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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ While Cameron Crowe's ode to rock, Almost Famous bagged best original screenplay and best sound.
▪ Scripts discussed will be original screenplays or adaptations of the writers' own work.
▪ Greene wasn't just a novelist - he was a brilliant journalist and screenplay writer.
▪ At first Alistair took them for other screenplay writers and wedged himself behind the door, at the back of the queue.
▪ But they didn't look like screenplay writers.
▪ Hugh Sixsmith was himself a screenplay writer of considerable though uncertain reputation.
▪ Putting these elements together, Greene wrote a screenplay.
▪ Scherick has yet to determine who will write the screenplay, when filming might begin or the title of the movie.
▪ I shut myself up for a month to write a screenplay.
▪ Exploding jokes along the way remind you that David Nobbs wrote the screenplay.
▪ His attempts to write his own screenplay are deliciously comic depictions of fervent banality.
▪ A: Nothing compares with the money you can make with a successful series or writing screenplays.
▪ a screenplay based on a novel by John O'Brien
▪ But they didn't look like screenplay writers.
▪ Every gardener in this town has a screenplay.
▪ I really wanted to try to write a screenplay and have the same experience that I have writing fiction.
▪ I think can at once give the assurance that your screenplays are unusually promising.
▪ Rereading his faint carbon of the screenplay.
▪ She felt she could influence the outcome of the screenplay by her concentrated thoughts as the story unfolded.
▪ The screenplay gives Sally Field a fistful of knives, which she plunges into the places where we hurt the most.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1916, from screen (n.) in the cinematic sense + play (n.).


n. a script for a movie or a television show


n. a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets


A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game, or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay.

Screenplay (disambiguation)

Screenplay may refer to:

  • Screenplay, a written plan for a film or television program
  • Screenplay (book), the bestselling manual on screenwriting by Syd Field.
  • Screen Play (blog), an Australian videogame culture blog
  • Screenplay (TV series), a TV series (1986–1993)
  • Screen pass, a kind of play in North American football
Screenplay (TV series)

'Screenplay ' was a drama anthology television series, broadcast on BBC2 between 1986 and 1993.

Numerous episodes were produced including one named "Boswell and Johnson's Tour of the Western Islands" starring Robbie Coltrane as English writer Samuel Johnson who in the autumn of 1773, visits the Hebrides off the north-west coast of Scotland. That episode was directed by John Byrne and co-starred John Sessions and Celia Imrie. Some scenes were shot at Lennoxlove House in East Lothian and others in the Scottish Borders.

Screenplay (book)

Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting is a non-fiction book and filmmaking guide written by Syd Field. First published in 1979, Screenplay covers the art and craft of screenwriting. Considered a bestseller shortly after its release, to date it has sold millions of copies. It has served as a reference for Judd Apatow, James Cameron, Frank Darabont, Tina Fey and many other professional screenwriters. Now translated into more than a dozen languages, Screenplay is considered the "bible" of the screenwriting craft.

Usage examples of "screenplay".

Stefan Schoenburg and the other Cabbagehead backers are just a derivative screenplay away.

The remainder of the overexposed and overpraised morning Emory spent wrestling fragments of screenplay from the coils of motel management.

The writings, emails, and screenplays shall be reduced to printed documents to be analyzed for evidentiary value.

And he was still holed up in a motel room, working around the clock, locating and printing out emails and notes, chunks of screenplays.

And none of the thirty-two writers who are acknowledged contributors to the screenplay of The Flintstones exhibited any super-intelligence.

Nick suggested gently that she try to sell her screenplays to make the extra money that it would take.

In other screenplays, the lead character believed her husband was going to kill her.

She had written novel outlines and screenplays and felt it was time to find an outlet for her writing talent.

Several of his screenplays had been both artistic and popular successes, and he had been nominated for screenwriting awards.

Even though Craig told her that they had other screenplays to work on, she had lost her belief in him.

She spent the first months of 2000 hunched over her computer, spewing out ideas, notes, partial screenplays, chapters of a novel, an outline for a book on weight control for children.

Chris felt sorry for her because she had lost her movie treatments, screenplays, and journals.

Perhaps more enlightening reading was the thousand-plus pages Liysa herself had written: short stories, letters, manuscripts, and screenplays, provided to Birmingham through discovery by the State.

Liysa even wrote to Craig Elliot, giving him helpful criticism on some of his screenplays, and sounding pleased that their relationship had transformed itself into a solid friendship that could survive even the murder charges against her.

By the late 1990s, Jane was involved with book publishing and that intrigued Liysa, who said that she was working on screenplays and a book.