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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dishwashing liquid
liquid assets
liquid refreshment (=alcoholic drink – used humorously)
▪ I was in need of some liquid refreshment.
washing-up liquid
▪ Before him was a bowl of clear liquid, in which lay a complicated puzzle of interlocking rings.
▪ The house like the other houses, veined, a private fountain of clear liquid.
▪ Several companies, such as Johnstone's, Cuprinol, and Feb, also do a clear damp-proofing liquid.
▪ I must have assumed at the time the clear burning liquid was medicine.
▪ All patients received a traditional two day bowel preparation and were given clear liquids during this time.
▪ He joined me at the table and poured out two generous measures of the clear liquid from the bottle.
▪ They searched for over an hour, following at first some vague footprints in the smudged, dark liquid.
▪ The sensation was one of blood distending the veins until they were about to release geysers of the dark red liquid.
▪ Mr Chittenden had already doused himself in a flammable liquid and set himself alight.
▪ Class B for flammable liquids like gasoline, oil, and grease.
▪ The occupant returned home at 10.30 last night to find flammable liquid had been poured through the letterbox.
▪ The hot liquid refreshed and strengthened her.
▪ Turn the machine back on and slowly pour in the hot liquid.
▪ The superintendent flicked it into the ashtray with the plastic spoon and sipped the hot liquid.
▪ Stainless steel should be used for critical risk areas or for handling very hot liquids.
▪ No time to shout out - the door clunked behind him. Hot liquid of tears brimmed in his head.
▪ He tried a sip of tea and winced as the hot liquid scalded his tongue.
▪ He put a little of the red liquid in the glass and added a packet of powder.
▪ A thermometer measures temperature. Red liquid can move up or down.
▪ A red liquid oozed over the floor.
▪ The sensation was one of blood distending the veins until they were about to release geysers of the dark red liquid.
▪ She moved as if she were in a dream, wading through viscous liquid.
▪ Accepting then that the material making up the mantle can behave as a viscous liquid, this raises an interesting possibility.
▪ Pools of viscous liquid started to spread across the floor.
▪ The process is normally incomplete because crystallization takes place when the polymer is a viscous liquid.
▪ It has to absorb all the liquid it requires through its skin.
▪ It also absorbs less liquid, so slightly more is needed when trading it for regular flour.
▪ Fluff gently with a fork, add oil or cooking liquid, onion, bell peppers, tomato, and olives.
Add the eggs, vanilla and buttermilk and mix well. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and beat until smooth.
▪ She then strains that cooking liquid over sliced quinces, adding just enough fresh water to comfortably cover all the fruit.
▪ Drain and reserve cup of the cooking liquid.
▪ Drain oxtails and peanuts, reserving cooking liquid.
▪ Strain cooking liquid through a fine sieve into a pot.
▪ Fluff gently with a fork, add oil or cooking liquid, onion, bell peppers, tomato, and olives.
▪ Allow birds to cool in the cooking liquid.
▪ Drizzle the cooking liquid over the partridge and save the remainder to flavor soup stocks.
▪ Add sherry to saute pan with cooking liquid, simmer briefly, and adjust seasoning.
▪ He put the glass to his lips and drank the liquid.
▪ The redhead brought out some glasses and he drank the liquid down in one go.
▪ We all know that ice floats on top of the pond, though crystals forming in any other liquid would sink to the bottom.
▪ She poured the leftover liquid into a small bowl.
▪ I poured some liquid into a peanut butter jar and dumped some white powder in itit bubbled.
▪ She was combing out her blonde hair and pouring a colourless liquid from a bottle over her head.
