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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"moving pictures," 1912, see movie.


n. 1 (plural of movie English) 2 The cinema

Movies (song)

"Movies" is a song by Alien Ant Farm, released as the first single from their album Anthology in 2001, then re-released to a larger audience after the success of "Smooth Criminal". Though it only peaked at No. 18 on the US Modern Rock chart, it remained on the chart for thirty-two weeks, five weeks longer than "Smooth Criminal" which hit No. 1.

Lyrically ambiguous, the song deals with images of young, independent kids salvaging relationships, inherent power struggles, finally letting go, and then (possible) reconciliation, practicing concepts of love, despair, and bargaining that adults have difficulty dealing with, and the resolution and “drama’ so well-written that it’d be worthy of a movie. “You won’t cry/I won’t scream” may be describing promises made in order to continue, or may be describing the final goodbye and never seeing each other again.

The original single version had two tracks, Wish, and Movies (the album version).

Movies (album)

Movies is the second album by Holger Czukay, released in 1979 through Electrola.

Usage examples of "movies".

She thought about movies she liked-they were never about issues or about ideas in the abstract.

I think she was in one of the movies that was playing there when it happened.

More people than ever go to the movies because they want to see how the rich live and dress and play and make the same mistakes they make, only in more comfort.

In her own letters Iris had not bothered to mention the titles of the movies in which she had small roles she considered them of little consequence.

She said there was nothing for her in the movies anymore unless some bit part came up for a girl with a Southern accent.

Soon he was coming to the house for dinner once or twice a week, taking her to the movies over protests that she should be working.

She was unhappy that he was abandoning play writing but he felt that he could earn real money writing for the movies and then he could keep Gina with him.

A club could be formed, perhaps, as was usually done in movies about delinquents.

Another idea he had was to make color movies of weddings and bar-mitzvahs.

He made deals with four hotels to supply them with movies one night a week.

But he needed a man on the road to show the movies, somebody trustworthy and presentable: Virgil.

With the coming of summer there was the promise of two wedding movies and the camp featurette to be made for Grossman.

He had understood, he said, that Duddy and Yvette wanted to be together, but he no longer ate with them every night he was in town and Duddy and Yvette sometimes went off to dinner or to the movies without him.

He had ruined himself up north, nobody wanted him to show movies any more.

But you want to make a cartoon of everything: your movies, your clothes, your furniture, your books, your food, but especially your sex.