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Menon (subcaste)

Menon is a subcaste of the Nair community of Kerala, India, and was an honorific hereditary title, often used as an affix to one's name, bestowed by the various kings of Kerala (including the Zamorin) to the members of certain classes of Nairs. The recipient of the title held it lifelong, and his family held it in perpetuity along the matrilineal line.

The Menons were engaged in various administrative duties, such as being scribes and accountants, in service of the kings of Kerala.

Menon (Trojan)

Menon (in GreekMενων) was a Trojan soldier killed by Leonteus in the Trojan War as detailed by Homer in the Iliad (XII.201).

There is also a Trojan chieftain or king by the same name, mentioned by the twelfth-century Icelandic writer Snorri Sturluson in his prologue to the Prose Edda. Snorri states the chieftain's name as Múnón, yet also called Mennón. It is uncertain whether Snorri is referring to this Menon, the Trojan soldier, or to Memnon, or to someone else. According to Snorri, Múnón was one of the twelve chieftains who dwelt in Troy in the stronghold with the High King. Múnón was wedded to the daughter of the High King at that time, Priam. The daughter's name was Tróán. According to Snorri, Múnón and Tróán had a child named Trór, "whom," Snorri states, "we call Thor." Thus, in Snorri's euhemerized account of Norse mythology, Múnón is the father of Thor, who, according to Snorri, is the ancestor (eighteen generations later) of Odin.

Menon (Phidias)

Menon (in GreekMενων) was a workman working with Phidias, who was bribed by Pericles' enemies to inform against Phidias. According to Plutarch he sat himself in the market-place begging for protection if he were to bring charges against Phidias. He was subsequently provided with safety by the state and exempted from public duties. (Plutarch, Pericles 31)


Menon may refer to:

  • Menon (name), the name of several people
  • Menon (gastropod), a genus of gastropods within the family Eulimidae
  • Menon (subcaste), an honorary title accorded to some members of the Nair community of Kerala, southern India; used as a surname by many holders of the title
  • Meno, a dialogue by Plato, is sometimes referred to also as Menon
  • Menon's caecilian
Menon (cookbook author)

Menon is the pseudonym of an 18th-century French cookbook author; his true identity is unknown. His numerous works were originally printed, and often reprinted, anonymously.

The best-known of his books is probably La Cuisinière bourgeoise, which was widely imitated and translated.

Menon (gastropod)

Menon is a genus of medium-sized sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Eulimidae.

Menon (name)

The name Menon may refer to: