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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
management consultant
PR agency/firm/consultant
▪ a large PR firm
▪ Public relations consultants A good firm of financial public relations consultants should be engaged to assist with the takeover.
▪ Better yet, talk to a good financial consultant.
▪ West Merchant Bank is financial consultant.
▪ He also served as a financial consultant to Essex County.
▪ Miller, now a financial consultant, confirmed the deal would involve buying the whole club.
▪ Current academics have become financial consultants themselves as well as highly-paid expert witnesses in court disputes.
▪ His ever-so-proper role as financial consultant to the Duchess of York marked the pinnacle of his climb up the social ladder.
▪ Save aggressively over the next five years so she has the choice to work as an independent consultant, if she desires.
▪ Governing bodies may sometimes wish to look to independent consultants for advice in these matters.
▪ Already, independent specialist consultants are helping farmers by walking fields and assisting with advice for strategies of control.
▪ Caught in frenzied downsizing, Dan joined the legions of independent consultants.
▪ Months went by while independent consultants trawled over the evidence Ofsted had already considered.
▪ Some general managers and top executives go on to establish their own firms or become independent consultants.
▪ It is likely that outside consultants will be employed by the Health and Safety Executive.
▪ To replace this expertise, top managements have turned to outside management consultants.
▪ It is management that have to address themselves to the solutions, either by using internal resources or by engaging outside consultants.
▪ Invite a professional writer into your group, whether a company technical or marketing writer or an outside consultant.
▪ Frequently the systems planning team also includes an outside consultant.
▪ The hospital has hired an outside consultant to review staffing levels, she said, but has made no changes.
▪ Critical reading of galley proofs by outside expert consultants.
▪ He said he had not cleared my involvement, or the involvement of any other outside consultant, with his boss.
▪ They were years ahead of their rivals in the use of political consultants, computers, direct mailing systems and polling techniques.
▪ You know who we mean: the congressmen, the lobbyists, the political consultants, the journalists.
▪ It was filled with political consultants moaning about the passage of Prop.
▪ So that, as your specially commissioned public relations consultant, I could use their impact to full effect?
▪ Examiner contributor Nancy Fox is a public relations consultant, educator and composer.
Public relations consultants A good firm of financial public relations consultants should be engaged to assist with the takeover.
▪ Alex Castellanos, the Republican media consultant who worked for Texas Sen.
▪ Finally senior McKinsey consultants had their deepest professional ties with equally senior client executives.
▪ John Miles, senior consultant neurosurgeon at Walton, told the inquest that an urgent scan showed a large rounded lesion.
▪ On his retirement two years ago, he was senior consultant general surgeon at South Cleveland Hospital.
▪ Tyneside architects Angus Leybourne has appointed Edward Hill as senior consultant to the practice.
▪ A group of senior Spencer Stuart consultants raised with him the possibility of a sale to the consulting staff instead.
▪ What is revealing, however, is the growth in the number of business consultants in the wake of the reengineering movement.
▪ Paul Terry, a business consultant.
▪ Her father, computer consultant Richard McCord, was unemployed when she graduated from high school.
▪ Kettering-based computer consultants Pegasus nose-dived 42p to 86p after a boardroom shake-out.
▪ A firm of commodity brokers sought advice from a computer consultant on the installation of a computer system.
▪ There will be resistance from many hospital consultants.
▪ Read in studio A hospital consultant is warning of the dangers of bouncy castles.
▪ The culprit is not, on the whole, inefficiency, indolence or excessive private work by hospital consultants.
▪ Innovation has, however, been largely driven by hospital consultants and scientists with specialist interests in diseases and treatment.
▪ A clear shift of power away from the hospital consultants was apparent.
▪ The company and industry consultants who follow it have said this is partially due to where the carrier flies.
▪ Bains quoted with approval the critical comments of the management consultants, McKinsey and Co.
▪ Dubroff, a management consultant who lived in San Mateo, subsequently married another woman.
▪ Even management consultants have found a role in environmental consulting.
▪ Even students in art history and philosophy are getting hired by management consultants, Sanborn said.
▪ Furthermore, there is no management consultant to call if things go awry.
▪ But the real-life Pauline Gascoyne is a serious-minded import business management consultant.
▪ That was the warning to the conference from Peter West, health economist with Touche Ross management consultants.
▪ The study - by media consultants Billets - said the worst hit are ads between soccer, dull sitcoms and documentaries.
▪ Alex Castellanos, the Republican media consultant who worked for Texas Sen.
▪ The former media consultant to Republican presidents has headed the business news and talk show channel since August 1993.
▪ Mr Sheffield said a report from a consultant psychiatrist at the hospital stated Mrs Morse had been receiving treatment since 1983.
▪ If such a home places its residents under the care of a consultant psychiatrist, surely it should be called a hospital.
