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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
guardian angel
▪ But the words masked the meaning and reality from the crowds of fallen men and angels who were awaiting the final denouement.
▪ However, his elves are very like fallen angels, quite similar enough for confusion in the minds of fallible men.
▪ He has Carlos Alfonso, Giants bullpen coach / guardian angel.
▪ My friend and his wife have always been convinced that they were in the company of guardian angels.
▪ As they encounter the end, both Cage and Penn are embraced by guardian angels.
▪ We must raise a shrine to this little angel and bring him tributes.
▪ Failing to communicate anything helpful to Marcello, the little Umbrian angel looks straight at the camera, and at us.
▪ From Boots, a range of toiletries especially prepared for your little angel.
▪ I Believe in Angels Belle believed in angels.
▪ If one person believes in angels, everybody believes in angels.
▪ He simply could not find enough worthy small-growth companies and old fallen angels to absorb the cash.
▪ In contrast to the heavenly city, the earthly city is occupied by the fallen angels and the impious.
▪ At Wharton he examined fallen angels, the bonds of one-time blue-chip corporations now in trouble.
▪ At the time fallen angels were the only junk bonds around.
▪ There was a reason: Investors shunned fallen angels out of a fear of seeming imprudent.
▪ I looked towards the stone angel where the plump man had been standing, but there was no sign of him.
▪ It was the official uniform of motherhood and she looked like the angel of terror and memory sweeping down from the sky.
▪ In the firelight, he looked like a dark angel.
▪ I doubt that she looked more angel than woman, as the smitten boy at New Minaden had thought.
▪ Janine did look like an angel.
▪ She thought, he looks like an angel.
▪ In her white nightdress she looked like a golden angel.
be on the side of the angels
fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)
perfect stranger/fool/angel etc
▪ A year before he had, but that year had changed him, eliminated the sentiment and made him a perfect stranger.
▪ Again he was a person, no longer a perfect stranger.
▪ Asked to stand guard over good or treasure, they would good-naturedly hand everything over to a perfect stranger.
▪ I was then to ask what people thought about being smiled at by a perfect stranger.
▪ She turned into an expert at coaxing food and lodging invitations out of perfect strangers.
▪ Some oranges in a commune, like perfect strangers, dwell upon their own navels, untransformed.
▪ They put money on the table, too, perfect strangers expressing unmistakable monetary interest in the Tonelli Nation.
▪ Bernie, you're an angel. What would I do without you?
▪ Goodnight, angel.
▪ Monsters resuscitate with the same alacrity as angels.
▪ Primo asks if she was playing an angel, like the angel children in the movie.
▪ Some one, possibly all angels, is smiling on them.
▪ The angels had told her to do things discreetly, not to make a big show of generosity or kindness.
▪ The Lord supplied nourishment at the hands of an angel.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Angel \An"gel\, n. [AS. [ae]ngel, engel, influenced by OF. angele, angle, F. ange. Both the AS. and the OF. words are from L. angelus, Gr. 'a`ggelos messenger, a messenger of God, an angel.]

  1. A messenger. [R.]

    The dear good angel of the Spring, The nightingale.
    --B. Jonson.

  2. A spiritual, celestial being, superior to man in power and intelligence. In the Scriptures the angels appear as God's messengers.

    O, welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope, Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings.

  3. One of a class of ``fallen angels;'' an evil spirit; as, the devil and his angels.

  4. A minister or pastor of a church, as in the Seven Asiatic churches. [Archaic]

    Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write.
    --Rev. ii. 1.

  5. Attendant spirit; genius; demon.

  6. An appellation given to a person supposed to be of angelic goodness or loveliness; a darling.

    When pain and anguish wring the brow, A ministering angel thou.
    --Sir W. Scott.

  7. (Numis.) An ancient gold coin of England, bearing the figure of the archangel Michael. It varied in value from 6s. 8d. to 10s. --Amer. Cyc. Note: Angel is sometimes used adjectively; as, angel grace; angel whiteness. Angel bed, a bed without posts. Angel fish. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. A species of shark ( Squatina angelus) from six to eight feet long, found on the coasts of Europe and North America. It takes its name from its pectoral fins, which are very large and extend horizontally like wings when spread.

    2. One of several species of compressed, bright colored fishes warm seas, belonging to the family Ch[ae]todontid[ae].

      Angel gold, standard gold. [Obs.]

      Angel shark. See Angel fish.

      Angel shot (Mil.), a kind of chain shot.

      Angel water, a perfumed liquid made at first chiefly from angelica; afterwards containing rose, myrtle, and orange-flower waters, with ambergris, etc. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

14c. fusion of Old English engel (with hard -g-) and Old French angele, both from Latin angelus, from Greek angelos "messenger, envoy, one that announces," possibly related to angaros "mounted courier," both from an unknown Oriental word (Watkins compares Sanskrit ajira- "swift;" Klein suggests Semitic sources). Used in Scriptural translations for Hebrew mal'akh (yehowah) "messenger (of Jehovah)," from base l-'-k "to send." An Old English word for it was aerendgast, literally "errand-spirit."\n

\nOf persons, "loving; lovely," by 1590s. The medieval gold coin (a new issue of the noble, first struck 1465 by Edward VI) was so called for the image of archangel Michael slaying the dragon, which was stamped on it. It was the coin given to patients who had been "touched" for the King's Evil. Angel food cake is from 1881; angel dust "phencyclidine" is from 1968.


n. 1 A divine and supernatural messenger from a deity, or other divine entity. 2 (context Abrahamic tradition English) The lowest order of angels, below virtues. 3 A selfless person. 4 (context military slang English) An altitude, measured in thousands of feet. 5 An affluent individual who provides capital for a startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. 6 A minister or pastor of a church, as in the Seven Asiatic churches. 7 (context obsolete English) Attendant spirit; genius; demon. 8 (context historical English) An ancient gold coin of England, bearing the figure of the archangel Michael, and varying in value from six shillings and eightpence to ten shillings. vb. (context transitive slang English) To support by donating money.

