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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a dinner party (=one where people are invited to someone’s house for an evening meal)
▪ It’s a favorite topic of conversation at fashionable dinner parties these days.
a dinner/dining companion (=someone you have dinner with)
▪ We saw him in the restaurant with a very attractive dinner companion.
a dinner/lunch invitation
▪ Fred's wife has accepted the dinner invitation.
a dinner/lunch reservation
▪ I'd forgotten to make a dinner reservation.
a dinner/lunch/breakfast menu
▪ There is an extensive dinner menu, and seafood is a speciality.
Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner/lunch (=a special meal on Christmas Day)
▪ All the family come to our house for Christmas dinner.
come to dinner/lunch
▪ What day are your folks coming to dinner?
cook breakfast/lunch/dinner
▪ Kate was in the kitchen cooking dinner.
dinner dance
dinner guests
▪ How much meat do I need to buy for 15 dinner guests?
dinner jacket
dinner lady
dinner party
dinner service
dinner table
▪ It wasn’t a very suitable conversation for the dinner table.
dinner theater
dinner/breakfast table
▪ Will you clear the breakfast table?
dress for dinner (=wear formal clothes for our evening meal)
▪ We usually dress for dinner.
eat breakfast/lunch/dinner etc
▪ What time do you usually eat lunch?
fix dinner
▪ I’ll watch the kids and you fix dinner.
gala dinner/performance/night etc
▪ the Society’s Gala Dinner
▪ a charity gala evening
potluck meal/dinner etc
▪ a potluck supper at the church
serve breakfast/lunch/dinner
▪ Breakfast is served until 9 am.
set lunch/dinner/menu
▪ The hotel does a very good set menu.
stay to dinner/stay for lunch etc
▪ Why don’t you stay for supper?
TV dinner
walk off dinner/a meal etc (=go for a walk so that your stomach feels less full)
▪ Well the after dinner speaker is none other than Dave Bassett of Sheffield United.
▪ It lay among the daily stack until after dinner.
▪ A packed Hall of graduates and undergraduates gave Baroness Park an affectionate standing ovation at the end of her after dinner speech.
▪ The awards were presented at the annual coaches dinner sponsored by the Post Office.
▪ That evening the first annual dinner was held.
▪ He received the award from a National newspaper at the annual Sports Writers dinner.
▪ Read in studio A new meals on wheels scheme is being tested which could cut the cost of providing hot school dinners.
▪ I've backed more shows than you lot have had hot dinners and I've never seen anything like this.
▪ So - a long, hot bath, dinner in her room with her book, then an early night.
▪ We're hoping to join you for a hot dinner.
▪ Helped to cook the Christmas dinner?
▪ When Joe was asked to join the First Family each year for Christmas dinner, it posed a dilemma.
▪ Over £1,500 was raised at the fete and this will be used to give 200 pensioners a slap-up Christmas dinner.
▪ I wish she would show me how to get through homework and adolescence instead of just Christmas dinner for 40.
▪ And tonight the traditional college Christmas dinner was cancelled as a mark of respect.
▪ Frank would go home with a friend for Christmas dinner and I would be left here alone.
▪ At the lunchtime Christmas dinner Tina, Jean and Hilda decided to wear their new bonnets with the flowers all round.
▪ Margaret cooked a small Christmas dinner.
▪ Close friend James Hewitt was the princess's dinner companion.
▪ A dieting dinner companion ordered two appetizers and no entree one time and was extremely happy.
▪ No doubt, too, he was dreaming pleasant dreams of his dinner companion of last night!
▪ Both were wonderful dinner companions and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening.
▪ Former flames James Gilbey and James Hewitt became dinner companions.
▪ Her president's reception and dinner dance tomorrow night launches the main weekend of events.
▪ In August Sarah was invited to a dinner dance by a commercial traveller who came to the shop.
▪ Anne thought often about Sarah and her sophisticated partner on the Saturday night of the dinner dance.
▪ Cut it down, dye it red and press it into service for that next dinner dance?
▪ The season went well and the club recently held its presentation dinner dance where the trophies were awarded.
▪ There's a weekly farewell dinner and you can expect a welcoming drink on arrival.
▪ Worse awaited the Vietminh leader two evenings later, at a farewell dinner organized by Zhou.