▪ In support of the application he sought a report from the first defendant, an independant consultant psychiatrist.
▪ Further input was secured from consultant psychiatrists working in the new community units.
▪ One leading search consultant described how he had once mistakenly presented the wrong candidate for a job.
▪ One of the notable features is that executive search consultants are a good deal younger than previously.
▪ Some executive search consultants are now becoming non-executive directors in businesses where there is no potential conflict.
▪ Some search consultants span these two worlds and have both a functional and an industry discipline.
▪ The dominant issue in most searches is how well the executive search consultant understands and relates to the culture of the client.
▪ Since then, he has acted as consultant to many of the biggest amp manufacturers in the world.
▪ He was also acting as an informal consultant to the presidential campaign of Reuben Zamorra.
▪ This clause was construed by both Evershed J and the Court of Appeal to include acting as a consultant.
▪ The Fourth Division club is having talks with three companies interested in acting as ground consultants.
▪ You have recently been appointed as a consultant to the Murphy Manufacturing Company.
▪ Y.-#based career consultant.
▪ He will become a consultant to the company.
▪ When these are included with the trainees the ratio becomes 1 consultant to 1.08 assistants.
▪ After I divorced Martin, the big blonde tugged strings and he became consultant designer for a detergent manufacturer.
▪ Some general managers and top executives go on to establish their own firms or become independent consultants.
▪ He now becomes a consultant, while continuing as a cartoonist.
▪ Do firms employ consultants to assist with marketing?
▪ Louisville Housing Services employs only one half-time consultant.
▪ Egon Zehnder has only ever employed 140 consultants, and 100 of those are still with the firm.
▪ She employed a consultant to ensure she and her husband received the right sort of coverage.
▪ However, Britain also provides technical assistance that is tied, although strenuous efforts are made to employ local consultants where possible.
▪ The Republicans and Democrats tick over with a skeleton staff and then hire specialist consultants for each campaign.
▪ In April of 1974, Tarrytown management hired a consultant to work with supervisors and workers in joint problem solving programs.
▪ Plan to take your team away for half a day or a day. Hire a consultant to help.
▪ Henry now works part-time with a firm he had formerly hired as consultants.
▪ Others have hired government relations consultants to help them build communication links with the Government and Whitehall.
▪ Similarly, a small business that hires a marketing consultant must determine whether the consultant is an employee or an independent contractor.
▪ Bonsai World has hired a planning consultant to help fight the council.
▪ My boss hired two consultants to prepare a report.
▪ Officials kept ministers in the dark and broke rules by agreeing to pay developers and consultants in advance.
▪ Blackburn was also a paid consultant to Sandoz, and Wadden, at one point, worked for Sandoz.
▪ A company must pay consultants to set up the programme and chemists to test the urine.
▪ No wonder they were now paying consultants to figure out how to fix the environment which that mind-set had created.
▪ Celebrities were sometimes in the audience and served as consultants to the center.
▪ C., who has worked for four presidents and served as a consultant on executive office reorganization for the Carter administration.
▪ He also served as a financial consultant to Essex County.
▪ Wolf had three years left on his contract and will serve them as a consultant to the team.
▪ Apply for funding for two hospital support nurses who will work with the consultant.
▪ Save aggressively over the next five years so she has the choice to work as an independent consultant, if she desires.
▪ Indeed, working directly with consultants proves invaluable in gaining access to high-quality morbidity data.
▪ Alter three years of working as a consultant, over ninety percent of my new clients were being referred by previous clients.
▪ Any such group may be working with one consultant only.
▪ Kawaja once worked as a security consultant at a Boca Raton cherry-flavoring manufacturer investigated in 1990 by federal agents.
▪ The case is based on a real start-up company for whom the author worked as a consultant on financial planning and valuation.
▪ As a consultant to NASA, Cockburn had access to confidential details of the US space program.
▪ Booth is a consultant on language with one of the national press agencies.
▪ Dr Jamieson is the consultant psychologist at St Andrew's hospital.
▪ He's left his job as a computer programmer and is working as a consultant for a German firm.
▪ Morris is a Democratic media consultant.
▪ The consultant told Jean that an operation was necessary to save her life.
▪ Co. banking consultant Ted Devine.
▪ Discussion and conclusions After this series of hour long consultant interviews the interviewers were left with three dominant impressions.
▪ He was a consultant for the Robert Redford movie Quiz Show.
▪ Raise call-outs with maintenance companies and liaise with engineers, consultants and other staff.
▪ The consultant emphasised if she followed his instructions implicitly there was no reason she should not return to full health.
▪ The consultant will need sufficient power to influence the sponsor in order to sell the effort to others in the organization.
▪ The industrial engineering consultant makes his report of findings to Hanes and Sparta management.
▪ The plant consultant will come into an establishment to select material, and is then followed by the plant technician.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