  1. n. spiritual being attendant upon God

  2. person of exceptional holiness [syn: saint, holy man, holy person]

  3. invests in a theatrical production [syn: backer]

  4. the highest waterfall; has more than one leap; flow varies seasonally [syn: Angel Falls]

Angel (disambiguation)

An angel is a supernatural being in many religions.

Angel(s) may also refer to:

Angel (band)

Angel is an American glam and hard rock band from Washington, D.C., United States, formed in the mid-1970s by Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones. They were signed to Casablanca Records, and had the image of dressing in white.

Angel (Shaggy song)

"Angel" is a song by Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy featuring Rayvon. It was the follow-up to Shaggy's U.S. number-one hit " It Wasn't Me", released late 2000.

Angel (Thomas Halloway)

The Angel (Thomas Halloway, often shortened to Tom Halloway) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by artist Paul Gustavson and an unconfirmed writer during the Golden Age of Comic Books, the Angel first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), the first publication of Marvel Comics' predecessor, Timely Comics.

The Angel is a non-superpowered detective who nonetheless wore a superhero costume.

Angel (1999 TV series)

Angel is an American television series, a spin-off from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series was created by Buffys creator, Joss Whedon, in collaboration with David Greenwalt. It aired on The WB from October 5, 1999, to May 19, 2004, consisting of five seasons and 110 episodes. Like Buffy, it was produced by Whedon's production company, Mutant Enemy.

The show details the ongoing trials of Angel, a vampire whose human soul was restored to him by gypsies as a punishment for the murder of one of their own. After more than a century of murder and the torture of innocents, Angel's restored soul torments him with guilt and remorse. During the first four seasons of the show, he works as a private detective in Los Angeles, California, where he and a variety of associates work to "help the helpless", restoring the faith and saving the souls of those who have lost their way. Typically, this involves doing battle with evil demons or humans allied to them, primarily related to Wolfram & Hart, a law firm supported by occult practices which is an extension of otherworldly demonic forces. He must also battle his own demonic nature.

Angel (Pharrell Williams song)

"Angel" is the second European single from Pharrell's debut album, In My Mind (2006).

The song debuted on November 29, 2005 in the UK and was backed heavily by BBC Radio 1, where at one point it was their most played record. It was also made Record of the Week by UK DJ Scott Mills.

The single was originally due for release on December 5, 2005, but because the album In My Mind was pushed back, the single was released on January 21, 2006. The single was not released in the U.S. or Australia due to the underperformance of "Can I Have It Like That" in both countries.

Angel (Dungeons & Dragons)

In Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), angels are a type of celestial that hail from any of the Upper Planes. Angels are also known as aasimon. In earlier editions of D&D, angels were always good- aligned, although 4th edition redesigned angels so that they could be of any alignment.

Angel (Jimi Hendrix song)

"Angel" is a song by American blues rock musician Jimi Hendrix, featured on his 1971 posthumous studio album The Cry of Love. Written and self-produced by Hendrix, the song was recorded for the guitarist's unreleased fourth studio album just months before he died in September 1970, and was later released as the lead single from his first posthumous studio album in the United Kingdom.

Angel (Angel album)

Angel is the first album by the rock band Angel. "Tower", the keyboard-heavy opening track, was used widely during the late 1970s and early 1980s by album rock radio stations in the USA for various advertising purposes. The track is also on K-SHE radio's Classic List. This album can be seen as representing the band's early progressive roots, with Helluva Band seeing the group starting to move towards an increasingly hard rock-oriented sound. Tracks 6-8 segue to form a 10-minute mini suite.

Angel (comics)

Angel, in comics, may refer to:

  • Angel comics, comics featuring the Buffyverse character Angel
  • Warren Worthington III, a Marvel Comics character and member of the X-Men who has used the names Angel and Archangel
  • Angel (Thomas Halloway), the character Thomas Halloway, published by Marvel's predecessor Timely Comics
  • Angel Salvadore, a Marvel Comics character from the X-Men, who used the name Angel as well as Tempest
  • Angels (Marvel Comics), supernatural characters based on the angels of various religions
  • Angel (2000 AD), a character and story from 2000 AD
Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Angel is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt for the American fantasy television programs Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series Angel. The character is portrayed by actor David Boreanaz. As introduced in Buffy in 1997, Angel is a love interest for heroine Buffy Summers ( Sarah Michelle Gellar), a young woman whose destiny as " the Slayer" is to fight the forces of evil, such as vampires and demons. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Angel is himself a vampire cursed with remorse and a human soul, which motivates him to assist Buffy in her duties as Slayer. The character's popularity led to the production of the spin-off Angel, which follows the character's struggle towards redemption after moving to Los Angeles. In addition to the two television series, the character appears in the comic book continuations of both series, as well as much other expanded universe literature. Angel appears in the most television episodes of all the characters of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, appearing in 167 episodes (57 in Buffy and all 110 in Angel).

