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family restaurants

n. (plural of family restaurant English)

Usage examples of "family restaurants".

A spoonful of mashed potato and gravy narrowly missed my left ear, and I determined then and there to boycott wholesome family restaurants and patronize murky dives where the waitresses wear mini-skirts and fishnet tights, where sleazy characters hang around the bar, and where all the potatoes are french fried.

They traveled to the palest limits of the city, eating in little river warrens near the open approaches to bridges or in family restaurants out in the boroughs, the neutral decor of such places and their remoteness serving as tokens of authenticity.

She felt as though she were being covered in the cheap syrup left on the tables at family restaurants.

Pearl Street, in the heart of old Boulder, had been just another dusty, heavily trafficked western street, populated with drugstores, discount clothing stores, and family restaurants.

Everything is done to a Texas scale, with strip malls and motels and family restaurants every fifty feet.