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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bit of stuff/fluff/skirt
fluff under the bed
▪ The magazine is a mix of fashion, fluff, and some serious journalism.
▪ Disadvantages of the stuff are that it attracts fluff, hair and biscuit crumbs.
▪ I told her about the fluff.
▪ Indeed, as he shut the car door, he brushed at one sleeve as if to remove wrinkles as well as fluff.
▪ It was the cotton fluff sifting from the air.
▪ The cellulose fluff, although more bulky, is just a parachute, to be discarded.
▪ The model was a little misshapen, the face furred with fluff from her pocket, but it was still intact.
▪ With Walker, they give fluff a spine and serve up sentiment.&.
Fluff the couscous with a fork.
▪ I was so nervous that I fluffed my lines.
▪ It should have been an easy catch, but he fluffed it.
▪ We made the bed and fluffed up the pillows.
▪ But I gave her a cold stare and fluffed my fur out.
▪ He was simply doing her hair, fluffing it out like a real hairdresser.
▪ Maximum loft is achieved when the bag is fluffed up.
▪ Or at least, that was the tragi-romantic picture Chesarynth had fluffed up in her mind.
▪ Our politicians rail about crime and fluff our dander up at election time.
▪ Since the version we use is quick-cooking, it will fluff up in about five minutes.
▪ Sparrows fluffed out against the cold, scratching among the sparks for seeds.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fluff \Fluff\, v. t. & i. To make or become fluffy; to move lightly like fluff.


Fluff \Fluff\, v. t. To make a mistake in the performance of; -- used mostly of lines in a drama; as, he fluffed the last line of the act.


Fluff \Fluff\, n. [Cf. 2d Flue. [root]84.]

  1. Nap or down; flue[2]; soft, downy feathers.

  2. Hence: Anything light and downy, whose volume consists mostly of air, such as cotton or down.

  3. Something light and inconsequential; something not to be taken seriously; -- used commonly of literary or dramatic productions, and sometimes of people.

  4. A mistake, especially in the recitation of lines in a drama.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"light, feathery stuff," 1790, apparently a variant of floow "wooly substance, down, nap" (1580s), perhaps from Flemish vluwe, from French velu "shaggy, hairy," from Latin vellus "fleece," or Latin villus "tuft of hair" (see velvet). OED suggests fluff as "an imitative modification" of floow, "imitating the action of puffing away some light substance." Slang bit of fluff "young woman" is from 1903. The marshmallow confection Fluff dates to c.1920 in Massachusetts, U.S.


"to shake into a soft mass," 1875, from fluff (n.). Meaning "make a mistake" is from 1884, originally in theater slang. Related: Fluffed; fluffing.


n. 1 Anything light, soft or fuzzy, especially fur, hair, feathers. 2 Anything inconsequential or superficial. 3 lapse, especially a mistake in an actor’s lines. 4 (label en New England) marshmallow creme 5 (label en LGBT) A passive partner in a lesbian relationship. 6 (context Australia euphemistic English) A fart. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make something fluffy. 2 (context intransitive English) To become fluffy. 3 (context intransitive English) To move lightly like fluff. 4 (context transitive intransitive of an actor or announcer English) To make a mistake in one’s lines. 5 (context transitive English) To do incorrectly, for example mishit, miskick, miscue etc.

  1. n. any light downy material

  2. something of little value or significance [syn: bagatelle, frippery, frivolity]

  3. a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)

  1. v. make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement" [syn: botch, bumble, fumble, botch up, muff, blow, flub, screw up, ball up, spoil, muck up, bungle, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, bobble, mishandle, louse up, foul up, mess up, fuck up]

  2. erect or fluff up; "the bird ruffled its feathers" [syn: ruffle]

  3. ruffle (one's hair) by combing towards the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect [syn: tease]


Fluff is a noun for anything light, soft, or fuzzy and may also be:

  • Belly button fluff, also known as navel lint
  • A lightweight file manager using the FLTK user interface library and the default file manager in Tiny Core Linux
Fluff (Swedish band)

Fluff is a Swedish punk band, formed from former members of the bands Mindless Sinner and Skinny Horse. They were formed in 1996 by Christer Göransson and Magnus Danneblad. They released one album in 1996, called Volume One. The band changed their name to Everlone, but the members stayed the same.

Fluff (fiction)

Many board games and video games provide their own fictional setting, or are set in fictional settings defined by other media such as literature or film. Fluff, in the context of such gaming fiction, refers to information that provides setting and context for the game.

By definition, fluff is never part of the proper game rules. As such, fluff has no impact on gameplay and can technically be ignored by the players without breaking the game or its rules; it could arguably be described as 'soft rules'. As a result, the concept may not be applicable for role-playing games where the rules are at the discretion of the game master and implied, contextual or otherwise 'soft' rules may be deemed valid and binding.

In the context of fiction, fluff is essentially synonymous with ' Canon', i.e. the body of all fiction deemed to officially shape and define the fictional setting. It often takes the form of short stories or background information found in rulebooks and game supplements, but can take any form. In highly developed, popular settings which have evolved beyond gaming, fluff may include anything from gaming supplements such as sourcebooks to novels or even movies.

By contrast, in the same context the term Blurb is typically used for brief explanatory texts (for individual gaming pieces etc.). Where they do not provide gaming rules for their subject, blurbs also fall under the definition of the fluff.

Usage examples of "fluff".

They had blown fluff from a seedhead for camp chores: tonight Seri had to dig the jacks, and Aris had to take care of the fire.

My hair had been pressed down by my helmet, so I fluffed that out as femininely as I could make it.

An only marginally warmer breeze flowed along the same path as the water, and she stood in the draft for a few minutes, brushing off excess water and fluffing her hair until she was mostly dry.

He lingered openly in the doorway, ignoring Durward as he bustled around inside, lighting the fire, fluffing the pillows on the four-poster bed.

Han manner, by sticking pins in my feet and burning little heaps of moxa fluff up and down my spine.

They were too low for Pook to pass under, yet too fluffed out with brush for him to leap over.

She was cloaked by a skein of ravelled fluff beneath us and we caught the chant before she rose into the sunlight.

Alice looked charmingly forlorn peeping out of the wraps in which she was bundled against the cold, her hair fluffed and rimpled in shining disorder around her face.

They have thought they hated, that she was so eager fully tied the put them on today and fluffed up the sleeves and care et little sandals sashes, completing their costumes with the swe Patsy bought for them and the gold chains they must have gotten from Suzy yesterday before Carroll came in from work.

Crane brushed the yellow fluff wildly from before the eyes in his helmet, saw that the incredibly expanding bacteriophage had puffed out through the whole interior of the Martian cruiser.

He had curly white fluff around his ankles and a white pompon of hair on his short little tail.

And down by the torrent, on a faint game trail that led upstream, was a piece of emerald-green fluff stuck to the resiny trunk of a pine.

Pen automatically reached to brush a piece of fluff from his doublet, and while she was about it resituated the jeweled brooch he wore in the lace at his throat.

Apart from a brazen sky and silphium scrub, their constant companion was the sea, a huge expanse of polished aquamarine, fluffed with white where rocks lurked, breaking in gentle wavelets upon beach after beach after beach.

Keeley whispered know ingly as she watched her mother spritz on a bit of perfume and fluff her hair around her shoulders.