In the character's backstory, Angel—originally known as Liam—was an 18th-century Irishman who after becoming a vampire and assuming the name Angelus became famous as the most sadistic vampire in European history. After angering a gypsy clan, he was cursed with his human soul, leading to great personal torment and the decision to resist the evil impulses that come with being a vampire. He later assumes the shortened name Angel, and over the course of Buffy and Angel he matures into an altruistic champion of mankind, and learns he is a central figure of several prophecies concerning an approaching apocalypse. Angel ended its five-year run in 2004. However, the canonical comic books Angel: After the Fall (2007–2009), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight (2007–2011) and Angel & Faith (2011–2013) depict the character's continued story, in which he is caught up in events of cosmic proportion and must deal with the fallout from enormous mistakes he has made.

Season two of Buffy and season four of Angel feature storylines in which, deprived of his soul, he resumes his Angelus persona and torments and kills some of his allies. Academic literature concerning the character has often focused on the implications of Angel's dichotomous personality in the presence or absence of his soul, and the ways in which his relationship with Buffy conforms to and subverts the tropes of romantic drama and horror fiction.

Angel (coin)

The angel was an English gold coin introduced by Edward IV in 1465. It was patterned after the French angelot or ange, which had been issued since 1340. The name derived from its representation of the archangel Michael slaying a dragon. As it was considered a new issue of the noble, it was also called the angel-noble.

In 1472, the half-angel was introduced with a similar design weighing 40 grains (2.6 grams) with a diameter of 20 to 21 millimeters. __NOTOC__

Ángel (Belinda Peregrín song)

Ángel (Angel) is the third single from Belinda's debut studio album Belinda. It received a Gold certification in Mexico for ringtone sales.

Angel (Aerosmith song)

"Angel" is a power ballad by American rock band Aerosmith. It was written by lead singer Steven Tyler and professional songwriting collaborator Desmond Child.

It was released in 1988 as the third single from the band's successful 1987 album Permanent Vacation. It quickly climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the second highest chart performance for any Aerosmith single, behind their #1 smash " I Don't Want to Miss a Thing".

Angel (The Corrs song)

"Angel" is a song by Celtic folk rock band The Corrs, the second single from their fourth studio album Borrowed Heaven. It was released on 13 September 2004 in the UK where it peaked at number sixteen on the UK Singles Chart. The song is a tribute to the band members' mother, Jean, who died in 1999.

Angel (1984 film)

Angel is a 1984 film directed by Robert Vincent O'Neill, and written by O'Neill with Joseph Michael Cala.

It was released by New World Pictures.

Angel (1987 film)

Angel (Chinese title: 天使行動; aka Angels, Fighting Madam (USA), Iron Angels, Midnight Angels) is a 1987 Hong Kong action film inspired by Charlie's Angels which stars Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima. It is regarded as defining the girls with guns subgenre. The film was followed by two sequels.

Angel (1982 Irish film)

Angel is a 1982 film directed by Neil Jordan and starring Stephen Rea. The film was Neil Jordan's directorial debut, and the executive producer was John Boorman.

Angel (paintball gun)

The Angel is one of the first electropneumatic paintball markers. It was manufactured by Angel Paintball Sports (originally WDP) starting in 1997 and was introduced alongside Smart Parts' original Shocker.

The Angel was initially distributed in the United States by Brass Eagle as the 1455 Angel Semi-auto, advertised with a rate of 15 balls per second. This deal was short-lived, so WDP then distributed the Angel independently; refining the marker and releasing new models. The last models released were the Angel A1 Fly SE, AR:K & SB, all markers based on the Angel A1 platform, featuring performance enhancements including a magnetic valve system, grip inserts, better tolerances, laser eyes, a redesigned bolt & with the SB and AR:K, the closed bridge (No Rotobreech like previous models) body.

Angel (Madonna song)

"Angel" is a song by American singer Madonna from her second studio album Like a Virgin (1984). It was released on April 10, 1985 by Sire Records as the third single from the album. Written by Madonna and Steve Bray, it was one of the first songs developed for the project and, according to Madonna, was inspired by a girl who is saved by an angel, and she falls in love with him. "Angel" was released as a 12" single with " Into the Groove" in some countries and charted likewise. A music video was initially planned for the release, but was later cancelled. Instead a promotional video comprising clips from her previous videos was released in the United Kingdom.

Musically "Angel" consists of three chord ascending hook, which serves for the verse and chorus. It has vocal harmonies beneath the main chorus and the lyrics repeat the angel-like image of Madonna's saviour. Critical response to the song was mixed, with some music critics calling it a classic and others deeming it sub-par compared to Madonna's previous singles. "Angel" became the singer's fifth consecutive top-five single on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top of its dance charts. It was also able to reach number-one in Australia and the top-five of the charts in Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. Madonna has performed the song only once, on The Virgin Tour in 1985.

Angel (Sarah McLachlan song)

"Angel" (sometimes mis-titled in non-specialist sources as "In the Arms of an Angel" or "Arms of the Angel") is a song by Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan that originally appeared on her 1997 album Surfacing. As McLachlan explained on VH1 Storytellers, the song is about the Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin, who overdosed on heroin and died in 1996.

