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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a software program
▪ a software program that aids in website design
a software/catering/construction etc business
▪ His girlfriend runs a catering business.
a software/program designer (=for computer programs)
▪ Software designers are working on a new operating system.
anti-virus software
▪ You need to update your anti-virus software regularly.
application software
▪ We need to ensure that the application software on both the PC and the Macintosh produces compatible files.
computer software (=computer programs)
▪ Microsoft Corp is the world’s largest maker of personal computer software.
counterfeit goods/software etc
database system/software/application etc
mechanical/electrical/software etc engineer
pirate videos/CDs/software etc
software/a program runs on a computer
▪ You’ll need the appropriate software running on your computer.
software/word-processing/graphics etc package
▪ It claims that over 1,000 independent software vendors have already signed up for the new version.
▪ The enticement to independent software vendors is the range of stable Sparc systems from laptops to supercomputers coming to market.
▪ Another 7 percent is contracted with independent software house, and computer makers provide the remaining 6 percent.
▪ If demand for its Microsoft based Intel Corp desktops encourage independent software vendors sufficiently development of a MicroSparc-based desktop will be considered.
▪ Some independent software vendors have gone further.
▪ The group also plans to launch an independent software developers programme in 1993.
▪ He believes such an outcome would only tick off independent software companies.
▪ Some have to be dealt with using adhoc, independent software vendor solutions at present, such as application development environments and distributed databases.
▪ You just have to get familiar with your Internet software, which in most cases isn't too difficult.
▪ Firewalls often make it difficult to use Internet audio software, such as the RealAudio player from Progressive Networks.
▪ Taking a page from the Netscape playbook, Microsoft is giving away key pieces of Internet software.
▪ Farallon, based in Alameda, develops Internet connectivity software.
▪ But it charges lots of money for its Internet server software.
▪ The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.
▪ But the biggest changes lie ahead, say Internet analysts, software makers and other observers.
▪ People were using any of a large range of software products to perform what appeared to be the same basic tasks.
▪ Toasters that bomb? Large software programs are about the most complex things humans can make right now.
▪ Of the larger software companies, the WordPerfect Corporation was most prominent.
▪ With a turnover of 8000 million yen, the latter is the largest software house in the country.
▪ But the company believes that it has some products it can sell new, notably software for diagnosing faults in computers.
▪ Soon preschoolers will get their shot using new peripherals and software developed jointly by Compaq Computer Corp. and Fisher-Price.
▪ The new financial management software is more powerful and flexible and is capable of providing a wide range of management information.
▪ Do you need new applications software for your Windows 95 bundle?
▪ Installing new unproven software posed unacceptable risks to Pearl's tight implementation timetable.
▪ Not all users will be able to take advantage of the new software, however.
▪ Demands for faster processors with larger memory to run newer applications software are increasing.
▪ This new software also lets you post documents to the World Wide Web.
▪ Leading high-technology corporations say they are actively recruiting otaku types because they are in the vanguard of personal computing and software design.
▪ Mr Frankenberg became chief executive of Novell Inc., the second-largest personal-computer software company, 20 months ago.
▪ Do you need new applications software for your Windows 95 bundle?
▪ It is challenging for the same leadership in applications software.
▪ This in turn would boost sales of system and application software that would provide the services need to work with these computers.
▪ The London computer and the Hong Kong computer each hold and run a copy of the SunAccount application software.
▪ The manufacturers also assist in developing applications software for specific jobs.
▪ Advanced expert systems provide for the integration with conventional applications software.
▪ And much of the software produced is applications software which is sold as a package with the machines.
▪ One of the keys to the success of software companies in Northern Ireland is the large local pool of talented labour.
▪ Martin says the statute would also make sure software companies put the correct computer-system requirements for its products on the software box.
▪ The Cupertino software company also closed a small software-development facility in Bedford, Mass.
▪ As a result, very few software companies developed Windows spreadsheets and the field was left clear for Microsoft's Excel.
▪ FileNet plans to buy Saros, another document management software company, for 2. 22 million shares.
▪ Geoff, who now runs a successful computer software company, is meticulous about the detail throughout his home.
▪ In 1996 desktop computer software will allow two-way conversations, bringing the technology to the mass market.&038;.
