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Měnín (German Mönitz) is a village and municipality ( obec) in Brno-Country District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 1,632 (as at 3 July 2006).

Měnín lies approximately south of Brno and south-east of Prague.

Menin (title)

In Ancien Régime France, a menin was one of six gentlemen who were particularly attached to the person of the dauphin. They were also known as gentilshommes de la manche. The word originates in the Portuguese word menino (masculine) or menina (feminine, as in the title of the Vélasquez painting Las Meninas), meaning small or cute, where it denoted a young nobleman made a companion to the royal children. The word was used in France for the first time in 1680 when the household of the Grand Dauphin was set up.

Holders of this office during the Ancien Régime included marquis de Dangeau, the marquis de Mimeure and the comte du Muy. The Bourbon Restoration saw the return of many old court offices, and the duc d'Angoulême (dauphin from the accession of Charles X in 1824) also had menins, including the marquis d'Osmond.

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Usage examples of "menin".

General Menin sent out a sortie which destroyed or captured an enemy patrol.

General Menin, commander of the Torunn garrison and the senior officer present.

Lofantyr will be leading the army, and he and Menin will do their best to keep you out of any great victory.

With him were Count Fournier, General Menin, Colonels Aras and Rusio and seven or eight more junior officers whom Corfe did not recognize.

Lille, and Menin the pivot of a turning movement which should liberate Brussels, isolate Von Beseler in Antwerp, and threaten the rear of the German position along the Aisne.

Sir John French thought the moment had come for an offensive wheel round Menin towards the Scheldt.

Rawlinson was instructed to advance on the 18th, seize Menin, and then await Haig, who was to move through Ypres on to Thourout, Bruges, and Ghent.

Rawlinson moved on Menin on the 19th, but was stopped three miles away by the German masses coming from Courtrai, and had to entrench on a line running east of Gheluvelt.

On the 26th Haig struck again with similar results: Zonnebeke was captured, the woods cleared up to the outskirts of Reutel, and another advance made on the Menin road.

On the 15th the Belgians captured Thourout and the British Menin, crossing the Lys at various points and taking Comines on the 16th.

On the left not only was all the ground lost on the 30th July regained, but an important spur north of the Menin Road, which had hitherto been in German occupation, was included in the final position consolidated.

Into line in Ypres Salient on high ground between Menin and Zonnebeke Roads -- came under XXII Corps.

But in 1920 the road to Menin slowly re-emerged, followed by the shanties of the first returning refugees.

I left the Menin Gate and hurried to the battlefield of Loos while there was still daylight left.

Germans came to light shortly before a remembrance service this weekend at the Menin Gate in Belgium, the huge memorial which honours nearly SS,ooo troops obliterated so completely in the first three years of the war that they have no known graves.