"Angel" was McLachlan's second consecutive top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at number twelve, and then jumping to the top ten the following week, before peaking at number four. It remained at the top ten for nineteen weeks, and for twenty-nine weeks in the top 100. "Angel" was the eighteenth most successful song of 1999.

Angel (novel)

Angel is a novel by the English novelist Elizabeth Taylor first published in 1957.

It tells the life story of Angelica ("Angel") Deverell from her adolescence and first attempts at writing, through the course of her career as a successful writer of sensational romances, into her decline, old age and death. Although she finds fame and wealth and marries the love of her life, Angel is condemned to a life of isolation and disappointment: critics regard her work as absurd and her closest relationships—with her publisher, her husband, and her sister-in-law—are doomed by the inability of others to conform to her unrealistic view of life. Although Angel is in the main portrayed as a grotesque eccentric, she is frequently made to seem pathetic, if not tragic.

Angel is a fictional representation of the kind of temporarily popular writer of romances such as Marie Corelli, Ouida, or Ethel M. Dell. Matthew Walther argues that "the book is not really a roman à clef so much as it is a kind of horrifying anti-memoir, Taylor’s sounding of her own experience and dredging up her worst fears as a young female writer: mawkishness, philistinism, naïveté, stupidity, solipsism."

Angel was reprinted by Virago Press in 1984 with a new introduction by Paul Bailey.

In 2007, Angel was turned into a movie by French director François Ozon.

Angel was the February 2012 Classics Book Club Selection at The New York Review of Books. It was published in the NYRB Classics series on February 14, 2012, with an introduction by Hilary Mantel.

Ángel (film)

Ángel is a 2007 Puerto Rican film written and directed by Jacobo Morales. Morales also performs one of the lead roles in the film. The film was released on August 16, 2007 in Puerto Rico. It was produced by Cinesí Productions.

Angel (Ohio Players album)

Angel is the ninth studio album by The Ohio Players, and the sixth album recorded for Mercury. The band grew from seven to eight members with the addition of Clarence "Chet" Willis on rhythm guitar.

Three singles were released in support of the album: "Body Vibes," "O-H-I-O," and "Merry Go Round." "O-H-I-O" would prove to be a concert favorite, with the band and crowd chanting in unison the letters.

Angel (2007 film)

Angel, also known as the Real Life of Angel Deverell, is a 2007 British film based on the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Taylor, about the life of a fiery and passionate young writer. The protagonist was portrayed by Romola Garai; other characters were played by Sam Neill, Michael Fassbender and Charlotte Rampling.

Angel (1960 TV series)

Angel is an American sitcom that aired on CBS during the 1960–1961 television season. The series was created and executive produced by Jess Oppenheimer, and stars Annie Fargé as the title character.

Angel (Eurythmics song)

"Angel" is a song recorded by the British pop music duo Eurythmics. It was written by band members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart and produced by Stewart and Jimmy Iovine. The song appears on Eurythmics' We Too Are One album and was released as its fourth UK single in May 1990, and would be the duo's final single for almost a decade (discounting the re-release of two older singles the following year). It was also released as the second single from the album in the US.

Lennox said in an interview at the time that the song was inspired by the death of her aunt, as she sings about a woman who has killed herself and now has "gone to meet her maker". The music video, directed by Sophie Muller, features the duo taking part in a seance and running through a burning house, and was not widely seen in the US (not shown at all on MTV) supposedly due to several scenes depicting the occult.

"Angel" peaked at number twenty-three on the UK singles chart, though failed to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Annie Lennox re-recorded the song in 1997 for the Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute album.

Angel (musical)

Angel is a Broadway musical that opened at the Minskoff Theatre in New York on May 4, 1978.

It was based on Ketti Frings’ theatrical adaptation of the best-selling Thomas Wolfe novel Look Homeward, Angel. The play (with the same title as the novel) was a 1958 Pulitzer Prize winner.

The musical featured songs with lyrics by Peter Udell and music by Gary Geld - the same team who created the musicals Shenandoah and Purlie. Frings and Udell collaborated on the book. Angel was directed by Philip Rose and choreographed by Robert Tucker. The production featured costumes by Pearl Somner, lighting design by John Gleason and scenery by Ming Cho Lee.

For her performance, Frances Sternhagen received a 1978 Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical. Additionally, Joel Higgins was nominated for a 1978 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical.

The musical was savaged by the critics, and closed on May 13 after only five performances.

Angel (Angela Winbush song)

"Angel" is a song by American R&B singer Angela Winbush. The track was released in 1987 as the first single from her debut album, Sharp on Polygram Records. As half of the duo of René & Angela, Winbush had two number-one R&B hits with "Save Your Love (For #1)" and " Your Smile." After a decade, René Moore and Winbush went their separate ways. "Angel", her solo-debut, spent two weeks at the top of the US Billboard R&B chart. It was also named by Billboard the number nine most successful R&B single of 1987. []. Despite the success, "Angel" did not make the Billboard Hot 100.

The single was nominated for a 1988 Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Single, Female. The song also helped Winbush get nominated for Female Album of the Year. A video for "Angel" was released as a download on iTunes in May 2007.

Angel (Two Tricky song)

Angel was the Icelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, performed in English by Two Tricky. Just like last years entry, a version was recorded in Icelandic but was not commercially released.

The song is an up-tempo pop song, with the singer calling on the object of his affections to come to him and "fly me away". It appears from the lyrics that the pair had previously been together, in a relationship which did not end well.