▪ I poured a purplish liquid into the water; it spread through it like ink.
▪ Turn the machine back on and slowly pour in the hot liquid.
▪ When this scanning is complete, the 3D structure is released by pouring out the remaining liquid.
▪ Remove the platter from the steamer and pour off the liquid.
▪ Drain, reserving any liquid, and keep warm in a heated serving dish until the sauce is made.
▪ Remove duck and pat dry with paper towels. Reserve basting liquid.
▪ Drain oxtails and peanuts, reserving cooking liquid.
▪ Add reserved marinade liquid and stock and bring to a simmer.
▪ Strain reserved steeping liquid through paper coffee filter to remove sand.
▪ She then strains that cooking liquid over sliced quinces, adding just enough fresh water to comfortably cover all the fruit.
▪ The next day, remove meat and drain on paper towels. Strain marinade and reserve liquid.
▪ Cook for 2 minutes. Strain excessive liquid into a pan and retain the mushrooms and liquid for later use. 2.
▪ Return onions to pan and then strain marinade liquid over rabbit.
▪ Remove mushrooms and carefully strain soaking liquid to remove any grit or sand.
▪ Chop finely. Strain reserved steeping liquid through paper coffee filter to remove sand.
▪ Remove from heat and strain off any liquid.
▪ And if current tests prove successful they could also be used with liquids.
▪ Continue until all of the liquids have been used.
▪ Add most of the flour to the liquid and stir the mixture.
▪ Cook the rice until all the liquid is absorbed.
▪ She screamed as the boiling liquid burned her skin.
▪ By this time, the mixture should be rich and pulpy with very little liquid. 3.
▪ Given an adequate amount of glucose, the ethanol content of a fermenting liquid rises until it reaches about 12 percent.
▪ Lais's hand shook as she downed the dense amber liquid.
▪ Remove the platter from the steamer and pour off the liquid.
▪ Show the students the liquids and identify them.
▪ The column allows the ascending vapour to come into contact with the descending liquid.
▪ The house like the other houses, veined, a private fountain of clear liquid.
▪ The need for short-term, highly liquid assets is low.
▪ At certain times, banks may decide that it is prudent to hold a bigger proportion of liquid assets.
▪ This is M4plus various other holdings of liquid assets.
▪ They may also do so if they anticipate that their liquid assets may soon be squeezed by government monetary policy.
▪ As we have seen throughout section 4.1, whatever their major business, all NBFIs maintain some stock of liquid assets.
▪ Short-term liquid assets are held for active trading purposes and for buying long-term investments.
▪ They therefore provide a secure and highly liquid asset for the banks.
▪ A liquid asset is one which can be transformed into cash quickly and without loss of value.
▪ The units use back light liquid crystal displays and, according to Burmarc, consume very little power.
▪ Incoming phone numbers are displayed on a liquid crystal diode screen.
▪ New products, including liquid crystal display televisions, long-life batteries and new materials offer promise for the future.
▪ The front of the box is a flat panel, color liquid crystal display with tiny stereo speakers and a built-in microphone.
▪ Measurements are shown on a liquid crystal display.
▪ Sergeyev has developed a machine that uses liquid crystals to recover such energy from the surface of these objects.
▪ Special liquid crystal glasses are required to see the 3D effect.
▪ The regimen consisted of a liquid diet for 36 hours, followed by an absolute fast for a further 12 hours.
▪ Instead, they survive on a liquid diet that costs a staggering $ 10, 000 a month.
▪ A Sister was carefully feeding him a liquid diet.
▪ Plant detritus if available is sufficient, but if necessary it can also be nourished by liquid fertiliser.
▪ An occasional application of liquid fertiliser is beneficial.
