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n. 1 A folk music genre of Jamaica, featuring acoustic instruments and voices. 2 An individual mento song.


Mento is a style of Jamaican folk music that predates and has greatly influenced ska and reggae music. Mento typically features acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitar, banjo, hand drums, and the rhumba box — a large mbira in the shape of a box that can be sat on while played. The rhumba box carries the bass part of the music.

Mento is often confused with calypso, a musical form from Trinidad and Tobago. Although the two share many similarities, they are separate and distinct musical forms. During the mid-20th century, mento was conflated with calypso, and mento was frequently referred to as calypso, kalypso and mento calypso. Mento singers frequently used calypso songs and techniques. As in calypso, mento uses topical lyrics with a humorous slant, commenting on poverty and other social issues. Sexual innuendos are also common.

Mento (comics)

Mento is a fictional superhero published by DC Comics.

Usage examples of "mento".

E dopo essersi passata la mano sul mento con compiacenza, il Cardinale accennando col dito faceva segno a Gianni di andare.

Skeet worriedly noticed the way I eyed a dropped Mentos lying on the terrazzo floor.

What would poor, dead Menti say if Countess de Grassi stay in fleabag?

Demoness Menti would provide the demonly substance it needed, as well as popping back and forth to make sure it was being set up exactly right.

Gar was between Menti and Iri, with Hiat and Supi completing it beyond them.

So that her attention will be taken up while Menti and I do some serious searching of our own.

La lumaca, che non era molto astuta, stava cercando di strisciare via lungo il mento di mister Vandemar.

Lui lo colpì al mento, facendolo stra­mazzare all'indietro contro gli altri spettatori, molti dei quali avevano la patta dei calzoni aperta ed esponevano la loro predisposizione.

He said you'd come out of it soon enough The little man raised his voice, Hey, Doc, the hero is completely mentos again.

Poi rotolava lentamente sdraiandosi nella carrozza, con le bam­bole che le ruzzolavano intorno, con i piccoli berretti e i cappelli piumati che si confondevano, con il suo mento che si poggiava sull'incavo del gomito nel velluto color pulce, col suo nudo, levigato culo di bambina.