The song was performed second on the night (following the Netherlands' Michelle with Out On My Own and preceding Bosnia and Herzegovina's Nino Pršeš with Hano). At the close of voting, it had received 3 points, placing 22nd (equal last) in a field of 23.

Due to the rapidly expanding contest, the decision was taken to restrict entry to the 2002 Contest to the countries that had finished in the top 15 of the 2001 Contest, plus the countries that had been excluded from the 2001 event due to a low five-year point average from 1996–2000; neither group included Iceland which was therefore relegated from the 2002 Contest. As a "passive country" (one which broadcasts the Contest without participating in it), Iceland was permitted to return to the fold in 2003. Thus, the song was succeeded as Icelandic representative at the 2003 Contest by Birgitta with Open Your Heart.

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Angel (given name)

Angel [ˈeɪn.dʒəl] is a given name meaning " angel", or "messenger". In the English-speaking world Angel is used for both boys and girls.

Ángel [ˈaŋxel] is a common male name in Spanish-speaking countries.

Angel (Aretha Franklin song)

"Angel" is a soul ballad recorded by American singer Aretha Franklin. The song was co-written by Aretha's sister, Carolyn, and Sonny Saunders. Aretha co-produced the song with Quincy Jones and it originally appeared on Aretha's 1973 album " Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)". It was released as a single in June 1973 and went on to top the US R&B Singles chart for two weeks while reaching number twenty on the Pop chart. The single sold over 900,000 copies.

Angel (Michelangelo)

'''The statue of an Angel' (1494–1495) was created by Michelangelo out of marble. Its height is 51.5 cm. It is situated in the Basilica of San Domenico, Bologna.

Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode)

"Angel" is the seventh episode of season 1 of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was written by co-executive producer David Greenwalt and directed by Scott Brazil. The narrative follows Buffy Summers ( Sarah Michelle Gellar), vampire slayer, coming to terms with her feelings for Angel ( David Boreanaz), who is revealed to be a vampire cursed with a soul. However, Darla ( Julie Benz) is playing a deadly game manipulating both Buffy and Angel to the Master's ( Mark Metcalf) will.

Angel (Chiara song)

"Angel" was the Maltese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in English by Chiara.

In contrast to the up-tempo styles dominating the Contest, the song is a solo love ballad. Chiara sings to her lover that, no matter what, she will be "your angel". The chorus culminates with the line "I'm always here for you".

In keeping with the lyrical simplicity of the song, Chiara performed solo onstage with a simple musical score backing her.

As Malta had finished the 2004 Contest in the top 12, the song was pre-qualified for the final. Here, it was performed third, following the United Kingdom's Javine with " Touch My Fire" and preceding Romania's Luminiţa Anghel & Sistem with " Let Me Try". At the close of voting, it had received 192 points placing 2nd in a field of 24 and pre-qualifying Malta for the final at the next Contest. In the voting, Malta received only one 12-point set, from Russia, a low number for a Eurovision runner-up.

The result was also Malta's best in Contest history, equalling Ira Losco's second place with " 7th Wonder" but exceeding that song's score of 164 points (and indeed Chiara's own score of 165 with " The One That I Love"). "Angel" managed to peak at #95 on the German Singles Chart Top 100.

The song appeared as a "favourite" on the CD and DVD sets produced to commemorate the Congratulations special in late 2005.

It was succeeded as Maltese representative at the 2006 Contest by Fabrizio Faniello with " I Do".

Angel (1937 film)

Angel is a 1937 American comedy-drama film made by Paramount Pictures. It was produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch from a screenplay by Samson Raphaelson and Frederick Lonsdale, adapted by Guy Bolton and Russell Medcraft from the play Angyal by Melchior Lengyel. The music score was by Frederick Hollander, Werner R. Heymann and John Leipold with additional music by Gioacchino Rossini from The Barber of Seville . The cinematography was by Charles Lang and the costume design by Travis Banton.

The film stars Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall and Melvyn Douglas with Edward Everett Horton, Laura Hope Crews and Herbert Mundin.

Angel (Fleetwood Mac song)

"Angel" is the title of two songs written and performed by Fleetwood Mac.

The first Fleetwood Mac song with the title "Angel" was written by Bob Welch, and appears on the 1974 album Heroes Are Hard to Find.

The third of five songs was written by Stevie Nicks for the 1979 album Tusk. Nicks attributed the song to the story of Rhiannon in the Welsh mythological folk story the Mabinogion, and in particular Arawn, who is the great lord of darkness. Nicks' 1974 song " Rhiannon", released on the following year's Fleetwood Mac album, was not based on the Welsh myth but a novel called Triad, by Mary Leader.

The song was released as the fourth single from the Tusk album in The Netherlands, but did not chart.

Angel (Kate Voegele song)

"Angel" is a promo single from singer/songwriter Kate Voegele's second studio album, " A Fine Mess". This single, and the rest of her album, is produced by Mike Elizondo, who has worked with the likes of P!nk and Maroon 5.

Angel (1966 film)

Angel is a 1966 experimental animated short directed by Derek May and produced by Guy Glover for the National Film Board of Canada. The film features music by Leonard Cohen, performed by The Stormy Clovers. Awards for the film included the Genie Award in the arts and experimental category.

