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role-playing games

n. (plural of role-playing game English)

Usage examples of "role-playing games".

In the meantime, Avi had moved to San Francisco and started a new company that was going to take role-playing games out of the nerd-ghetto and make them mainstream.

Not long after this, Avi graduated and disappeared, and popped up a few months later in Minneapolis, where he had gotten a job with a major publisher of fantasy role-playing games.

She next came upon one of the premier computer channels, dedicated to fantasy role-playing games and now fallen on hard times.

When she was a kid, Cutler and her friends had played role-playing games, one right after another, their computers linked into a network of make-believe, eating up hours, days, entire weekends with the flights of adventure and fantasy.

Fantasy role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, as well as certain kinds of rock and roll music—.