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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a juice bar (=a place selling fruit juices, usually freshly made)
▪ The leisure centre also has a restaurant and a juice bar.
digestive system/organs/juices etc
fruit juice
▪ a glass of fruit juice
juice bar
▪ Soon the mere noise of the bell would start their digestive juices running.
▪ They crush their victim in their pincers, but feed by injecting digestive juices and sucking the prey dry.
▪ For my tastebuds the best way to dilute sparkling wine is with fresh orange juice to make the traditional Bucks Fizz.
▪ Steltenpohl said the process also destroys some nutrients sought by consumers of fresh juices.
▪ He always had their maid squeeze some fresh juice when Lorna Lewis was scheduled to put in an appearance.
▪ Chrys Chrys recommends a healthy dose of fresh lemon juice squeezed over the fish.
▪ For fuel the crews ran on rum and fresh orange juice.
▪ Squeeze a little fresh orange juice over the fruit - you can almost taste the energy!
▪ A positive correlation was observed between the gastric juice ammonium and severity of gastritis.
▪ This is expressed as concentration of tyrosine, and it occurs by dilution of the gastric juices by the food.
▪ The gastric juice was collected by gentle manual aspiration during 135 minutes.
▪ Peptic ulcers are produced by the self-destruction of the gut wall by pepsin and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.
▪ The results of gastric juice against plasma concentrations according to H pylori status are shown in Figure 3.
▪ Aggressive factors include gastric juice and bile salts which can reflux back into the stomach.
▪ Then the collection of gastric juice was restarted and continued for a final 60 minutes.
▪ Add the wine or the Worcester sauce and the lemon juice and season lightly with salt and pepper.
▪ Add stock, wine, lemon juice, and ginger and cook over high heat until reduced by half.
▪ Mix all the fruit together and stir in the lemon juice, making sure that the apple is well coated.
▪ Add the lemon juice and sugar.
▪ Mix the yogurt with the Tandoori spice and lemon juice.
▪ Mix the lemon juice and vanilla essence with the custard.
▪ Add the ale, lemon juice, maple syrup and vinegar and cook 10 minutes longer.
▪ Always stick to tinned fruit in natural juice where possible.
▪ All selections are wok-cooked quickly to seal in the natural flavors and juices without being greasy.
▪ And when it comes to quick and delicious desserts, a range of tinned fruits in their own natural juices is essential.
▪ He once called it Hicksville, a small town in which his father works in the orange juice factory.
▪ In a large mixer bowl, combine cup orange juice with all the cake ingredients.
▪ You are looking for coffee, orange juice, toast.
▪ You can tell by the high price of orange juice and the lack of cranky, retired New Yorkers.
▪ He pushed the pad aside, took a sip of orange juice, wiped his forehead, and went on typing.
▪ Plus, the orange juice is fresh and the toast, uh, toasty.
▪ The test concerned a soft drink made from both orange and lemon juice.
▪ There was a woman with Tropicana orange juice and sourdough bread.
▪ Squatting down, Trent poured rum and squeezed orange juice into the cups.
▪ Add two dollars for freshly squeezed orange juice.
▪ Mix together the lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange juice, then stir in the caster sugar.
▪ Far an extra special drink use freshly squeezed orange juice with the bitter lemon.
▪ We are fully licensed, and specialise in local ale, apple juice and Sussex wines.
▪ All were heavy apple juice drinkers.
▪ Pour the orange juice or apple juice over the fruit and mix well.
▪ We have apple juice and cranberry juice.
▪ The original juice may be from cider apples, but it is just as likely to be imported eating apple juice concentrate.
▪ And he loved apple juice and chewing gum and watching ice hockey games.
▪ Asioz bought them champagne, and they filled his glass with sparkling wine and their own with apple juice from a carton.
▪ So, try wholemeal rather than white bread and fruit juice as opposed to squash.