▪ The analogy with computer software is not, of course, exact.
▪ Some cost estimators now specialize in only estimating computer software development and related costs.
▪ The costs of computer software is not prohibitively expensive in addition, hardware costs have also fallen substantially.
▪ But the addition of sophisticated computer software could extend those capabilities still further.
▪ Personal computer software looks to be a good money spinner too having grown 200% though from an admittedly small customer base.
▪ Neither the federal copyright law nor guidelines mentioned above apply to copying computer software, and such copying is not fair use.
▪ The company, a maker of database software, said its customers were cancelling orders in fear of recession.
Databases One of the earliest uses of computers in history teaching involved the use of database software.
▪ The shipping deadline has slipped, but the Redwood Shores database software giant remains deeply committed to the project.
▪ The two companies will team up to develop database software with fuzzy search capabilities.
▪ Poem Videobox is a software developers kit that enables programmers to incorporate the company's decompression techniques into their own products.
▪ Altogether, the company hopes to reach 750, 000 software developers.
▪ Application services will reside on top, and that's what the majority of software developers will wait for.
▪ The problem confronting software developers remains the high cost of creating and competitively marketing these products.
▪ NetLS software developer kit are due in the third quarter.
▪ Prospective software developers had to learn the secrets of the toolbox so they could follow the guidelines for human interface.
▪ The group also plans to launch an independent software developers programme in 1993.
▪ It was his job to convince software developers to write programs for Macintosh.
▪ These are: data library services, data base management, software development, methodological research, and research training.
▪ There are many opportunities for machine assembly and software development.
▪ Products Usually the product package is created for use when software development is completed and the software is ready for issue.
▪ Others manage computer operations, software development, or data bases.
▪ Spry Inc has reorganised, dividing its system integration and software development operations into two separate companies.
▪ Qualiparc is built upon the Uniface software development environment and costs from £5,000 up.
▪ The cost of software development is one of the fastest growing and most difficult activities to estimate.
▪ Certainly not software engineers or aerobics instructors.
▪ And Rob, the twice-fired software engineer?
▪ Set up in 1999 by John Breen, a software engineer in Indiana, the site aims to reduce world hunger.
▪ The typical software engineer at Tandem is making $ 65, 000 to $ 80, 000 a year.
▪ At that time I was considered one of the best software engineers of my generation.
▪ Jerome Coonen, one of the software engineers, spoke for the entire team.
▪ It will prepare students for a career in a software engineering environment in industry or research.
▪ It has signed on undisclosed terms to use Oracle Corp's manufacturing and financial applications, including software engineering products worldwide.
▪ The software engineering theme continues with a study of a modular approach to designing computer solutions.
▪ Next plans further international subsidiaries and is to expand its software engineering division.
▪ Fujitsu will create software engineering products based on the SoftBench Framework for use on its own systems.
▪ Software Engineering and Database Systems: Database technology and software engineering.
▪ Four years ago, he founded a computer software firm which developed software for the Internet.
▪ Like many young software firms, Dimension X started off by consulting for other companies to help pay the bills.
▪ We once did some work with a software firm whose competitor had introduced a wildly successful new home finance program.
▪ Apple and several other computer and software firms also offer free conversion programs.
▪ The 1996 figure included charges associated with its $ 3. 3 billion acquisition of software firm Lotus Development Corp.
▪ We recently worked with a software firm headed by an executive who seemed to have taken this notion to heart.
▪ Earnings for chip manufacturers like Intel and software giants like Microsoft have long depended on an unrelenting and accelerating cycle of upgrades.
▪ There was even room for high-profile newcomers at the toy fair, such as software giant Microsoft.
▪ Netscape faces a long, drawn-out battle with software giant Microsoft, but Barksdale says he is up to the task.
▪ The software giant only recently turned its attention to the Internet.
▪ Oracle, the Redwood City software giant, jumped 11 / 4 to 371 / 2.
▪ Win 95 has been a bestseller since the software giant rolled it out almost two years ago.
▪ The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant may own the market for operating systems and business software for personal computers.
▪ The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant also offered free Internet features to anyone who uses it.
▪ Many software houses sell consultancy, and disappointing product sales from 1988-91 have driven the major hardware suppliers into the services market.
▪ Steve Belkin, 32, is technical support manager for a City software house.