consultant \consultant\ n. an expert who gives advice.

Syn: adviser, advisor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, of persons going to oracles, from consult + -ant. Of physicians, from 1878; meaning "one qualified to give professional advice" is first attested 1893 in a Sherlock Holmes story. Related: Consultancy (1955).


n. 1 a person or party that is consulted. 2 a person whose occupation is to be consulted for their expertise, advice, or help in an area or specialty. Alternatively, a party whose business is to be similarly consulted.


n. an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala" [syn: adviser, advisor]


A consultant (from "to discuss") is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security ( electronic or physical), management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. The role of consultant outside the medical sphere (where the term is used specifically for a grade of doctor) can fall under one of two general categories:

  • Internal consultant - someone who operates within an organization but is available to be consulted on areas of his specialization by other departments or individuals (acting as clients); or
  • External consultant - someone who is employed externally to the client (either by a consulting firm or some other agency) whose expertise is provided on a temporary basis, usually for a fee. Consulting firms range in size from sole proprietorships consisting of a single consultant, small businesses consisting of a small number of consultants, to mid- to large consulting firms, which in some cases are multinational corporations. This type of consultant generally engages with multiple and changing clients, which are typically companies, non-profit organizations, or governments.

By hiring a consultant, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis. As well, clients can control their expenditures on consulting services by only purchasing as much services from the outside consultant as desired.

Consultants provide their advice to their clients in a variety of forms. Reports and presentations are often used. However, in some specialized fields, the consultant may develop customized software or other products for the client. Depending on the nature of the consulting services and the wishes of the client, the advice from the consultant may be made public, by placing the report or presentation online, or the advice may be kept confidential, and only given to the senior executives of the organization paying for the consulting services.

Consultant (disambiguation)

A consultant is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise.

Consultant may also refer to:

Consultant (medicine)

In the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and parts of the Commonwealth, consultant is the title of a senior hospital-based physician or surgeon who has completed all of his or her specialist training and been placed on the specialist register in their chosen speciality. Their role is entirely distinct to that of general practitioners, or GPs.