▪ If you like, include individually wrapped, reduced-fat string cheese for calcium or substitute fruit juice for the dried fruit.
▪ Combine the garlic, salt, oregano, cumin, pepper and fruit juices.
▪ Serve over ice as is, or dilute to taste with water, fruit juice and / or a dash of rum.
▪ More and more people were able to join the fruit juice, fresh veg and ready-meal eating classes.
▪ There was fruit juice in the refrigerator.
▪ If this is the case a two-day fast on fruit juice and water will break the cycle.
▪ Brouillet demurs, preferring a sparkling Calistoga with fruit juice instead.
▪ Slowly add the grape juice to the bowl and whisk.
▪ Have each student dip a cotton swab in purple grape juice and rub it over the paper.
▪ Felicia slides her glass forward and he refills it with grape juice.
▪ It has about one sip of grape juice remaining at the bottom.
▪ She willed there to be grapefruit juice in the fridge.
▪ The hamburger is gone and more grapefruit juice has arrived.
▪ The halved poussins are marinated in a mixture of grapefruit juice and mint jelly before being seared under the grill.
▪ You can substitute lime juice for lemon juice in a recipe.
▪ Stir in fish sauce, coconut milk, sugar, and lime juice and bring to a simmer.
▪ Witness the vogue for lime juice and lime zest.
▪ Drizzle with the coffee liqueur and then the lime juice, turning to coat.
▪ Use lime juice or zest rather than lemon.
▪ The beef, although dried, was remarkably succulent, seasoned with lime juice, garlic and green chiles.
▪ The lime juice myth was so firmly entrenched that it is still commonly believed.
▪ Place in a medium bowl and stir in onion, cilantro, salt and lime juice.
▪ Drizzle the pineapple juice over the dry mixture.
▪ Add pineapple juice and chilies and reduce by half.
▪ Baz nods to the porno blond chauffeur who when paying for drinks elects for pineapple juice.
▪ Drain the pineapple juice from the can into a saucepan.
▪ Add the pineapple juice and stir constantly over the heat until the chocolate melts.
▪ He bought her a tomato juice from a passing waiter.
▪ Invite a teetotaler and sip tomato juice.
▪ We produce sauce for the benefit of tomato juice throughout the world.
▪ Cook for 10 to 15 minutes to release tomato juices and thicken slightly.
▪ They went into a pub and he drank his usual white wine, and she, tomato juice.
▪ Erlich drank Perrier, Ruane drank tomato juice.
▪ Add tomato juice or water and then the rest of the water until you have the consistency you like.
▪ Mix the tomato juice, parsley and seasoning together and pour over the beans.
▪ She could stew in her own juice.
▪ Chavez, stewing in his juices.
▪ Of course, Kate could have shrugged and let him stew in his own juice, or lack of it.
▪ These fritters are especially delicious with stewed prunes with orange juice as an accompaniment, if desired.
gastric juices
▪ Indeed that smell did stimulate the gastric juices.
▪ The stomach is mostly empty-the whisky is lying in a shallow pool where it is now mixed with highly acidic gastric juices.
▪ This is expressed as concentration of tyrosine, and it occurs by dilution of the gastric juices by the food.
▪ Up to seven layers are necessary to prevent the gastric juices from dis solving the package.
▪ Give it a little more juice.
▪ orange juice
▪ Add chili sauce and lime juice and continue simmering, stirring frequently, until sauce thickens, 8 to 10 minutes.
▪ As soon as a leaf dries, it begins to dull, lacking the luminescence that one full of juices has.
▪ Fold the reduced juice into the sour cream.
▪ He pushed the pad aside, took a sip of orange juice, wiped his forehead, and went on typing.
▪ Mix together the lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange juice, then stir in the caster sugar.
▪ Pour juices into a saucepan and reduce.
▪ Strain juices into a saucepan and add jelly, wine, ginger, cayenne, and mustard.
▪ You can substitute lime juice for lemon juice in a recipe.
▪ Real fruit juices Fruit juices, other than lemon juice, are not allowed on the F-Plan.
▪ I been juicing ever since I hit this beach.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Juice \Juice\ (j[=u]s), v. t. To moisten; to wet. [Obs.]