▪ Second, software houses are happily riding the wave of innovation that the Internet has set off.
▪ It is also contemplating tie-ups with software houses or large user organisations abroad.
▪ Another 7 percent is contracted with independent software house, and computer makers provide the remaining 6 percent.
▪ Siemens Nixdorf wants its agents to operate purely as software houses.
▪ The advantage of working with a software house to design your own package is that the end product is tailor-made.
▪ Sierra On-Line is a software house that is justly famous for its high-quality games.
▪ The software industry will therefore undergo a profound change.
▪ Quintus is aiming its product at the high-tech and software industry and hardware and software managers inside end-user organisations.
▪ Northern Ireland has established a reputation as a centre of excellence in the international software industry.
▪ Recently the Bangalorean software industry has been aping what happened in Manhattanmoving some offices into the center of the city.
▪ It could also hurt the software industry, although companies working on the Internet Box say it would just shift software sales.
▪ Shares of computer and software makers also were lower.
▪ The 19-person start-up was funded by Colorado-based desktop publishing software makers Quark Inc.
▪ The software maker blames the hardware.
▪ Those software makers rose 900 percent, and 826 percent respectively over the same period.
▪ But the biggest changes lie ahead, say Internet analysts, software makers and other observers.
▪ Oracle Corp., another software maker, rose 2 to 43 3 / 4.
▪ Moreover, a growing number of software makers are releasing short demonstration versions of their programs.
▪ In desperation, WordPerfect has let Borland International, a Californian rival, bundle its word-processor into a software package.
▪ A software package called Morph selling for under $ 100 does this.
▪ Useful appendices provide information on the various software packages and how to use them, and some helpful troubleshooting guides.
▪ It is a free software package developed by Phillip Zimmerman that encrypts e-mail.
▪ Tel-me is a software package that runs on 80386 or 80486 personal computers under Microsoft Corp Windows 3.1.
▪ Business-oriented spreadsheet applications can be set up to solve these problems, and special-purpose capital budgeting software packages are readily available.
▪ Various software packages have been designed in order to facilitate the storage and analysis of materials such as interview transcripts and fieldnotes.
▪ Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages.
▪ It is essential to realise at the outset that desktop publishing software is totally unlike any other software product category.
▪ Farmington Hills, Michigan-based Compuware develops software products for mainframe computer users.
▪ The company is also adding ClearCase and Track to its CASEVision family of software products.
▪ Sybase Inc., a maker of database management software products, fell 2 3 / 4 to 28 3 / 4.
▪ An example of a software product incorporating this feature is Analog Devices's simulator for its ADSP-2101.
▪ The company rolled out a series of new, easier-to-use Windows-based software products last year, most of them hits.
▪ The company now offers user-based licences tailored to the particular software product and its possible usage patterns.
▪ With the help of his son and a friend, he developed a software product that performed a few simple file-transfer functions.
▪ If software programs were covered by patent rather than copyright legislation, there would be ways round these difficulties.
▪ Some count how many software programs are sold.
▪ It has also been tested with over 2100 software programs and has proved to be compatible.
▪ Although many analysts like its software programs, the company faces increasing competition from giants such as Microsoft Corp.
▪ Third Party Software Leading molecular scientists worldwide have developed effective specialised software programs noted for advancing science.
▪ The computer runs a backup software program for launching and landing the shuttle.
▪ PageMaker-the software program from Aldus Corporation that everyone associates with desktop publishing due to its immense success on the Apple Macintosh.
▪ For most users, this requires a software program known as a telnet client.
▪ The crew is expected to be involved in networking technologies and other system software stuff.
▪ This involves developing critical expertise in scalable computing areas such as components, interconnects, computing architectures, and systems software.
▪ Tandem's move reinforces current thinking which sees microkernel system software as very much an up and coming trend across the industry.
▪ The least-finished part of the Macintosh was the Finder, the part of the system software visible to the user.
▪ It runs version 1.5 of the company's NetServer System software, which includes on-line backup, partition support and performance management.
▪ As high-performance computing hardware is built, the systems software to make it usable is developed, then the applications software.
▪ Of course in both cases their technology covers system software not applications the way 88open's does.
▪ It also links application programs, compilers, system software and file access in one package.
▪ It claims that over 1,000 independent software vendors have already signed up for the new version.
