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Menke is a surname. People with this surname include:

  • Bill Menke, an American basketball player.
  • Denis Menke (born 1940), an American baseball player.
  • Frank G. Menke (1885-1954), American newspaper reporter
  • Frl. Menke aka Franziska Menke (born 1960), a German singer.
  • Heinrich Theodor Menke (1819-1892) a German geographer.
  • Karl Menke (Carl Menke) (born 1906, date of death unknown), a German field hockey player.
  • Karl Theodor Menke (1791-1861), a German malacologist.
  • Sally Menke (1953-2010), an American film editor.
  • Sebastian Menke (Sebastian G. Menke) (1910-2002), the 10th president of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Menke Observatory in Dixon, Iowa (USA) is named after him.