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Ogg may refer to:

  • Ogg (surname)
  • Nanny Ogg, a character in the Discworld series of books
  • Ogg, a multimedia container file format, in computing
  • Ogg Vorbis, the Vorbis free software/open source audio codec, commonly used with the Ogg container
  • Kahului Airport's IATA code
  • Ogg (Cro character), in the Children's Television Workshop animated television show
  • Ogging, an online computer gaming tactic
  • Oud Gereformeerde Gemeenten, a pietistic Reformed denomination in the Netherlands
  • Operation Good Guys (OGG), a British TV mockumentary series
  • Original Gospel Gangstaz, Christian hip hop group
  • Oxoguanine glycosylase, a DNA glycosylase enzyme
Ogg (surname)

Ogg is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Alan Ogg (1967–2009), American basketball player
  • Andrew Ogg (born 1934), American mathematician
  • David Ogg (born 1967), Australian rules footballer
  • Derek Ogg, Scottish lawyer
  • Jacques Ogg (born 1948), Dutch keyboardist on harpsichord and fortepiano
  • Kirsty Ogg, British curator
  • Steven Ogg, Canadian actor
  • Sir William Gammie Ogg (1891–1979), British horticultural scientist
  • William L. Ogg, Ohio politician

Usage examples of "ogg".

No more than five and a half feet tall, Ogg looked as though he might just tip the scales at 120 pounds, sopping wet.

He and Donfil had begun to climb toward the mainmast when Ogg beckoned them back onto the streaming deck.

As Ogg finished speaking to his captain, Ryan wondered whether it would also be his last day at sea.

Cyrus Ogg quietly dismissed the rest of the crew and ordered them about their business.

He was needed in the lead whaleboat, skippered by Cyrus Ogg, with its ironsman, Donfil More, crouched in the bow.

Cyrus Ogg, encouraging the five men to pull for their lives toward the patch of disturbed, misty water where the whale had last been sighted.

Only Donfil in the triangular bow section and Ogg at the tiller in the stern could judge what should be done.

It hissed along, whining as it smoked around the lOggerhead, so that Ogg had to cool it with a pan of water.

Once they were facing in the right direction, Ogg ordered them to ship oars again, and pull in the slack line, so that they would be close in to the whale when next it surfaced.

Cyrus Ogg broke the spell of stillness that fell upon every man on the ship.

Pyra Quadde nor Cyrus Ogg relaxed their vigilance, or let the muzzles of their blasters wander away from the whaleboat.

Cyrus Ogg tottering into his skipper, arms clasping her as he fought for balance.

Witches soon picked up ways of controlling people with their voices, but Nanny Ogg listened at you.

Nanny Ogg said was doing very well, and that was witchcraft too, and then in an out-of-the-way group of huddled little cottages, they climbed the cramped wooden stairs to a tiny little bedroom where an old man shot at them with a crossbow.

Nanny opened the door had been bad enough, but for a fraction of a second, she would have sworn that an arrow had gone right through Nanny Ogg and stuck in the door frame.