▪ It allows the rate of pesticide or liquid fertiliser to be varied as the sprayer moves through the crop.
▪ Keep the soil-based compost moist in the growing period and feed fortnightly with a standard liquid fertiliser.
▪ Next Spring start feeding the plant every week with a liquid fertiliser.
▪ If necessary a small amount of liquid fertiliser should be used to provide nourishment.
▪ Your 60-minute action checklist Continue feeding the tomato plants and courgettes with a liquid fertiliser such as Maxicrop.
▪ Keep fuchsia well watered during prolonged dry spells in summer and feed regularly with a potash-rich liquid fertiliser.
▪ It comes in dried and liquid forms.
▪ The remedy does not, as many people think, have to be taken in liquid form as a tea or medicine.
▪ The low temperatures required to keep it in liquid form are much more easily maintained in space than on the ground.
▪ Solvent based hard surface cleaners are always supplied in liquid form with industrial packs usually being 5 litres or thereabouts.
▪ We emphasised in section 5.1 that bills are a very liquid form of asset.
▪ In other words the vapour and liquid forms of water are indistinguishable above this point.
▪ Dishwasher detergent comes in powder, concentrate or liquid form.
▪ It would fly around in the atmosphere for a few hours, storing away oxygen in liquid form.
▪ The government on June 3 liberalized the prices of liquid fuels, producing price increases of between 70 and 113 percent.
▪ Some liquid fuel stoves can be carried with fuel already in the tank, usually enough for a weekend.
▪ Use a filter funnel when filling your liquid fuel pressure stove.
▪ Obviously there is a price to be paid in holding the liquid helium temperatures.
▪ The Kamikaze: One part liquid helium, two parts prussic acid.
▪ Supplies of liquid helium are an absolute necessity in many modern science laboratories.
▪ These micro-refrigerators are commercially available, and avoid the explosion hazard of liquid hydrogen and the expense of liquid helium.
▪ These micro-refrigerators are commercially available, and avoid the explosion hazard of liquid hydrogen and the expense of liquid helium.
▪ We then start to accumulate liquid hydrogen in an empty fuel tank.
▪ Driving these cells were the contents of two liquid oxygen tanks and two liquid hydrogen tanks.
▪ Since most of the mass of Uranus air is hydrogen, most of the output from the refrigeration system is liquid hydrogen.
▪ Thus, this mission is so demanding that we are forced to use liquid hydrogen as the propellant.
▪ By 1909 he was already aware of the superior potential of liquid hydrogen-liquid oxygen rocket engines.
▪ A less liquid market could have unfavourable effects on the cost of raising capital.
▪ To be successful, a futures contract must have a liquid market with low transactions costs associated with trading in the contract.
▪ Dealing between GEMMs plays an important part in the maintenance of an efficient and liquid market.
▪ For example, ethanol can be separated from a liquid mixture of ethanol and water by shaking the mixture with silica gel.
▪ All liquid mixtures deviate from ideal behaviour to a greater or lesser extent.
▪ The top line is a plot of vapour pressure of the liquid mixture against liquid composition.
▪ The liquid mixture thus has a higher vapour pressure.
▪ The liquid mixture cools until point a'.
▪ Let us now consider a liquid mixture of composition c. This starts to form solid naphthalene at point c'.
▪ Let us consider a liquid mixture of initial composition C in figure 6.21.
▪ The specimens were weighed immediately, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80°C.
▪ The ceramics -- cables encased in a sheath of liquid nitrogen -- are being developed for power generation and other machinery applications.
▪ In addition, it would consume liquid nitrogen for cooling purposes at approximately £20 per trip.