▪ The enticement to independent software vendors is the range of stable Sparc systems from laptops to supercomputers coming to market.
▪ However SparcWare's gaze is firmly fixed on the 42 independent software vendors responsible for 60% of the product volume worldwide.
▪ Here, International Software negotiates contracts with software vendors and ensures that customers get a good price.
▪ Some 500 independent software vendors have delivered applications for OS/2 in 1992, and many more are in the works it said.
▪ If demand for its Microsoft based Intel Corp desktops encourage independent software vendors sufficiently development of a MicroSparc-based desktop will be considered.
▪ Independent software vendors who have developer kits say knowing Windows programming makes migration relatively straight forward.
▪ Some independent software vendors have gone further.
▪ School library services are also now increasingly building up software collections, allowing school librarians and teachers to see demonstrations of software.
▪ ClickNsettle's proprietary software allows the parties to exchange offers until the figures are within 30 percent of each other.
▪ Combined with microcomputer retrieval software, this allows powerful search features to be incorporated.
▪ The software that allows consumers to tap into the Net from their phones comes from Unwired Planet.
▪ This was an integrated family of large computers with related software which would allow for convenient upgrading.
▪ The software allows you to define the network structure and performs the calculations and updates.
▪ Windows a software technique that allows a rectangular area of a computer screen to display output from a program.
▪ The software it runs allows you to create topics, post messages, exchange mail and download software.
▪ Support prices now are available on a product-by-product basis, replacing a more complex scheme based on categories of software.
▪ Farmington Hills, Michigan-#based Compuware develops software products for mainframe computer users.
▪ Working Model Working Model is award-winning desktop based software for analysing and solving engineering problems involving 2D and 3D motion and mechanisms.
▪ Excluding the gain, the Redmond, Washington-#based software company said per-share earnings rose to 87 cents.
▪ ParaSet defines a new product class based on parametric software development, which manages the complexity of design and maintenance.
▪ Also available are neural-network-#based turnkey software packages.
▪ The alternatives offered by technology for organizational communication, whether based on hardware or software, fall into three basic areas.
▪ Having bought a machine equipped with its operating system, many take the easy route and buy its applications software too.
▪ My government bought this software from a technologically sophisticated country, maybe the same one it buys arms from.
▪ Once the customer decides to buy the software, Hewlett provides a password over the phone granting a permanent licence.
▪ Users would not need to buy packaged software, nor would they have to learn programs and operating systems.
▪ The price, perhaps $ 2 a pop, would be much cheaper than buying the software outright.
▪ You don't even need to buy any software.
▪ You buy new software and then you have to learn how to use it.
▪ One of the co-op's big successes was designing the software for a computer graphics system called the Bit Stik.
▪ Most needs can be met by products available on an off-the-shelf basis and you will rarely need to design your own software.
▪ He thought he was the best in the world at designing software.
▪ Should the auditor design his own software packages?
▪ In between, he designed software for his phone systems, which allow callers to perform various functions through a voice menu.
▪ We take care to avoid this by designing appropriate software.
▪ The system is designed around a graphics-oriented software package, called FirstClass Client Software, sent free to new users.
▪ An alternative approach to real-time monitoring is to develop software capable of receiving data from external monitoring systems.
▪ This is a developing service which should also develop software standards in the future.
▪ Dozens of other local firms are developing components, software, equipment and accessories for wireless phones.
▪ A programming language used to develop application software.
▪ Farallon, based in Alameda, develops Internet connectivity software.
▪ This is seen as an opportunity for developing software and technological industries and providers through the stimulus of opening up education markets.
▪ Sanborn said one of his students received an offer of $ 60, 000 to develop software.
▪ Other facilities include limiting software to particular users, stations or particular times of day.
▪ But they also appear on a screen saver that PointCast includes with its software.
▪ How much of this support is included in the software price?
▪ Look for information on the Web site as well as information included with the downloaded software.
▪ Local expertise includes financial and networking software.
▪ Future applications include video game software and theme park rides.
▪ These include bespoke software, systems integration, 2d database building, project management and consultancy.
▪ Once again, the budget has been increased to include computer-based sequencing software and synchronising devices a-plenty.
▪ There's no need in any case to install new software.
▪ When you install the software, the drive is automatically recognized and configured.