▪ The farewell dinner is at the historic Abbey Tavern, located in the fishing village of Howth.
▪ The afternoon is yours for further exploring, until a farewell dinner party during the evening.
▪ A gala dinner is held fortnightly and lunch is alfresco.
▪ A weekly gala dinner is held with folk music, and a piano bar provides music three times a week.
▪ Once a week there is a Tyrolean gala dinner. 50 bedrooms: no singles available.
▪ Once a week a gala dinner is held.
▪ Two dining rooms; buffet style breakfast; weekly gala dinner.
▪ From May to September there is a weekly gala dinner.
▪ Meredith speculated whether or not her dinner guest would go to her funeral.
▪ They stared down at his dinner guests.
▪ Another thing he did was picture himself and his wife in the drawing room receiving dinner guests.
▪ The dinner guest arrived early and came marching into the kitchen to inspect the proceedings, under the guise of offering assistance.
▪ One of the dinner guests found Pennant, the travel writer, superficial.
▪ After his appointment to the Supreme Court in 1939, he was a frequent dinner guest at Dumbarton Avenue.
▪ Ben Elissar shared the landmark diplomatic twist with dinner guests last Friday.
▪ Assuming that Fred's wife has accepted the dinner invitation, have they made a contract? 2.
▪ Although she had rejected his dinner invitation, somehow he had come out of the scene the victor.
▪ To his surprise, Eleanor was not bowled over by the dinner invitation.
▪ One anxious socialite complained that five of her dinner invitations had been cancelled.
▪ Their known, nearly identical faces, slid by in a wave of tawdry dinner jackets, sequinned old lace.
▪ They were so close that Margaret could see their clothes: the men wore white dinner jackets and the women long gowns.
▪ The city suits and ivory silk dinner jackets she gave to Franky.
▪ Although he was rather rumpled, he wore his double-breasted dinner jacket with easy elegance.
▪ Neither Patrick nor John had brought dinner jackets so Sir Bryan decreed that the men would wear lounge suits.
▪ She was surprised that Colonel Scott Wilson wore a dinner jacket.
▪ Some of the casino crowd were here, an assortment of dinner jackets and plunging cocktail dresses.
▪ That relatively small room appeared to be a forest of black dinner jackets, grey hair and cigar smoke.
▪ All staff were interviewed, including the cleaner, dinner lady and students.
▪ He made the short journey to sample the fare of the proud dinner ladies from Wheatley Park School.
▪ Phone call from Education Office, re. dinner money summary sheets.
▪ Her parents can give her pocket money, dinner money, clothing allowance and so on.
▪ Secretary mentions pupil's dinner money.
▪ With horror, I realised he was using his dinner money to feed his addiction.
▪ Children talked, read horoscopes, collected dinner money and completed homework.
▪ Had a brief discussion about B's dinner money owing. 2.55: Internal Audit Officer phoned.
▪ Could I make an appointment to see her at the Education Office to sort out the dinner money debts once and for all - hopefully.
▪ Also sort out the dinner money! 9.40: Phone call from Education Office re.
▪ Since it is the dinner party hosts holding the event, the whole £100 a head goes to the charity.
▪ They avoided talking about Miss Poole or Heather and dreaded going to the weekly dinner parties.
▪ A celebration dinner party. 3.
▪ Sometimes he puts on dinner parties that cost thousands of dollars.
▪ Edward has a dinner party tonight which I bust attend.
▪ We will also seek to promote forms of accountability which go beyond dinner parties at Stormont for selected priests and other notables.
▪ Leave the crystal and good china to those intimate, sit-down dinner parties.
▪ Archaeologists have discovered a complete Roman house beneath the leaning tower of Pisa, containing dinner plates and wine jugs.
▪ Walking through the old foundations, you discover broken bits of dinner plates and an occasional fork with its tines splayed.
▪ It is easy to mark around a dinner plate and then cut out with a sharp knife.
▪ Pages were spread over the wineglasses and dinner plates.
▪ Cover them with a bucket or large flower pot, or place a dinner plate on a crown of foliage.
▪ Walker Evans records a roughly piled grave of loose earth topped with the impermanent and unstable memorial of a dinner plate.
▪ Or serve on individual dinner plates topped with 3 to 4 generous tablespoons sauce per serving.