▪ The tissue was then snap-frozen by immersion in liquid nitrogen before storage at -70°C for up to six months.
▪ At both operations, biopsies from the tumour and non-tumour liver tissue were collected and snap frozen in liquid nitrogen.
▪ After immersion in 40% glycerin solution at room temperature, they were placed on a copper stage and frozen with liquid nitrogen.
▪ This test was used to ensure a 100% death rate of cells frozen in liquid nitrogen.
▪ The specimens were frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen and subjected to autofluorescence microscopy.
▪ Boiling the liquid oxygen was as good a way of getting it out of the tank.
▪ The engines of the Atlas burned a modified aviation fuel, similar to kerosene, with liquid oxygen.
▪ The two prototype pumps, installed in the eastern Paris suburbs of Colombes and Rueil-Malmaison, use liquid oxygen.
▪ Zubrin proposes burning methane with liquid oxygen for the return trip to Earth.
▪ By doing without liquid oxygen at take-off, the plane's total weight would be cut almost in half.
▪ In that case, we would think first of burning hydrocarbons with liquid oxygen, or even using the hydrogen-oxygen propellant combination.
▪ Driving these cells were the contents of two liquid oxygen tanks and two liquid hydrogen tanks.
▪ This removes half of the cryogenics problem but leaves us with liquid oxygen.
▪ And the signs are the journeys will made without liquid refreshment.
▪ Oh, there were times when a few drops of liquid refreshment passed their lips.
▪ A hearty supper was eaten and a bar constantly provided welcome liquid refreshment.
▪ But at least there was liquid refreshment on hand in Ted's hour of need.
▪ For a more soluble preparation mix the usual amount of essential oil into a tablespoonful of unperfumed liquid soap.
▪ We had rubbed liquid soap, big green handfuls of it, over each other.
▪ There was a joyless odor in the air now somewhat reminiscent of liquid soap.
▪ After the gas has flowed through the indoor coil and given up its heat, it condenses back to a liquid state.
▪ The plant's function is to turn radioactive liquid waste into glass blocks.
▪ Improper drainage of liquid waste from espresso machine.
▪ If liquid water appeared on the surface of a world that was in a vacuum, it would evaporate instantly.
▪ The seas and rivers, lakes and glaciers, are gone; the dynamic play of rain and liquid water is absent.
▪ Since the cells are closed, spindle-shaped tubes, the liquid water inside them is not very easy to get out.
▪ The Moon is unfortunately a barren body devoid of atmosphere and liquid water.
Water is an exception since the density of ice is lower than that of liquid water.
▪ If the findings pan out, Europa would be the first body outside of Earth where liquid water is abundant.
▪ Having sunk, it would then be insulated from the Sun's warming rays by the liquid water above it.
▪ There is no liquid water on the surface of Mars today because the pressure of the atmosphere is very low.
liquid nitrogen
▪ Certificates of deposit are not as liquid as money in a passbook account.
▪ Treat your plants once a week with liquid fertiliser.
Liquid Nikwax A non-oily liquid wax which cleans as it waterproofs.
▪ During the main growing season from April to September, frequent watering is required, adding a liquid houseplant feed each week.
▪ It was assumed that the liquid discharge would disperse and be rendered harmless.
▪ The protein-sparing modified fast was popularized in the form of liquid protein diets.
▪ The SE-703 has been designed to replace traditional liquid solvent extraction usually used for sample preparation prior to chromatographic analysis.
▪ This removes half of the cryogenics problem but leaves us with liquid oxygen.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Liquid \Liq"uid\ (l[i^]k"w[i^]d), a. [L. liquidus, fr. liquere to be fluid or liquid; cf. Skr. r[=i] to ooze, drop, l[=i] to melt.]

