearn and had planted several miniaturized cameras and listening devices in the bar, restaurant, and bathroom.

He rode the slidewalks and escalators until, half a mile above the ground, he came to his regular Tuesday-evening eateasy, a swank and illegal little restaurant with a grubby exterior that proclaimed to all nonmembers that it was a branch of a silicone surgery beautification chain.

Cloud City on the planet Bespin was usually a blur of tourist activitiesskysailing, sightseeing in cloud cars, gambling in casinos, dancing, and dining in fine floating restaurants.

Leaving his door open, he went down behind them into the restaurant, walked behind them past the shop-fronts of the Rue Neuve, and entered the same brasserie, apparently as calm and resolute as ever.

She takes a final look around the restaurant, savouring the exoticism of bamboo screens and prints of Chinese scenes on the walls and the luxury of fitted carpets.

Mayor Joe Carollo has grandiose dreams for reviving the bayfront lagoon area by the Marine Stadium: hotels, restaurants, shops and a Jet Ski extravaganza that would bring needed lease revenues to City Hall.

The cholesterol extravaganza was his typical order at The Lobster Pot, a cheesy, overpriced airport restaurant and our usual luncheon venue at the Majestic terminal.

Hours into the game, we had to find homonyms in the menu of a restaurant, swim out to a dinghy in the middle of a lake, and go into a house party to retrieve a clue from kids who were staging a knife fight.

Lo Manto had first noticed the car from inside the restaurant as he complimented the owner on the excellent variety and quality of the four-course meal.

Lo Manto walked away from the smoking car, picked up his gun, and made his way toward Jennifer, who was now leaning against the rear wall of the restaurant.