Consultants accept ultimate responsibility for the care of all the patients referred to them, so the job carries significant personal responsibility.

A physician must be on the Specialist Register before he or she may be employed as a substantive consultant in the National Health Service (NHS). This usually entails holding a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in any of the recognised specialities, but academics with substantial publications and international reputation may be exempted from this requirement, in the expectation that they will practice at a tertiary level. "Locum consultant" appointments of limited duration may be given to those with clinical experience, with or without higher qualifications.

A consultant typically leads a "firm" (team of doctors) which comprises Specialty Registrars, and Foundation Doctors, all training to work in the consultant's speciality, as well as other "career grade" doctors such as clinical assistants, clinical fellows, Speciality Doctors, Associate Specialists and staff grade doctors. They also have numerous other key roles in the functioning of hospitals and the wider health service.

The time required to become a consultant depends upon a number of factors, but principally the speciality chosen. Certain specialities require longer training, or are more competitive, and therefore becoming a consultant can take longer. Other specialities are relatively easy to progress through, and it is possible for a doctor to become a consultant much earlier in his or her career. After Modernising Medical Careers came into operation (in early 2007), the length of training was fixed for the majority of doctors, at about nine years.

Most consultants work on a long-term contract with one or more hospital trusts, and these posts are known as substantive consultant positions. Various titles (such as senior consultant, clinical director, medical director, lead consultant etc.) exist for consultants who have particular responsibilities for the overall management of the hospital or some part thereof.

In the UK all doctors including consultants have the right to undertake private medical work. Some make a career out of private medical practice. For others it is used to supplement their work for the NHS.

Other doctors - some without a CCT, a few who have only just obtained that qualification, others who have retired from substantive appointments, and others who wish to use some of their annual leave to generate additional earnings - may be employed as locum consultants, who have the same clinical responsibility, but are typically on fixed, short-term contracts.

Usage examples of "consultant".

The antipoverty group lacks the 8,000 pounds a month to hire an LLM or other professional consultants, so Baker and his colleagues must themselves act as lobbyists on behalf of their low-income constituents.

He has been a consultant in forensic pathology to the Behavioral Science Investigative Support Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.

Like most surgeons Melinda had dealt with, Billingsgate had strong proprietary feelings toward his operation designs, but he was also experienced enough not to simply ignore the recommendations of a good consultant.

Frank said that the artistic consultant had left Bonita Vista suddenly and would not be coming back.

Even under the grey sky the largest paddy was an intense shade of green, and in the middle of it, Deccan Blendish could see the leader of the team of agricultural consultants whose arrival in the village had preceded his.

Weil, Ganz and Dieckmann, who acted as consultants to the French embassy.

Background checks Policy: A background check should be required for all new hires, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, or interns prior to an offer of employment or establishing of a contractual relationship.

Library to use colloquial Anglic, hiring Kanten, Tymbrimi, and others as consultants.

Bob Shrum, the legendarily well-compensated roly-poly media consultant whose defection from Edwards to Kerry in February was treated in the Washington political community with the cosmic significance of Bill Gates leaving Microsoft.

As a private consultant, she is limited by the medicolegal information presented to her, and the absence of pertinent findingsor the presence of incorrect findingsis intolerable.

The mycologist van Schoening had come from Moscow, a consultant brought in to study the fungoid vegetation.

Going straight, moving out of the shadows into the bright lights of the legal world, the legal nets, would be difficult: they, none of them, had the corporate connections to become the sort of consultant that would let them go on paying their bills, and none of the other jobs that were open to freelancers were particularly challenging, or particularly well-paid.

As an incentive, Leo, if he thought he could manage it, could stay on as a consultant for fifteen percent net over a nonrenewable three-year term.

The next day, when I went into Stretton Green for a meeting, Oban gave me a hug, which made me feel more like a favorite niece than a professional consultant.

The examination took a long time and in the end Sir Walter Tring, the orthopaedic consultant, joined them as he was on his way to theatre.