  1. Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid.

    Yea, though he go upon the plane and liquid water which will receive no step.

  2. (Physics) Being in such a state that the component molecules move freely among themselves, but have a definite volume changing only slightly with changes of pressure, and do not tend to separate from each other as the particles of gases and vapors do when the volume of the container is increased; neither solid nor gaseous; as, liquid mercury, in distinction from mercury solidified or in a state of vapor.

    Note: Liquid substances may form a definite interface with gases, whereas the molecules of different gases freely intermingle with each other.

  3. Flowing or sounding smoothly or without abrupt transitions or harsh tones. ``Liquid melody.''

  4. Pronounced without any jar or harshness; smooth; as, l and r are liquid letters.

  5. Fluid and transparent; as, the liquid air.

  6. Clear; definite in terms or amount. [Obs.] ``Though the debt should be entirely liquid.''

  7. (Finance) In cash or readily convertible into cash without loss of principle; -- said of assets, such as bank accounts, or short-term bonds tradable on a major stock exchange.

    Liquid glass. See Soluble glass, under Glass.


Liquid \Liq"uid\, n.

  1. A substance whose parts change their relative position on the slightest pressure, and therefore retain no definite form; any substance in the state of liquidity; a fluid that is not gaseous and has a definite volume independent, of the container in which it is held. Liquids have a fixed volume at any given pressure, but their shape is determined by the container in which it is contained. Liquids, in contrast to gases, cannot expand indefinitely to fill an expanding container, and are only slightly compressible by application of pressure.

    Note: Liquid and fluid are terms often used synonymously, but fluid has the broader signification. All liquids are fluids, but many fluids, as air and the gases, are not liquids.

  2. (Phon.) A letter which has a smooth, flowing sound, or which flows smoothly after a mute; as, l and r, in bla, bra. M and n also are called liquids.

    Liquid measure, a measure, or system of measuring, for liquids, by the gallon, quart, pint, gill, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French liquide "liquid, running," from Latin liquidus "fluid, liquid, moist," figuratively "flowing, continuing," from liquere "be fluid," related to liqui "to melt, flow," from PIE *wleik- "to flow, run." Of sounds, from 1630s (the Latin word also was used of sounds). Financial sense of "capable of being converted to cash" is first recorded 1818.


"a liquid substance," 1709, from liquid (adj.). Earlier it meant "sound of a liquid consonant" (1520s).


a. 1 Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid and not gaseous; composed of particles that move freely among each other on the slightest pressure. 2 (context finance of an asset English) Easily sold or disposed of without losing value. 3 (context finance of a market English) Having sufficient trading activity to make buying or selling easy. 4 Flowing or sounding smoothly or without abrupt transitions or harsh tones. 5 Pronounced without any jar or harshness; smooth. 6 Fluid and transparent. n. (context physics English) A substance that is flowing, and keeping no shape, such as water; a substance of which the molecules, while not tending to separate from one another like those of a gas, readily change their relative position, and which therefore retains no definite shape, except that determined by the containing receptacle; an inelastic fluid.

  1. adj. existing as or having characteristics of a liquid; especially tending to flow; "water and milk and blood are liquid substances" [ant: gaseous, solid]

  2. filled or brimming with tears; "swimming eyes"; "watery eyes"; "sorrow made the eyes of many grow liquid" [syn: swimming, watery]

  3. clear and bright; "the liquid air of a spring morning"; "eyes shining with a liquid luster"; "limpid blue eyes" [syn: limpid]

  4. changed from a solid to a liquid state; "rivers filled to overflowing by melted snow" [syn: melted, liquified] [ant: unmelted]

  5. smooth and flowing in quality; entirely free of harshness; "the liquid song of a robin"

  6. yielding; lacking any hint of hardness; "the liquid stillness of the night enveloping him"; "the liquid brown eyes of a spaniel"

  7. smooth and unconstrained in movement; "a long, smooth stride"; "the fluid motion of a cat"; "the liquid grace of a ballerina"; "liquid prose" [syn: flowing, fluent, fluid, smooth]

  8. in cash or easily convertible to cash; "liquid (or fluid) assets" [syn: fluid]

  1. n. a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure

  2. the state in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow with little or no tendency to disperse and relatively high incompressibility [syn: liquidness, liquidity]

  3. a substance in the fluid state of matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume

  4. a frictionless non-nasal continuant (especially `l' and `r')

Liquid (The Rasmus song)

"Liquid" is a power ballad by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus, originally released on the band's third album Hell of a Tester on 2 November 1998.

The single was released in 1998 by the record label Warner Music Finland. The single (which was the first one from the album Hell of a Tester) features only the track "Liquid". "Liquid" is a slow and melodic song, maybe one of the band's slowest songs ever.

It reached number two on the Finland singles chart and made it in the Top 40 on MTV Nordic. It was voted Single of the Year for 1998 by music critics and fans.

Liquid (EP)

Liquid is a collaborative EP by American rapper/producer Le1f and producer Boody, released on November 19, 2012.

Liquid (rapper)

Victor Manuel Oquendo (born July 10, 1979), who goes by the stage name Liquid, is an American Christian hip hop musician and Christian R&B recording artist. His only album, Tales from the Badlands, was released by Gotee Records, in 2005.