▪ Read in studio One of the country's top chefs has been sampling life at the bottom ... testing school dinners.
▪ Read in studio A new meals on wheels scheme is being tested which could cut the cost of providing hot school dinners.
▪ No one is fighting her for the task of serving school dinners to the juniors.
▪ There are a great number of myths that constantly need to be laid about school dinners.
▪ Another group are the kitchen and canteen staff, responsible for providing school dinners.
▪ But the school dinner she was wolfing down was nothing like the standard favourite of baked beans, burgers and ice-cream.
▪ When I started this job in school dinners I earned £7 a week.
▪ Read in studio School dinners might never be the same again thanks to the efforts of one school cook.
▪ Best reductions in household goods, bedding, dinner services.
▪ The place setting is laid with the silver dinner service made by Garrard.
▪ The great Leinster dinner service of 1747 was his swansong: no silver bearing his mark appears thereafter.
▪ She washed up the dinner service, which she'd left in the sink to soak.
▪ Pekin dinner service, silver cutlery, crystal glasses, showy white napkins, all in order.
▪ The oval dining table and the chairs were modern as were the Wedgwood dinner service and the elegant glasses.
▪ We were sitting on the porch after Sunday dinner.
▪ Had they been living, all three of us would have benefited from their bright wholesomeness and Sunday dinners.
▪ He wanted to get started back to Washington-he had planned t having Sunday dinner at home.
▪ I want to be able to sit with friends around a dinner table and not think about what I am doing.
▪ The dinner table had become our favorite battleground.
▪ Apples crop up everywhere from the dinner table to our most ancient myths and legends.
▪ Men with moderately elevated blood cholesterol and blood pressure may want to reach for the garlic at the dinner table.
▪ They only expect 12 around the dinner table these days at the family home at Stanton Harcourt.
▪ And more is at stake than manners at the dinner table.
▪ Mildly irritated, he returned to the dinner table.
▪ But in-stead of hitting her father it landed on the messy dinner table.
▪ The thanksgiving dinner, the feast ... that was it, of course.
▪ But Smolan says he stumbled on the idea in 1994 while sharing Thanksgiving dinner with college friends.
▪ My aunt had invited me for Thanksgiving dinner.
▪ I thought it would be a nice break to go there for Thanksgiving dinner.
▪ Evelyn could hardly wait for dinner time so that she could say something to Jackie.
▪ Finally, dinner time comes, and there is no bread on the table.
▪ Then Arthur Peeble's dinner time started at one o'clock till quarter to two.
▪ Walk through any suburban neighborhood at dinner time on any weekend evening this time of year.
▪ Come on, it's nearly dinner time.
▪ Consider these two situations: Case A: The phone rings at dinner time.
▪ Smart casual wear is quite in order for dinner time, but bring one cocktail dress for the Captain's cocktail party.
▪ Case B: The phone rings at dinner time.
▪ Raducanu attended the official dinner that followed the international but then left his team-mates.
▪ Only Forbes, Hostettler, Klug and Wolf had been scheduled to attend the dinner.
▪ Brian was attending a medical dinner that night, so it was left to Celia to entertain the pair alone.
▪ Nearly 1, 400 Republicans attended a state committee dinner last February.
▪ Over 100 guests attended his retiral dinner at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew.
▪ That Jaime Guerrero is alive to attend the dinner probably defies the odds.
▪ Despite their early start, they still attended the dinner laid on by the Flanders rugby authorities.
▪ We attended a dinner at Le Mandrie.
▪ They can't come over to dinner tomorrow; they've got unexpected company.
▪ You get demerits if you miss a meeting or come late to dinner without calling beforehand.
▪ She wanted me to come for dinner.
▪ Probably the party would come in plain dinner dresses, just to show how far above such things they were.
▪ Next in succession came the dinner preparation.
▪ On Christmas Day Bill's family, who live locally, came for the dinner.
▪ One day a man named Gary comes for dinner, and eventually Mom and Gary marry.
▪ Helped to cook the Christmas dinner?
▪ He wants to cook me dinner.
▪ It happened while I was cooking dinner on my temperamental new stove.
▪ I come home, cook the dinner, check the schoolwork, politely ask everybody how their day went.
