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family restaurant

n. An eating establishment that serves relatively simple food at reasonable prices, and welcomes children as well as adults.

Usage examples of "family restaurant".

We drove out to Belle Isle to look for deer and then stopped in for lunch at the family restaurant.

Before I had left on this trip I had lain awake at night in my bed in England and pictured myself stopping each evening at a motel in a little city, strolling into town along wide sidewalks, dining on the blueplate special at Betty's Family Restaurant on the town square, then plugging a scented toothpick in my mouth and going for a stroll around the town, very probably stopping off at Vern's Midnite Tavern for a couple of draws and a game of eight-ball with the boys or taking in a movie at the Regal or looking in at the Val-Hi Bowling Alley to kibitz the Mid-Week Hairdressers' League matches before rounding off the night with a couple of games of pinball and a grilled cheese sandwich.

It's a family restaurant - no liquor - and you can sit in the smoking section or the screaming section, depending on whether you want to ruin your lungs or your eardrums.

Meanwhile, I went out and had a decent steak at a so-called family restaurant where the waitresses wear granny dresses.

It was an old family restaurant with checkered tablecloths and fresh-faced high school girls to serve you.

Father and daughter had dinner at a quiet family restaurant - he'd never learned to cook well - and talked about the neighborhood, which of Doris's childhood friends were doing what, in a gentle exercise at catching up on things.

He had been born Constantine Nicholas Sennatakis and was raised in back of the family restaurant.