Liquid (disambiguation)

Liquid is a phase of matter.

Liquid may also refer to:

  • Liquidamber, a genus of four species of flowering plants in the family Altingiaceae
  • Liquid consonant, an approximate consonant (like /l/, /r/) that does not correspond phonetically to a specific vowel
  • Liquid crystal, substances that exhibit a phase of matter that has properties between those of a conventional liquid and those of a solid crystal
  • Liquid layout, a web design that does not rely upon fixed widths
  • Market liquidity, the ability to buy or sell a particular commodity quickly without causing a significant price fluctuation
  • Accounting liquidity, the ability of a debtor to pay their debts as and when they fall due
  • Liquid Entertainment, a computer game development company
  • Liquid Snake and Liquid Ocelot, characters in the Metal Gear video game franchise
  • Team Liquid, an electronic sports team and community website

In music and dance:

  • Liquid (Recoil album), a 2000 music album by Recoil
  • Liquid (Urlaub in Polen album), a 2009 music album by Urlaub in Polen
  • Liquid (EP), an EP by Le1f & Boody
  • "Liquid" (The Rasmus song), a 1998 song by The Rasmus
  • "Liquid" (Jars of Clay song), a 1995 song by Jars of Clay
  • Liquid (musician), Eamon Downes, creator of the seminal dance anthem Sweet Harmony
  • Liquid funk, a subgenre of drum and bass
  • Liquid V, a Liquid funk record label
  • Liquid dancing, a form of dance in which a dancer's gesticulations flow fluidly
Liquid (Recoil album)

Liquid is the second full-length album and fifth studio release by Recoil, released by Mute Records on March 21, 2000. It was recorded at Alan Wilder's home studio, The Thin Line, in Sussex, during sessions that lasted from July 1998 to June 1999. The album was produced by Alan Wilder, with production assistance and co-ordination by Hepzibah Sessa, and additional production and sound design by PK. Liquid is Recoil's fifth album release.

Liquid's music continues in much the same vein as his previous album, Unsound Methods, but it considered to be a concept album revolving around a near-death experience in 1994. Wilder and his partner, Hepzibah Sessa, were driving in Scotland and a Tornado Bomber hit a hillside in front of them, and two airmen were killed. The idea of the album, especially the bookending track "Black Box", centered on what was going through the pilot's last moments of life.

Recoil again picked a diverse set guest vocalists - internationally acclaimed (and fellow Mute artist) Diamanda Galás, 1940s gospel singers the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, New York spoken word performers Nicole Blackman and Samantha Coerbell, and Catalan narrator (and Recoil fan) Rosa Torras. Additional musicians utilized were Curve's Dean Garcia ( bass) and Steve Monti ( drums), Ian Dury and the Blockheads' Merlin Rhys-Jones ( guitar), and Miranda Sex Garden's Hepzibah Sessa ( violin).

Of note is the track "Jezebel", which features the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet. There is some debate that it was inspired by the Moby album Play (released a year prior to Liquid) and its use of Alan Lomax field recordings. However, a similar track appears on Recoil's 1992 Bloodline album, "Electro Blues for Bukka White", dispelling this idea. Furthermore, Moby appeared on the Bloodline album, which has led some to believe Play was inspired by Bloodline.

Nine Inch Nails played the Liquid album before taking the stage during their Fragility tour in 2000.

Liquid (musician)

Liquid are a British dance act, formed by Eamon Downes (a.k.a. Ame) and Shane Heneghan (a.k.a. DJ Model).

"Sweet Harmony", Liquid's first and best-known track, layered the house music of CeCe Rogers' "Someday" over rolling, breakbeats. Initially released in 1991 on the self-pressed white label "Liquid EP" of 500 copies, it was re-released to a wider audience on XL Recordings in the following year.