Angel (manga)

Angel is a hentai manga series written and illustrated by U-Jin. The original manga series met with controversy in 1990–1991 in Japan and was retired from its magazine serialization. It was adapted into an OVA of the same name and a sequel called Angel: the women whom delivery host Kosuke Atami healed. The manga was also succeeded by a manga called Angel: the women whom delivery host Kosuke Atami healed, and succeeded again by another manga called Angel: the women whom delivery host Kosuke Atami healed season 2.

Angel (Fra Lippo Lippi song)
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Angel (Tina Cousins song)

Angel is a song recorded by English singer Tina Cousins. It was released in June 1997 as her second single, then later re-released in October 1999 as the fourth single from her album, Killing Time. it managed to chart in the UK Top 50. In Australia, it was paired with " Pray" in 1998.

Angel (A-ha song)

"Angel in the Snow" is a song by A-ha, the second single from the album Memorial Beach. The single version of the song is only named "Angel". The song was written as a wedding present for Lauren, the wife of principal songwriter and guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. It is customary at Norwegian weddings that the husband-to-be professes his love for the bride in a unique way, and "Angel in the Snow" was Paul's contribution.

"Angel in the Snow" appears on Memorial Beach but was recorded during a dark time in A-ha's history. The band rarely plays any songs from this era in concert. The live version of the music video is not available but was performed at the Valhall concert which was released on DVD. It is unclear why it was the only song not included in the release. There were actually two versions of this video. The first version was very similar, but included a quick scene featuring two fans, one of whom won the MTV contest to be in the video. It was only shown a few times, and version two replaced it in rotation.

The single only reached number 41 in the UK Singles Chart. It also was going to be released in Germany but this was canceled.

Angel (Natasha Bedingfield song)

"Angel" is a pop song performed by Natasha Bedingfield for her second North American album Pocketful of Sunshine. It was released as the album's third single in North America on 11 August 2008. The song was produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, hence the "Darkchild forever" line at the beginning of the song, he also sings the chorus.

The song is written in the key of B Minor and set in 4/4 time. Bedingfield's vocals range from F#3 to C#5. It utilizes a prominent spelling out of the word 'angel' as its hook. In the song, Bedingfield sings of being a guardian angel of sorts for her companion, stating in the chorus, "I'll be your A-N-G-E-L." On 18 September 2008 she performed the song live on America's Got Talent. This song is featured in the rhythmic, singing video game Boogie Superstar, but only as the Moto Blanco Club Remix and as an online exclusive song.


An angel, especially according to Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism, is a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. Angels are typically described as benevolent, dreadful, and endowed with wisdom and knowledge of earthly events, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and God has to make peace between them. Most of them serve either as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits. They are studied in the theological doctrine of angelology. In Christian Science, the word "angel" is used to refer to an inspiration from God. The use of the term has extended to refer to artistic depictions of the spirits, and it is also used figuratively to refer to messengers and harbingers, and to people who possess high qualities of goodness, purity, selflessness, intelligence, and/or beauty.

Angels are referred to in connection with their spiritual missions; as for instance, the "angel which has redeemed", "an interpreter", "the angel that destroyed", "the messenger of the covenant", "angel of his presence", and "a band of angels of evil".

In fine art, angels are usually depicted as having the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty; they are often identified using the symbols of bird wings, halos, and light.

Angel (Jon Secada song)

"Angel" is a song recorded by the Cuban recording artist Jon Secada for his first studio album, Jon Secada, and for his first Spanish-language album Otro Día Más Sin Verte (1992). It was released in 1993 as the second single from Jon Secada and from his Spanish-language album. The English version peaked at number 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number three on the US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart. The Spanish version peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. It was composed by Secada, Gloria Estefan and Joseph Stefano, and Emilio Estefan Jr. produced the piece. "Angel" is a rock ballad and was nominated for Pop Song of the Year at the 1993 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards. The song was the ninth best-performing Latin single on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart of 1992.

Angel (season 1)

The first season of the television series Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered on October 5, 1999 on The WB and concluded its 22-episode season on May 23, 2000. The season aired on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm ET, following Buffy.

Angel (season 2)

The second season of the television series Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered on September 26, 2000 on The WB and concluded its 22-episode season on May 22, 2001. It maintained its previous timeslot, airing Tuesdays at 9:00 pm ET, following Buffy.

Angel (season 3)

The third season of the television series Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered on September 24, 2001 on The WB and concluded its 22-episode season on May 20, 2002. The season aired in a new timeslot, Mondays at 9:00 pm ET. This was the first season where Angel and Buffy didn't air on the same network, as Buffy had moved to the UPN network beginning with its sixth season.

Angel (season 4)

The fourth season of the television series Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered on October 6, 2002 on The WB and concluded its 22-episode season on May 7, 2003. The season aired in a new timeslot, Sundays at 9:00 pm ET, and then relocated to Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET, beginning with " Habeas Corpses".

Angel (season 5)

The fifth and final season of the television series Angel, the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered on October 1, 2003 on The WB and concluded its 22-episode season and its television run on May 19, 2004. The season aired on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET. This was the first and only season of Angel to air following the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Angel (Amanda Perez album)

Angel is the second album by American R&B singer-songwriter Amanda Perez, released by Virgin Records worldwide on February 11, 2003. It featured the hit single "Angel", which reached number 3 on the Billboard Pop 100.