▪ Tell her a saucy joke and if you're quick you can cook dinner for six on her head.
▪ She cooked me dinner last night.
▪ We had an arrangement whereby whoever arrived home first cooked dinner.
▪ He was dressed for dinner and she knew without doubt that they were not going to be invited to join him.
▪ Corinne and Joe dressed formally for dinner each evening, met in the small study for cocktails, and dined by themselves.
▪ He would stride on to the concert platform, a tall, self-assured man impeccably dressed in a dinner jacket.
▪ Pauline Davis taught the young man how to dress for a formal dinner and how to observe the required etiquette.
▪ Jim and William Reid don't dress for dinner.
▪ While we were dressing for dinner, Jasper spent a long time trying to teach me how to tie it.
▪ One day, it was a Saturday between matinee and evening, I got dressed to go for dinner.
▪ Tea was served at four-thirty, and after tea everybody would rush upstairs to dress for dinner.
▪ We did not always eat turkey for Christmas dinner.
▪ The tourists from Tokyo want to eat a lobster dinner at four in the afternoon.
▪ While he ate dinner, I sat quietly beside him.
▪ To the accompaniment of foghorns and buoy bells, beside a crackling fire, l slowly eat my dinner.
▪ Keith smoked Dempster's cigars, ate his dinners.
▪ They were all below, eating their late dinner, he supposed.
▪ He ate dinner in an expensive restaurant.
▪ Of the 3, 351 teens surveyed, 53 percent said they eat dinner with the family regularly.
▪ I could stand beside her as she fixed dinner, but if I brushed her shoulder she edged apart.
▪ Then she went back to fixing dinner.
▪ One summer night we sat outside under the gnarled 100-year-old trees and talked while his mom finished fixing dinner.
▪ A girl called Dimity must fix dinner for a rather demanding man she means to catch.
▪ Ken went to the man's flat before they were going out to dinner.
▪ He went to movies, went out to dinner with us.
▪ An entertained audience is actually there and listening: a bored one has usually gone to dinner.
▪ Mariucci said Stubblefield and his fiance had gone out to dinner after the 49ers' win over the Rams.
▪ That Gimmelmann had not gone home immediately after dinner had been the cause of the morning's outburst.
▪ They avoided talking about Miss Poole or Heather and dreaded going to the weekly dinner parties.
▪ We will also seek to promote forms of accountability which go beyond dinner parties at Stormont for selected priests and other notables.
▪ And every Wednesday you go on a dinner outing.
▪ It went so well that the consultancy is now planning to hold more top notch dinners at Cottons.
▪ Fists shot up, some holding dinner pails in the air like flags.
▪ The library has managed to obtain the funds to hold the dinner at the library itself.
▪ I held on to my dinner like a man, which disappointed Brown, who clearly thought I wasn't.
▪ Juanita Hall held dinners at her home for everyone in the cast.
▪ Three day bargain breaks to include three course evening dinner, bed and breakfast - £105 per person.
▪ Tickets which include dinner are $ 14 and may be obtained by calling, 422-3528.
▪ The price includes dinner, bed and breakfast.
▪ North Sea Ferries include 5 course dinner and reclining seat in all prices.
▪ Price includes dinner, bed and breakfast except for April departures when only bed and breakfast are included.
▪ In the evening I was invited to have dinner with a citizen of the city, whose son is a student of.
▪ Mattie phoned Alice early the next morning, inviting her to dinner after she finished work.
▪ Better yet, invite her to dinner.
▪ I'd been invited to dinner too, but declined.
▪ The general invites her for dinner.
▪ He said he'd been meaning to invite us to dinner ever since he arrived.
▪ Bob has invited me to dinner with his friends Gary and Patrick.
▪ I even meet him for dinner from time to time.
▪ He usually left before nine, sometimes to meet Oliver Ingraham for dinner.
▪ They'd arranged to meet for dinner, but it seemed he hadn't been able to wait.
▪ But it caught the attention of Sarandon, who asked to meet with Prejean over dinner.
▪ And the headmaster had a disconcerting habit of offering jobs to people he met at dinner parties.
▪ Once they were driving to meet friends for dinner when they spotted a pair winding across the highway.
▪ Li's entourage, including his wife, Zhu Lin, were present at the meeting and dinner.
