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Mende may refer to:

Mende (Lozère)
  1. Redirect Mende, Lozère
Mende (Chalcidice)

Mende was an ancient Greek city located on the western coast of the Pallene peninsula in Chalkidiki, facing the coast of Pieria across the narrow Thermaic Gulf and near the modern town of Kalandra.

Mende (surname)

Mende is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Dirk-Ulrich Mende (born 1957), German politician and Lord Mayor of the town of Celle, Germany
  • Erich Mende (1916–1998), German politician
  • Erling von Mende (born 1940), German sinologist
  • Gerhard von Mende (1904–1963), German academic, administrator under the Nazi regime
  • Gunther Mende (born 1952), German record producer
  • Hildegard Mende (born 1922), German concentration camp guard during World War II
  • Kaoru Mende (born 1950), Japanese lighting designer
  • Septi Mende (born 1986), Indonesian tennis player
  • Sven Mende (born 1994), German footballer

Usage examples of "mende".

Mendes zag intussen het einde van haar slavernij naderen, met een blik die niet door emoties werd vertroebeld.

Marie koel in het gelaat nu zij naast Paul, die mende, op de hooge coureuse zat.

In de twintigste eeuw stond de naam Mendes nog slechts voor een bezadigde, gegoede familie die met buitenstaanders niet over het roemruchte verleden sprak, hoewel de kinderen dat eigen verleden nog wel werd ingeprent.

The violence suffered by Nuit at the hands of Shu led to a connexion of the Osirian dogma of Mendes with the solar dogma of Sebennytos, and thus the tradition describing the creation of the world was completed by another, explaining its division into deserts and fertile lands.

A: zodra de kust veilig is, zet George de Ultra-Light weer in elkaar en neemt Mendes Robichaux mee om een kijkje te nemen.

George Edwards net wegreed bij het flatgebouw in Porto Rico waar Sofia Mendes woonde, werd dr.

Such were some of the things that were done in Memphis and indeed throughout Egypt, for as Apis was served, so was the holy ram of Mendes.

Yarbrough in gedachte voor Sofia Mendes: zulke moeilijke omstandigheden dat ze de kans zou krijgen haar eigen grenzen te ontdekken, haar capaciteiten aan te wenden en trots op zichzelf te zijn.

Mendes: the universal agent represented by hermaphroditic goat of, 734-u.

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On the 29th of April, 1792, Rebecqui and Bertin, the vanquishers of Arles, enter Avignon[53] along with a cortége, at the head of which are from thirty to forty of the principal murderers whom the Legislative Assembly itself had ordered to be recommitted to prison, Duprat, Mainvielle, Toumal, Mende, then Jourdan in the uniform of a commanding general crowned with laurel and seated on a white horse, and, lastly, the dames Duprat, Mainvielle and Tournal, in dashing style, standing on a sort of triumphal chariot.

Hannah suspected this Mendes, once he had been spotted and knew it, had flown the coop.

Outnumbered fifty to one by the indigenous Temne, Mende, and other tribes of the interior, the better-educated Creoles were terrified of a British withdrawal, especially after a violent uprising by the interior tribesmen following the imposition of a “hut tax.

As in so many other places, independence in 1961 began with high hopes for democracy, to be quickly followed by a political melt-down along tribal lines, with the Temne of the north, the Mende of the south, and the Creoles of the coast breaking into separate factions.