▪ Business Superstore will install the software, offer training and supply a full technical back-up.
▪ PalmPilots can install software only by linking to a personal computer.
▪ By simply placing this in the ink cartridge bay and installing the software provided, your printer is converted into a scanner.
▪ Better yet, purchase and install a good anti-virus software program.
▪ Don't believe any provider that insists you need to install their software.
▪ To get into Worlds Away, you must install software.
▪ Finally, the Workstation Auditing Module tracks equipment configuration, and also provides software and hardware inventory features.
▪ He sees excellent opportunities in companies that provide software, peripheral equipment and access to the Internet.
▪ Destiny provides imaging controller software and hardware technology for printers and desktop peripherals.
▪ Although providing your own software may sound like a hassle, it has its benefits.
▪ The better operations will provide you with software that makes it easy to sign up and log on.
▪ The Department of Education and Science provides the software and training for teachers.
▪ In addition to Nokia, Geoworks has deals to provide smart phone software to Erikson and Toshiba.
▪ To add to customers' problems, he said, old mainframes can't run new software with additional functionality.
▪ A Pentium Pro computer running 32-bit software in a pure 32-bit operating system is screamingly fast compared with current models.
▪ Consequently, they have been run as software simulations, often on supercomputers.
▪ Geoff, who now runs a successful computer software company, is meticulous about the detail throughout his home.
▪ The computer runs a backup software program for launching and landing the shuttle.
▪ Do you just want to run knitting design software?
▪ The major problem is that the trained aides are needed to run the software.
▪ But the company believes that it has some products it can sell new, notably software for diagnosing faults in computers.
▪ Minnesota Educational Computing Corp., which sells educational software, dropped 15 percent, or 3, to 17.
▪ The remarks followed a court case in which a couple admitted selling counterfeit software at car boot sales.
▪ Computer companies such as Safeguard Scientifics, which sells microcomputers and software, held eight spots.
▪ First, it sells software packages, which generate 20% of revenues.
▪ Citrix Systems Inc., for example, develops and sells client-server software to make Microsoft Windows applications more effective.
▪ At one point he was involved in all aspects of selling some of our software.
▪ But the companies that sell tax software also offer free information on the web.
▪ The scanner manufacturers use lots of clever software to simulate halftones by a process called dithering.
▪ You may instead be using software from an Internet service provider or from the company that bundled software with your computer.
▪ Preparation time is a vital consideration in planning to use the software as well as in actually using it.
▪ Soon preschoolers will get their shot using new peripherals and software developed jointly by Compaq Computer Corp. and Fisher-Price.
▪ Educational and scientific organisations may also use software for this period without any problems.
▪ Instead, a user dials into the Internet worldwide computer network and uses software and data that are stored there.
▪ The couple has used the software in 200 homes, she said.
▪ Could you tell me where I have gone wrong and why the formula has to be written differently for different software.
▪ Rich gave Overholser three months to write the software.
▪ Those familiar with writing software for microprocessor controlled systems will know that a lot of development goes into the process.
▪ The company also writes software for the machines.
▪ At the end of 1981, Robocom commissioned Computercraft to write the software for the Bit Stik.
▪ Hundreds of people throughout the world have contributed by writing and modifying Web software and documents.
▪ Now he writes computer software for the National Blind League but needs a proper job.
▪ Netscape also wrote software for the computers that display pages on the Web.
▪ a software developer
▪ India's software industry barely existed 15 years ago but is growing rapidly today.
▪ The company develops interactive software for schoolchildren.
▪ word-processing software
▪ You need special software to view the information in the file.
▪ A glitch in the customer-service software left customers unable to get through to help lines.
▪ Before downloading any beta software, check the appropriate Usenet news group or online service forum for possible complaints about the software.
▪ But there is wide variation among Internet providers in cost, features, software, reliability and customer service.
▪ Drawing software takes a mathematical approach to lines and shapes, and deals with objects rather than individual pixels.
▪ It is rapidly propagating electronics and software companies.
▪ The couple has used the software in 200 homes, she said.
▪ The latest software can imitate the texture of flesh or the topography of a mountain range.
▪ The nature of software is philosophically problematic.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1851, soft wares, "woolen or cotton fabrics," also, "relatively perishable consumer goods," from soft + ware (n.). The computer sense is a separate coinage from 1960, based on hardware.