Angel (Akon song)

"Angel" is the lead single by Akon from his fourth studio album, Stadium (2016). The song was written by Akon, David Guetta and Sandy Wilhelm, and produced by David Guetta and Sandy Vee. The single was released to U.S. mainstream radio on September 14, 2010, before being released as a digital download on September 17. The single was released via worldwide digital download on November 7, 2010. The song peaked at number fifty-six on Billboard Hot 100. Akon performed the song during the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and it was also used in the Victoria's Secret 2011 Secret Angels commercial. The song was not released on any physical formats.

Angel (2009 film)

Angel is a 2009 Norwegian drama film directed by Margreth Olin. The film was selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards but it didn't make the final shortlist.

Angel (Mika Newton song)

"Angel" is a song by Mika Newton which represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, which came 4th out of 25 in the final, scoring 159 points.

Angel (2011 film)

Angel is a 2011 Bollywood film directed by Ganesh Acharya and starring Nilesh Sahay, Madalsa Sharma, Aruna Irani and Manoj Joshi. The film was produced by Ganesh Acharya, while the soundtrack was composed by Amjad Nadeem. This movie is about the struggle for acceptance. The main character Abhay Chawla got in to an accident which made Sonal become mad. Abhay felt guilty so he started taking care of her and eventually befriends her. They fall in love eventually. This movie is about the struggles they have to face in love.

Angel (company) Incorporated was an American telecommunications company supplying interactive voice response, call center technology, and voice applications to businesses over the internet using the software as a service model. Angel was acquired in 2013 by Genesys and rebranded as Genesys Cloud.

Angel (river)

Angel [] is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The Angel is a tributary of the Werse.

Angel (British musician)

Sirach Charles (born 31 October 1987), better known by his stage name Angel, is an English singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer from West London, England. His debut single " Go In, Go Hard", featuring vocals from English rapper Wretch 32, was released on 18 March 2012. The song reached number 41 on the UK Singles Chart. The following single, " Wonderful", performed better commercially, peaking at number nine on the UK Singles chart and topping the UK R&B Chart.

Angel (Sarah Brightman song)

Angel is a song written by Jerry Burns and Sally Herbert sung by English singer-songwriter Sarah Brightman from her eleventh studio album, Dreamchaser. It was first released as the album's lead single in Europe and Mexico as a digital download on October 15, 2012. The song was originally sung by Sally Herbert in 2001 and was included in the soundtrack to the film Crush, starring Andie MacDowell.

Angel (actress)

Angel, also known as Jennifer James and Brandee, is a former pornographic actress.

Angel (Massive Attack song)

"Angel" is a song by the British trip hop group Massive Attack. It was released on 13 July 1998 and is the third single from their third album, Mezzanine, and the tenth single overall. The song samples The Incredible Bongo Band song, "Last Bongo in Belgium".

Angel (1982 Greek film)

Angel (, translit. Angelos) is a 1982 Greek drama film directed by Giorgos Katakouzinos. The film was selected as the Greek entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 55th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Angel (British band)

Angel were a British band active from 1973 to 1975. They were managed and produced by The Sweet's Mick Tucker and Andy Scott for Cube Records. The band's first single was "Good Time Fanny". They also released the single "Little Boy Blue".

Ángel (Spanish singer)

Angelika Fischer was a German-born model who became popular as the singer Ángel in Spain in the late 1980s. She had hits with "Dancing In Paris (Que Pasa)" and "Touch my heart". For a time she was married to her producer Luis Cobos.

Angel (Swedish band)

Angel was a group from Degerfors in Sweden, breaking through with their 1991 chart success Sommaren i city.

Angel (Yoko Ono song)

"Angel" is a single released by Yoko Ono on August 26, 2014 through Mind Train / Twisted. It reached number one on Billboards Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Angel (surname)

Angel is the surname of:

  • Benjamin F. Angel (1815–1894), American diplomat
  • Fernand Angel (1881–1950), French herpetologist
  • Heather Angel (actress) (1909–1986), English actress
  • Heather Angel (photographer) (born 1941), British nature photographer, author and television presenter
  • James R. Angel (1836–1899), Washington Territory and New York City politician
  • Jim Angel (1940–2007), Australian radio news presenter
  • Jimmie Angel (1899–1956), American aviator and namesake of Angel Falls
  • John Lawrence Angel (1915-1986), anthropologist
  • Juan Pablo Ángel (born 1975), Colombian footballer
  • Mark Angel (born 1975), English retired footballer
  • Wilkes Angel (1817-1889), New York politician
  • William G. Angel (1790–1858), Congressman from New York
  • William P. Angel (1813–1869), New York politician
  • Zuzu Angel (1921-1976), Brazilian-American fashion designer who opposed the Brazilian military dictatorship after the disappearance of her son
Angel (rock band)

Angel is an American heavy metal band from New York, formed in 1989. The band was founded and guided by Criss Angel during the explosion of hair metal in the late '80s. The name of the present band was taken as "Angel" when the glam-rock band formed by Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones gradually dissolved after 1981 (with a brief resurgence in 1987), as its founding members drifted off to other projects. The present band disbanded when founder Criss Angel decided to go into the direction of industrial rock, and formed Angeldust (after which he pursued a career in magic and illusion).

Angel (perfume)

Angel is the first gourmand perfume ever. Angel along with companion scent Alien account for $280 million in annual sales. The perfumiers were Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. The perfume continued to be produced after Thierry Mugler's luxury monobrand women's line folded.