▪ Then the pudding was served, and dinner resumed, much to the relief of the children.
▪ Cocktails were served at six-thirty; dinner followed at seven-thirty.
▪ A continental breakfast, with cheeses and meats, is served and dinner is four courses and consists of good home cooking.
▪ Eliza had just served dinner, and we just gaped.
▪ Or if the tardy wife would just serve dinner on time, her husband would cease bloodying her nose.
▪ Diet drinks and water are also unlimited ò Unlimited salad with fat-free dressing may be served with lunch and dinner.
▪ Open from 11 a. m. until 1 a. m. daily, serving dinner until 10 p. m. Beer and wine.
▪ They moved into the next room and sat down to dinner.
▪ They sit at the round dinner table in the kitchen.
▪ He offers no explanation, as they sit down to dinner, and Anne and Millie talk about other things.
▪ From a very young age, I sat at dinners with all kinds of guests.
▪ He sat down to his dinner with a light heart.
▪ Do you have to hurry off, or can you stay and have dinner with me later?
▪ The Kirkbrides asked me to stay to dinner, but by now I was addicted to driving.
▪ It was tactfully conveyed to Baldwin that he would be welcome to stay for dinner but not afterwards.
▪ We should plan to have him stay for dinner.
▪ We ask him to stay for dinner, but he has to head out.
▪ Marconi Honeymoon and silver anniversary couples staying 5 nights receive dinner on arrival and a gondola ride.
▪ Much later, on the homeward journey, she found a restaurant and stayed to have dinner.
a dog's dinner
farewell party/dinner/drink etc
▪ A celebration, a farewell party.
▪ Kate's local women's group gives her a farewell party of disapproval veiled by loyalty.
▪ On 8 August 1952 he and Joan gave a farewell party to Cambridge friends.
▪ She was then shown a picture taken at the farewell party at Champion Spark Plugs just before Paula went on maternity leave.
▪ The farewell dinner is at the historic Abbey Tavern, located in the fishing village of Howth.
▪ Worse awaited the Vietminh leader two evenings later, at a farewell dinner organized by Zhou.
lunch/dinner hour
▪ During her lunch hour she shopped, deliberately avoiding the part of town in which Giles's office was situated.
▪ Friday: the long lunch hour at the York.
▪ I sat through lunch hour staring at a poster of a crab louse magnified to monstrous proportions.
▪ It may be no more than a little park near work or a church that you stop by during lunch hour.
▪ So, by the late 1980s, the services resembled the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant during a busy lunch hour.
▪ Walk for fifteen minutes each lunch hour.
more sth than you've had hot dinners
slap-up meal/dinner etc
▪ I shall award a slap-up dinner at Jamash, our local Balti restaurant, to the winner.
the dinner table
▪ Many of the photographs are not suitable for the dinner table.
working breakfast/lunch/dinner
▪ Gannon explained recently during a working lunch downtown.
▪ He has working lunches with his team to discuss and develop their approach to managing people for profit.
▪ The afternoon rehearsal started late because Meredith was at a working lunch in Rose's office.
▪ The real business gets done at working lunches and small dinner parties.
▪ You might then have a working dinner with a business speaker.
▪ Allen and Wanda celebrated their anniversary at a dinner hosted by their children.
▪ Ann and I attended a dinner at the City Chamber of Commerce.
▪ At dinner, he announced that he was leaving home.
▪ He comes home for his dinner, then goes back to the factory.
▪ In one of my less lucid moments, I had volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner.
▪ Sarah cooked us a really nice dinner.
▪ Shall we discuss this over dinner?
▪ She had a ticket for a dinner and fashion show at the Castle Hotel.
▪ She used to hate school dinners.
▪ We had some friends round for Sunday dinner.
▪ We went out for dinner at the Ritz.
▪ What shall we have for dinner?
▪ Why don't you come and have dinner with us?
▪ After all, she was to have treated Letia to dinner.
▪ Assuming that Fred's wife has accepted the dinner invitation, have they made a contract? 2.
▪ I believe we shall take dinner in Bapaume.
▪ She had not enjoyed the dinner.
▪ Since the pregame dinner at three, Sandie has told everyone who will listen just how scared she is.
▪ We had finished dinner and were waiting for the bill.
▪ Why not expect her to go to his memorial dinner?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