n. (context computing English) encode computer instructions, usually modifiable (unless stored in some form of unalterable memory such as ROM). Compare hardware.


n. (computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory; "the market for software is expected to expand" [syn: software system, software package, package] [ant: hardware]


Computer software, or simply software, is that part of a computer system that consists of encoded information or computer instructions, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built.

The term "software" was first proposed by Alan Turing and used in this sense by John W. Tukey in 1957. In computer science and software engineering, computer software is all information processed by computer systems, programs and data.

Computer software includes computer programs, libraries and related non-executable data, such as online documentation or digital media. Computer hardware and software require each other and neither can be realistically used on its own.

At the lowest level, executable code consists of machine language instructions specific to an individual processor—typically a central processing unit (CPU). A machine language consists of groups of binary values signifying processor instructions that change the state of the computer from its preceding state. For example, an instruction may change the value stored in a particular storage location in the computer—an effect that is not directly observable to the user. An instruction may also (indirectly) cause something to appear on a display of the computer system—a state change which should be visible to the user. The processor carries out the instructions in the order they are provided, unless it is instructed to "jump" to a different instruction, or interrupted.

The majority of software is written in high-level programming languages that are easier and more efficient for programmers, meaning closer to a natural language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or an interpreter or a combination of the two. Software may also be written in a low-level assembly language, essentially, a vaguely mnemonic representation of a machine language using a natural language alphabet, which is translated into machine language using an assembler.

Software (disambiguation)

Software usually refers to instructions for computer hardware to execute.

Software may also refer to:

  • IEEE Software, a magazine
  • Software (development cooperation), used in development cooperation jargon to indicate the human aspect in technology transfer
  • Software (novel), part of the Ware Tetralogy, a 1982 cyber-punk novel by Rudy Rucker
  • Software (album), 1984 album by Grace Slick
  • Software (band), a German electronic duo active between 1984 and 2000
  • Software, Etc., a predecessor of the video game retailer GameStop
  • GNOME Software, a GNOME software for managing software installation
Software (novel)

Software is a 1982 cyberpunk science fiction novel written by Rudy Rucker. It won the first Philip K. Dick Award in 1983. The novel is the first book in Rucker's Ware Tetralogy, and was followed by a sequel, Wetware, in 1988.

Software (band)

Software was a German electronic duo active between 1984 and 2000, comprising (born 1951) and (born 1948). Formerly the duo used the name Mergener&Weisser.

Software (album)

Software is Grace Slick's 1984 album released by RCA Records. This album was recorded after she had re-joined Jefferson Starship. After working on this album, Peter Wolf would go on to contribute to Jefferson Starship's 1984 album, Nuclear Furniture. A music video was made for the single "All the Machines". Software is Grace Slick's fourth and final solo album.

Software has been described as Slick's attempt to assimilate with the techno-pop artists of the period. Guitar use is largely replaced by synthesizers and electric drums. Slick's trademark wailing vocals and improvising is replaced by more short, precise bursts. The album failed to chart.

Usage examples of "software".

Their origins are a matter of record, in the merger nineteen years ago of the depraved Temple of Abraxas with a discredited house of surgical software, Frewin Maisang Tobermory.

I knew if he sold his algorithm to a Japanese software company, we were sunk, so I tried to think of any way I could stop him.

And the Sharyan religious police were as popular in interrogation software as Angin Chandra had been in pilot porn.

Distributed Sequence Annotation System, DAS for short, borrows an approach from Napster, the controversial software that allows people to swap music files over the Internet.

Our people can use commercial software to do stand alone jobs or pull down the apps from our servers, or they can tap into our database, or into the huge databases on the Internet to pull in reference data.

To prevent these attempts from succeeding, customer service software must be designed so that representatives can only type in the authentication information provided by the caller, and receive a response from the system indicating whether the password is correct or not.

Some bioinformatics companies cater to large users, aiming their products and services at genomics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies by creating custom software and offering consulting services.

The microarray slides are read automatically by laser scanners, and the results, thanks to Bioinformatics, are fed directly into computers armed with appropriate software such that risk and hence cost can be predicted with rapidly advancing speed and accuracy.

He plays the master-class game, backing smugglers like me, leveraged buyouts, corrupting politicians, software piracy, design piracyI bought the Sony flatscreen templates Event Horizon uses from him.

There was nothing in the system except the functional cogitative software and his own data, loaded from slivers.

GoBop explained, pulling sheets of software fiche from zippered vest pockets like some comp magician.

I told an Exhibitionist I would comment only on the role of software and hardware, because they had been my responsibility.

He gestured to a short stack of software fiches sealed in NetSec evidence envelopes.

Trojan Horse, firewall, or other security-related software without prior approval from the information technology department.

If I could only raise my head from the pillow, metaphorically I must take off my woolly hat to whatever acned racist geck superhacker was using the stolen computer, and what software he must have written in anticipation.