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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And perhaps their finest stroke was the casting of rapper Ice-T as a heroic, charismatic crack baron.
▪ As the service ended, several attendees broke down in tears, including 19-year-old rapper Mase.
▪ Black and White is about rich white kids hanging out with rappers in New York.
▪ But like his brother Dre, Warren is a rapper only by circumstance and a producer by passion.
▪ East coast and west coast rappers spent much of the 90s killing each other.
▪ He leads us to the studio, where an interpreter relays another strange question to rapper and part-time Internationalist Wildski.
▪ Heavy D gets more done by 10 a. m. than other rappers do all day.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rapper \Rap"per\ (r[a^]p"p[~e]r), n. [From Rap.]

  1. One who, or that which, raps or knocks; specifically, the knocker of a door.

  2. A forcible oath or lie. [Slang]
    --Bp. Parker.

  3. A musician specializing in rap music.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

agent noun meaning "one who raps" in any sense (see rap (v.)). Before the hip-hpo performance sense emerged c.1979, it could mean "door-knocker" (1630s), "spirit-rapper" (1755), "professional perjurer" (1840), prison slang for "prosecutor" (1904), "itinerant antiques buyer," with a tinge of shadiness (1914). Rapster is from 1772.


n. 1 One who, or that which, raps or knocks; specifically, the knocker of a door. 2 A performer of rap music. 3 (label en obsolete Scottish) A sword. 4 A flexible strip of metal, 45-60cm long, with handles at each end, used for 5 A mechanical, or later electric, signalling device formerly used in the mines of north-eastern England to signal to the engineman that the cages carrying men or coals up and down the shaft were ready to be raised or lowered.

  1. n. someone who performs rap music

  2. a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door [syn: knocker, doorknocker]

Rapper (electrostatic precipitation)

Rappers are used to transmit strong shearing forces to collecting plates in order to release deposited dust particles. Rapping is the process by which electrodes and particles are broken apart by vibrations from the rappers. Often used in electrostatic precipitators, rappers relapse the caked on dust layer which then descends into a hopper. Number, size, and frequency of the rappers vary from system to system based upon the specific characteristics of the dust being collected.

Usage examples of "rapper".

The record includes among others a passage mocking Superman, the rapper calling himself Big Hank mock-wooing Lois Lane with boasting couplets.

Nipponese rapper would give anything for -- to perform my humble works before actual homeboys from the ghettos of L.

A boom box was playing some Latino rap, and even Granny was dancing rapper style with the kids.

Spirit-rapping was too reassuring to be abandoned merely on the say-so of a self-confessed rapper, even if she started the whole business in the first place.

Sushi K concert machine Fast efficient super clean Run like clockwork in a watch Kick old rappers in the crotch One of The Enforcers up the hill is carrying a flashlight.

Into super combination So can have fans in every nation Hong Kong they speak English, too Yearn of rappers just like you Anglophones who live down under Sooner later start to wonder When they get they own rap star Tired of rappers from afar Lagos is lying on the ground, sprawled across the tire track.

Nick punched a button and glanced at his television on a sideboard, MTV featuring rappers at the moment.

Samoan rappers, and then hooked up with Raji as a way to get connected in the business end.

Two rappers known as D-Block and The Hole, both shot dead as they lay on the floor, executed, hollow-point rounds through and through found under the floor.

Hardy caught a whiff of Chinese food, a glimpse of some rappers putting it out to passers-by.

Bitches in Heat, had been a couple of rappers who called themselves Howl.

Jerrell Vaughn, the female executive assistant, and one of the rappers Taye was sponsoring.

Remo had slipped out the front door and was moving toward the disembodied squawk of a rapper extolling the virtues of shooting uncompliant girlfriends in the face with his Glock.

And down the line is that insane malevolent grifter, Billy Watrous jr, in his firegreen Chevy S10 boombuggy lowrider amped to the max with the late rapper J.

Left behind the empty lots filled with malt liquor bottles, left behind the storefront tabernacles, the faded, weather-battered posters for Red Devil lye, which black men had used to conk their hair straight in the Malcolm X era, left behind the teenage rapper wannabees and bucket percussion ensembles in Marcus Garvey Park, the stands selling toys and sandals and bling and kente-cloth wall hangings.