dinner \din"ner\, n. [F. d[^i]ner, fr. d[^i]ner to dine. See Dine.]

  1. The principal meal of the day, eaten in some countries about midday, but in others (especially in the U. S. and in large cities) at a later hour.

  2. An entertainment; a feast.

    A grand political dinner.

    Note: Dinner is much used, in an obvious sense, either adjectively or as the first part of a compound; as, dinner time, or dinner-time, dinner bell, dinner hour, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French disner (11c.), originally "breakfast," later "lunch," noun use of infinitive disner (see dine). Always used in English for the main meal of the day; shift from midday to evening began with the fashionable classes. Childish reduplication din-din is attested from 1905.


n. 1 A midday meal (qualifier: in a context in which the evening meal is called supper or tea). 2 The main meal of the day, often eaten in the evening. 3 An evening meal. 4 A meal given to an animal. 5 A formal meal for many people eaten for a special occasion.

  1. n. the main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday; "dinner will be at 8"; "on Sundays they had a large dinner when they returned from church"

  2. a party of people assembled to have dinner together; "guests should never be late to a dinner party" [syn: dinner party]


Dinner usually refers to the most significant and important meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal. However, the term "dinner" can have many different meanings depending on the culture; it may mean a meal of any size eaten at any time of the day. Historically, it referred to the first meal of the day, eaten around noon, and is still sometimes used for a noon-time meal, particularly if it is a large or main meal. The meaning as the evening meal, generally the largest of the day, is becoming a standard in many parts of the English-speaking world.

Dinner (play)

Dinner is a 2002 play by the British dramatist Moira Buffini. It premiered at the Royal National Theatre, London on 18 October 2002.

Dinner (disambiguation)

Dinner may refer to the most significant and important meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal.

Dinner may also refer to:

  • Dinner (play), by Moira Buffini
  • Dinner Creek, a creek in Minnesota

Usage examples of "dinner".

After breakfast I sent for mine host and ordered an excellent supper for five persons, feeling certain that Don Sancio, whom I expected in the evening, would not refuse to honour me by accepting my invitation, and with that idea I made up my mind to go without my dinner.

Martinelli had an engagement and could not come to dinner, but he led me out of the park by a door with which I was not acquainted, and sent me on my way.

The most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madame de Gergi, who came with the famous adventurer, known by the name of the Count de St.

She invited Ronnie to dinner with us, but Ronnie said she had an afterwork date.

His interest extended to her afterwork hours also, and she found herself telling him of some of the excursions she and Paul had made, of picnics in the country and water-skiing on the Mississippi, of dinners and plays they had enjoyed.

To give Alake her due, she probably would have starved to death before getting through one of the elven dinners, which could sometimes stretch into cycles, with several hours between courses.

Still buoyed up by my sense of having made a wise decision, and been approved in it by you, I went down to dinner tonight, posting my last letter en route, and found Albacore waiting to offer me a choice of dry or very dry sherry.

Luzzara has also a great tower, which I had seen in the distance from Dosalo, and the only albergo in the place gives you an excellent Italian dinner.

The guests at the Albergo Monte Gazza peered at one another over dinner through a gradually deepening gloom, enlivened by occasional lurches towards complete darkness.

By the time Alec roused him to prepare for dinner he was feeling considerably better.

I watch for hours, until finally, around dinnertime, Alem comes back with a dinner of shaslik.

She did not even notice the special attentions and amiabilities shown her during dinner by Boris Drubetskoy, who was visiting them for the third time already.

At dinner Donna Ignazia told me how glad she was to have me in the house, but she did not respond to all my amorous speeches after Philippe had left the room.

After dinner she remained a quarter of an hour with me, but I refrained from any amorous attempts.

William Winter at a dinner given by the Lotos Club, New York City, November 30, 1878, to John Gilbert, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of his first appearance on the stage.