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eating place

n. a building where people go to eat [syn: restaurant, eating house]

Usage examples of "eating place".

Take my case: I put out the fanciest line of vanishing desserts of any eating place in town.

There was every kind of eating place, from small taverns and coffeehouses tucked among shrubbery to commodious garden restaurants under flower-draped arbors.

Our first stop was at a small shop where Gor Hajus purchased four or five pounds of thoat steak for Hovan Du, and then we repaired to an eating place of which Dar Tarus knew.

Shouldering gun and purse, she led him into a dark small eating place.

I told him the story over dinner at an eating place that almost made up for thirty days on the ice.

She walked until her feet were sore and her body yelled for food, then worked back to Starlong Way and the eating place called Xochimiyl.