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n. (plural of novel English)

Usage examples of "novels".

We will discuss the different demands that novels make on the writer and how successful novelists have met these challenges.

The next chapter, on marketing, will discuss how to go about selling your work, both novels and short fiction.

Although most of my novels are written for the general audience, since they almost always deal with scientists and high technology they are usually marketed under the SF category.

This makes some sense for longer works such as novels, where the plot can get quite complicated.

It is not that the novelist can write only novels and finds it impossible to do anything shorter, or that the short-story writer never even attempts a novel.

I began as a teenager by writing short stories, but by the time I was eighteen I was already working on my first novel, and I have spent most of my career writing novels ever since.

At first glance such novels may look like nothing more than a series of short adventures strung together.

Generally, a writer earns more money per hour of work by writing novels than by writing short fiction.

There are others who have been gathering the material for their novels ever since I first met them, ages ago.

Many writers have the tendency to start their novels with a chapter full of background information that they have to know in order to write the rest of the novel.

I will discuss the market research for novels first and for short stories afterward.

If novels about romance in exotic settings are hot, you sit down and write a romantic novel set in Thailand.

They publish very little general fiction, but instead establish lines for various categories such as mysteries, historical novels, science fiction, romance, etc.

Mystery fans buy mystery novels, and trying to interest them in bodice-ripping historical novels is usually a waste of effort.

Publishers invite writers to turn out novels based on pre-existing formats, franchised universes.