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Word usage examples

Professor Glyer held up a palm toward the audience and the murmuring died.

When she was returned to her family her mother, Kytra, had attempted to raise the money for a good brideprice by selling her services, for Tas Gly, her father, was a poor smith and the family was without money.

Glys Meadowsweet, that her parents were not known to her, but were presumably gentlefolk of Castle Hagedom who had exceeded their birth tally.

On a fallen tree a hundred feet from the Birds sat Glys Meadowsweet, examining a blade of grass as if it had been an astonishing artifact of the past.

Glys Meadowsweet laughed, an easy merry sound, like nothing Xanten had ever heard at Castle Hagedom.

With a display of passion which astounded Xanten, Glys Meadowsweet tore the flower from her hair, buried it at the ground.

Glys Meadowsweet relaxed and allowed Xairtci to embrace her, while the Birds clucked, guffawed and made vulgar scratching sounds with their wings.

Five years later Xanten and Glys Meadowsweet, with their two children, had reason to travel north from their home near Sande River.

Since most of the abbreviations consist of the first three letters of the name, they are not difficult to memorize: glycine gly alanine ala valine val leucine leu asparagine asp'Ntb aspartic acid asp glutamine ghrNH2 glutamic acid glu THE HUMAN BRAIN isoleucine proline phenylalanine tyrosine tryptophan serine threonine ileu pro phe tyr try ser thr lysine histidine lys his arginine methionine arg met cystine cysteine cy-S-cy-SH Of the abbreviations that are more than the first three letters of the names, ileu, asp-NH2, and ghrNH2 should be clear.

The primary villain, Foss Gly, who appears in a later Pitt novel, is described in detail.