The "Sweet Harmony" single was followed by the The Future Music EP which included "Liquid is Liquid". Following Heneghan's departure from the band after the first two releases, Liquid's reputation for recording alternative dancefloor fillers was cemented with "Time To Get Up" and the flamenco guitars of "One Love Family" - both of which were Mixmag 'singles of the week'.

The first three EPs were recorded with producer Jezz Wright at Blockhouse.

Liquid have achieved Top 40 singles in the UK, and several European hits. The NME described the XL recordings album Liquid Culture as "sophisticated, soulful techno". Liquid has performed live in many countries over many years. December 2007 saw the re-release of "Sweet Harmony" on XL recordings with remixes by James Talk, Dave Spoon and Streetlife DJs. A drum and bass remix of " Sweet Harmony" by Danny Byrd was "getting primetime airplay all over Radio 1" in early 2010.


A liquid is a nearly incompressible fluid that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume independent of pressure. As such, it is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, gas, and plasma), and is the only state with a definite volume but no fixed shape. A liquid is made up of tiny vibrating particles of matter, such as atoms, held together by intermolecular bonds. Water is, by far, the most common liquid on Earth. Like a gas, a liquid is able to flow and take the shape of a container. Most liquids resist compression, although others can be compressed. Unlike a gas, a liquid does not disperse to fill every space of a container, and maintains a fairly constant density. A distinctive property of the liquid state is surface tension, leading to wetting phenomena.

The density of a liquid is usually close to that of a solid, and much higher than in a gas. Therefore, liquid and solid are both termed condensed matter. On the other hand, as liquids and gases share the ability to flow, they are both called fluids. Although liquid water is abundant on Earth, this state of matter is actually the least common in the known universe, because liquids require a relatively narrow temperature/pressure range to exist. Most known matter in the universe is in gaseous form (with traces of detectable solid matter) as interstellar clouds or in plasma form within stars.

Usage examples of "liquid".

Fifty eggs well fried will yield about five ounces of this oil, which is acrid, and so enduringly liquid that watch-makers use it for lubricating the axles and pivots of their most delicate wheels.

Pakistan has been producing and testing, on an experimental basis, a wide range of odd drugs, both amphetamines and narcotics, in pill, liquid, and aerosol form.

The language was unfamiliar, yet so liquid, so graceful in the ear that it seemed Alec could almost grasp it-and that if he did it would reveal a depth of meaning his own language could never achieve.

He withdrew a small aliquot of the liquid and began setting up his test apparatus.

When the whale is ill, the ambergris is formed--I suppose you could say it is no more complicated than the process by which phlegm is formed in your throat when you have a cold, and the whale coughs it up, or spews it out in the form of a liquid which hardens on exposure to the air.

More than once she reached toward the flagon, seduced by the ambery liquid.

Aniline when pure is a colorless liquid, possessing a rather ammoniacal odor.

Each one was large and curved, containing a bubbling yellowish liquid like amniotic fluid.

Inside the Snake Den all was amorphous liquid mud, owing to the copious seepage.

I invented for the same purpose the ether spray process, in which a benumbing cold was produced by projecting a volatile liquid like ether or amylene, or a stream of compressed gas .

I can reply is even the most rugged, xenophile, radiation-resistant cryophilic anaerobes we can imagine are going to have a hard time maintaining more than a toehold on current-day Mars, spending most of their time in a non-metabolic, frozen state, waiting for the times when conditions are right and water can be briefly liquid on the surface.

Sage 5 ts Liquid hickory smoke Andouille was a great favorite in nineteenth-century New Orleans.

He reached for the bottle of liquid antacid that sat on the dresser, opened it, tilted it, and drank deeply.

It exercises some aperient action, and the liquid in which turnips are boiled will increase the flow of urine.

But if the relation of liquids to their vapors be that here shadowed forth, if in both cases the molecule asserts itself to be the dominant factor, then the dispersion of the water of our seas and rivers, as invisible aqueous vapor in our atmosphere, does not annul the action of the molecules on solar and terrestrial heat.