Juice \Juice\ (j[=u]s), n. [OE. juse, F. jus broth, gravy, juice, L. jus; akin to Skr. y[=u]sha.] The characteristic fluid of any vegetable or animal substance; the sap or part which can be expressed from fruit, etc.; the fluid part which separates from meat in cooking.

An animal whose juices are unsound.

The juice of July flowers.
--B. Jonson.

The juice of Egypt's grape.

Letters which Edward Digby wrote in lemon juice.

Cold water draws the juice of meat.
--Mrs. Whitney.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "liquid extract obtained by boiling herbs," from Old French jus "juice, sap, liquid" (13c.), from Latin ius "broth, sauce, juice," from PIE root *yeue- "to blend, mix food" (cognates: Sanskrit yus- "broth," Greek zyme "a leaven," Old Church Slavonic jucha "broth, soup," Lithuanian juse "fish soup"). Meaning "liquor" is from 1828; that of "electricity" is first recorded 1896.


1630s, "to suffuse with juice," from juice (n.). Meaning "to enliven" attested by 1964; juiced "drunk" attested by 1946; in reference to steroids, by 2003. Related: Juiced; juicing.


n. 1 (context uncountable English) A liquid from a plant, especially fruit. 2 (context countable English) A beverage made of juice. 3 (context uncountable English) Any liquid resembling juice. 4 (context Scotland English) A soft drink. 5 (context uncountable slang English) electricity. 6 (context uncountable slang English) liquor. 7 (context uncountable slang English) Political power. 8 (context uncountable slang English) petrol; gasoline. 9 (context uncountable slang English) vitality. 10 (context uncountable slang English) The amount charged by a bookmaker for betting services. 11 (context uncountable slang English) steroid. 12 (context uncountable slang English) semen. 13 (context uncountable slang English) The vaginal lubrication that a woman naturally produces when sexually aroused. 14 (context uncountable slang English) Musical agreement between instrumentalists. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To remove the juice from something. 2 (context transitive English) To energize or stimulate something.

  1. n. the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue

  2. energetic vitality; "her creative juices were flowing"

  3. electric current; "when the wiring was finished they turned on the juice"

  4. any of several liquids of the body; "digestive juices" [syn: succus]

Juice (disambiguation)

Juice is a liquid naturally contained in fruit or vegetable tissue.

Juice may also refer to:

Juice (Australian band)

Juice were an Australian funk metal band formed in 1991 by Lucius Borich on drums; brothers: Amarnath and Krishna Jones both on guitar and vocals; and David Kyle on bass guitar. They released their debut album, Wine of Life, in 1994 which peaked in the top 50 on the ARIA Albums Chart. At the ARIA Music Awards of 1994, their debut extended play, '' Movin' On'' (April 1993), was nominated for 'Best Independent Release'.

Juice (film)

Juice is a 1992 American crime drama thriller film directed by Ernest R. Dickerson and written by Ernest R. Dickerson and Gerard Brown. The film stars Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur, Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins, Khalil Kain, and Samuel L. Jackson. It has cameo appearances by Queen Latifah, EPMD, Special Ed, Ed Lover, Doctor Dré, Flex Alexander, Fab Five Freddy, Yo-Yo, Donald Faison and Treach.

The film touches on the lives of four youths growing up in Harlem. It follows the day-to-day activities in the young men's lives starting out as innocent mischief but growing more serious as time passes by. It also focuses on the struggles that these young men must go through everyday as well such as police harassment, rival neighborhood gangs and their families.

The film was shot in New York City, mainly in the Harlem area, in 1991.

Juice (TV channel)

Juice, previously Juice TV, was a 24-hour music television channel operating from the Auckland suburb of Parnell in New Zealand. The channel closed on 15 May 2015 and relaunched as a 30 minute long programme on Garage TV.

Juice (trio)

Juice are a British a cappella voice trio, specialising in vocals with an experimental edge. They have performed their works on BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM. They also perform widely across the United Kingdom.

The current members are:

Kerry Andrew Sarah Dacey Anna Snow

All are graduates of the University of York.

Juice (Juice Newton album)

Juice is the multi-Platinum 1981 breakthrough album by American country-rock singer Juice Newton. The album was Newton's third solo album and her first major international success.

Juice (Headless Chickens song)

"Juice" is a single by New Zealand rock band Headless Chickens released in 1992. The single was originally titled "Dreamchild", having been written and performed by Fiona McDonald for the Strawpeople. When McDonald later joined the Headless Chickens, the song was reworked and renamed "Juice". The song peaked at #7 on the New Zealand Singles Chart.

The track was voted in at number 44 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 1993.

Juice (JVM)

JUICE is a Java ME experimental Java Virtual Machine written in C according to the Sun Microsystems specifications. The Juice JVM, designed for real-time Java, was specifically developed to run on the NUXI operating system. The most relevant features of Juice are related to the structure for the heap memory, to the object allocation policy and to the garbage collector used.

