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Word usage examples

And in between all this, Celine found time to draw up lists of groceries with her mother, make up a few hopeful menus, and retire to the big shed at the bottom of the kitchen garden and paint a large sign.

Accordingly, around the beginning of the twentieth century, the number of restaurants grew rapidly, feeding people from all classes, ethnic groups, and regional tastes and resulting in a seemingly limitless number of menus and styles.

Class was one factor that divided diners and menus, regardless of region.

These new restaurant chains featured straightforward menus, very quick service, uniformity, standardized food, and reasonable prices.

As the company expanded, the new Pizza Huts were constructed with simple yet spacious dining rooms and offered greatly expanded menus to its eat-in clientele.

The waiter put two menus on the table and withdrew backwards to observe from a distance.

Cathy sat for hours dreaming up menus for the christening, the first night party and the business lunch.

They would send menus later, in a day or two, but for the moment Marian and Harry were to consider it done.

Messing arrangements remain sound, with menus ever changing, as they had been over the first two hundred years of our journey.

Their lawyers will creep into court with brown bags full of menus instead of money.