Angel (Gina Jeffreys album)

Angel is the fifth studio album by Australian country singer Gina Jeffreys. It was released in April 2002 and became her third album to chart on the ARIA top 50 after it debuted at No.42.

"Angel" was produced by Garth Fundis, who had worked with Alabama, Don Williams and Trisha Yearwood. He signed up for the project on the spot after hearing Gina's third album, ‘ Somebody’s Daughter’. Whilst discussing the album, Jeffreys said; "I feel I've evolved since ‘Somebody's Daughter’, and now have a more diverse range of musical influences. But I also believe my fans are evolving and maturing with me, and I'm looking forward to performing the new songs for them."

The album was nominated for the ' ARIA Award for Best Country Album' at the 2001 ceremony. It lost out to "Looking Forward, Looking Back " by Slim Dusty.

The lead single and title track, "Angel" received significant airplay on music video shows including rage and Video Hits and peaked at No.57 on the ARIA singles chart.

At the APRA Awards of 2002, it won ‘Most Performed Country Work’. "Angel" won Jeffreys her fifth Golden guitar award at the Tamworth Country Music Awards of Australia in 2002 for ‘Video Clip of the Year’. The song was a finalist in the Australian Animation Awards of 2001.

Angel (Helena Paparizou song)

"Angel" is an up-tempo ballad in English sung by Helena Paparizou. It is the first Swedish single release from the upcoming English-language album after the 2014 single Don't Hold Back On Love. The original song was written by Amir Aly, Henrik Wikström, Bobby Ljunggren and Sharon Vaughn. The song was released in Sweden digitally on iTunes & Vevo on April 24 by Lionheart.

Angel (Theory of a Deadman song)

Angel is the third single on Theory of a Deadman's fifth studio album Savages. The single was released on February 24, 2015.

Angel (J. J. Cale song)

"Angel" is a pop rock song written by the American recording artist J.J. Cale. The British rock musician Eric Clapton covered the song and released his take on the track in 2013 on his studio album Old Sock for Polydor Records. The title was also released as a digital download single on March 4, 2013.

Angel (therapy dog)

Angel (born March 9, 2009) is a one-eyed, three legged therapy dog and the Official Therapy Dog of Houston, Texas. The female Golden Retriever works at Houston Methodist Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital (Children's and Southwest facilities), Sheltering Arms Assisted Care and Hampton Assisted Care. She also works with University of Houston students and is an active member of Faithful Paws, an organization sponsored by Bellaire United Methodist Church with human-pet teams that visit 120 facilities in and around Houston. Angel is the animal companion of Trish Herrera of the band Mydolls.

Angel (Taher Shah song)

"Angel" is a 2016 song and music video written, produced and performed by Pakistani singer-songwriter Taher Shah. It was released in April 2016. Angel is Shah's second song. Like his first song, " Eye to Eye", "Angel" caused a social media frenzy and made #TaherShah a trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan, India and the UK. Since its release on April 8, 2016, Angel has been viewed more than 1.2 million times. The song also features his son.

Usage examples of "angel".

I then found myself: it was a sort of spite, because the angel whom I adored had displeased me by a caprice, which, had I not been unworthy of her, would only have caused me to be still more attached to her.

Tell me whether you are a man or an angel, for I fear lest I sin in adoring you.

Then, too, the crowds of admiring spectators, the angel host of captivating beauties with their starry orbs of light, and luxuriant tresses, curling in playful elegance around a face beaming with divinity, or falling in admired negligence over bosoms of alabastrine whiteness and unspotted purity within!

She is acting by me like an angel, and if she were to command me to turn anchoret, I know I ought to obey her.

Still, I do not mean you to understand that the child, already a fully developed and exceedingly wise angel, might not be able to visit that mother, and aid her on in her own progress toward angelhood, and this rule applies to all who go and all who stay.

This Maximus, that saw this thing betide, With piteous teares told it anon right, That he their soules saw to heaven glide With angels, full of clearness and of light Andt with his word converted many a wight.

Her eyes were smoky marbles in a bust of discolored lapis lazuli, and I regarded her at that moment as an angel of transcendent apehood, a woman well ahead of her time.

The Jewish speculations about Angels and Mediators, which at the time of Christ grew very luxuriantly among the Scribes and Apocalyptists, and endangered the purity and vitality of the Old Testament idea of God, were also very important for the development of Christian dogmatics.

He did so with an astonished stare, and, calling me his father and guardian angel, swore an eternal gratitude.

She was as we might well imagine a fallen angel to be, if indeed, as she herself once hinted and as Atene and the old Shaman believed, this were not her true place in creation.

Ride Shamu, tend the Jupiter Lighthouse, dive the Atocha, perform my one-man salute to Claude Pepper at the Kravis Center, become a surf bum in Jensen, join the harvesting of the oysters at Apalachicola, take a billfish on flyrod, double-eagle at PGA National, ride with the Blue Angels from Pensacola, deliver peace and justice to my Cuban exile community.

Another, and another wail, while the wretched man hurries off, stopping his ears in vain against those piercing cries, which follow him, like avenging angels, through the dreadful vaults.

Swift and sure, at ten yards off, his arrow rushed through the body of the driver, and then, with a roar as of the leaping lion, he sprang like an avenging angel into the midst of the astonished ruffians.

I have been a fiend when I thought myself the grandest of men, yea, a very avenging angel out of heaven.

She told me that I was an angel of goodness, and begged me not to tell anyone of what had passed between us.