Juice (aggregator)

Juice is a podcast aggregator for Windows and OS X used for downloading media files such as ogg and mp3 for playback on the computer or for copying to a digital audio player. Juice lets a user schedule downloading of specific podcasts, and will notify the user when a new show is available. It is free software available under the GNU General Public License. The project is hosted at Sourceforge. Formerly known as iPodder and later as iPodder Lemon, the software's name was changed to Juice in November 2005 in the face of legal pressure from Apple, Inc.

Juice (rapper)

Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice (usually styled J.U.I.C.E.), is an American freestyle rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He battled Eminem in the semifinals at Scribble Jam in 1997 and that round went into overtime. Dose One had beat Rhymefest to face the winner of Juice/Eminem. It started getting dark & it kept raining so they moved the semis to inside the venue. They brought Rhymefest back in the battle & switched the match. Now Rhymefest was battling Eminem and beat him & Juice was battling Dose One and ultimately won the whole competition when Rhymefest refused to battle versus Juice. He was regarded in 2004 as one of finest freestyle rappers ever produced by Chicago. By 2007, he had a six-piece live band called, "Juice and the Machine", who released a DVD, Juice And The Machine: Live At The Party, of their first live performance.

He was born in Chicago then moved to California when he was 4. He then came back to Chicago after high school (at 20), but now lives in California. Known for also battling undefeated until squaring off with Supernatural, a freestyle pioneer. Solidifying his improvisational credentials on The Wake Up Show (official website) with Sway and King Tech as well as freestyling at every performance as part of the act.

MC Juice is also known for being featured in the track "The KGB" with the underground hip hop group Binary Star.

As of late, Juice's predicted album "The Gift" continues to remain a myth although tracks have been recorded and heard.

JUICE (software)

thumb|right|250px JUICE is a widely used non-commercial software package for editing and analysing phytosociological data.

It was developed at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic in 1998, and is fully described in English manual. It makes use of the previously-developed TURBOVEG software for entering and storing such data) and it offers a quite powerful tool for vegetation data analysis, including:

  • creation of synoptic tables
  • determination of diagnostic species according to their fidelity
  • calculation of Ellenberg indicator values for relevés, various indices of alpha and beta diversity
  • classification of relevés using TWINSPAN or cluster analysis
  • expert system for vegetation classification based on COCKTAIL method etc.
Juice (magazine)

Juice is a well known German hip hop magazine and the biggest of its kind in Europe. In every issue readers find interviews with rappers and record reviews. The editors pick an 'album of the month' and, additional to the normal reviews, Juice features a 'battle of the ear': If the editorial staff's opinions about a record diverge strongly, it is reviewed by two different editors, each defending their point of view. In the magazine, records are rated with crowns on a scale from one to six.

Juice is published 11 times per year by Piranha Media. In the first quarter of 2007, 28,757 copies were sold.

Other rubrics include the "All Time Classic", a two-page report about rappers or groups that have influenced hip hop culture or have released albums that are considered classics by today's standards. Featured artists include Tuff Crew, Coldcut, the WhoRidas, Newcleus, Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales, Hijack, X-Clan and K-Rino

Since 2005, both rappers and producers are asked to rate beats in a section called "...vs. the Beats". Featured performers are, among others: Amp Fiddler, Kano, the Saïan Supa Crew, St Laz New Industry Records, DJ Fade and Five Deez.

The magazine includes a sampler with 15 tracks, sometimes tracks only released on the Juice sampler.

Juice (B'z song)

"Juice" is the twenty-ninth single by B'z, released on July 12, 2000. This song is one of B'z many number-one singles on the Oricon chart. Although sales aren't very high like their previous single (about 650,000 copies), it is well known among fans being usually played live. It was also often used as a tie up in TV.

Juice (The Grapes album)

Juice is a live album from Atlanta, Georgia band The Grapes. Released August 12, 1997, it was the group's final album.

Juice (soundtrack)

Juice is the soundtrack to the 1992 crime drama film of the same name. It was released on December 31, 1991 through MCA Records and consisted mainly of hip hop music. The soundtrack was a success, making it to #17 on the Billboard 200 and #3 on the Top R&B Albums and featured four charting singles "Uptown Anthem", "Juice (Know the Ledge)", "Don't Be Afraid" and "Is It Good to You". Juice was certified gold by the RIAA on March 4, 1992.

Juice (Oran "Juice" Jones album)

Juice is the debut album by Oran "Juice" Jones. It was released in 1986 through Def Jam Recordings and was the first R&B album the famed label ever released. The album was a modest success, peaking at 44 on the Billboard 200 and 4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, but the album's lead single " The Rain" garnered the most success, making it to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it was eventually certified gold on October 7, 1991.


Juice is a liquid (drink) that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables. It can also refer to liquids that are flavored with these or other biological food sources such as meat and seafood. It is commonly consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient or flavoring in foods or other beverages. Juice emerged as a popular beverage choice after the development of pasteurization methods allowed for its preservation without fermentation. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimated the total world production of citrus fruit juices to be 12,840,318 tonnes in 2012.

Juice (Serbian rapper)

Ivan Ivanović (; born October 17, 1981), known by his stage name Juice (also ), is a Serbian rapper and founding member of Full Moon Crew and 93 FU Crew. He is one of the major figures in the Serbian hip hop scene.

Juice (skateboarding magazine)

Juice Magazine, founded in 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a skateboarding, surfing and music publication, edited, owned and published by Terri Craft. It includes interviews by skate editor, Jim Murphy, and features editors: Steve Olson, Jay Adams, Dave Duncan, Christian Hosoi, Jim O'Mahoney, and surf editors Jeff Ho, Herbie Fletcher and Dibi Fletcher. The staff includes Terri Craft, Editor and Dan Levy, Assistant Editor. Other interviewers include Jason Jessee, Jeff Ament, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Danforth and Chris Mearkle. There are currently 72 issues of the magazine. Juice Magazine headquarters is located in the birthplace of modern day skateboarding, Venice, California.

Juice (Danish band)

Juice was a Danish R&B musical group that was established in 1995 and included Anne Rani, Lena Tahara and Maria Hamer (aka Maria Jensen). They were signed to EMI-Medley. Lena Tahara left in 1998 and was replaced by Eve Horne. The group's producers included Carsten Soulshock, Peter Biker and Kenneth Karlin. The group disbanded in August 2000 after two successful albums.

The group became very prominent particularly with their debut album Something to Feel that sold 40,000 copies in 1997. Singles included "Best Days" and "I'll Come Running" that charted in Danish Singles Chart and entered the UK Singles Chart at number 28.

In 1999, the band released their second album Can We Get Personal?. It also took part in the Christmas hit "Let Love Be Love" alongside S.O.A.P., Christina Undhjem featuring Remee. It reached No. 18 in the Danish Charts.

Usage examples of "juice".

Instead they laboured to bring aboard water, firewood, hogsheads of beer, rum, and lime juice, and cases of wine.

Charley had to read it through red achiote juice and purple tattoo stippling, but the eyes seemed to belong to a man he could do bidness with, as they say in Texas.

These juices, together with those of the pear, the peach, the plum, and other such fruits, if taken without adding cane sugar, diminish acidity in the stomach rather than provoke it: they become converted chemically into alkaline carbonates, which correct sour fermentation.

With the acrid juice of this herb, and of others belonging to the same Ranunculous order, beggars in England used to produce sores about their body for the sake of exciting pity, and getting alms.

The juice of the root is very acrid when sniffed up the nostrils, and causes a copious flow of water therefrom, thus giving marked relief for obstinate congestive headache of a dull, passive sort.

Its leaves are fleshy, with a bitter saline taste, whilst the juice is slightly acrid, but emollient.

The root when incised secretes from its wounded bark a yellow juice of a narcotic odour and acrid taste.

The root and leaves contain an acrid juice, dispersed by heat, which is of service for irritability of the bladder.

Its stem and leaves yield, when wounded, an acrid milky juice which is popularly applied for destroying warts, and corns.

The root of the larger white Water Lily is acrid, and will redden the skill if the juice is applied thereto.

As Addle poured him a glass of juice, he slipped his arm around her hips, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Schiff asserts that casein in this state is not attacked by gastric juice, he might easily have overlooked a minute quantity of some albuminous matter, which Drosera would detect and absorb.

The juice of its berries is aperient, without being irritating, and is well suited as a laxative for persons of delicate constitution.

Its fresh root is bitter, and a milky juice flows from the rind, which is somewhat aperient and slightly sedative, so that this specially suits persons troubled with bilious torpor, and jaundice combined with melancholy.

Five oysters apiece for dinner and three spoonfuls of juice, a gill of water, and a piece of biscuit the size of a silver dollar.