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GLE may refer to:

  • Gainesville, Texas (Amtrak station), Amtrak station code GLE
  • Gainesville Municipal Airport, Texas, IATA airport code GLE
  • Gleneagles railway station, Scotland; National Rail station code GLE
  • Irish language ISO 639 code
  • Graphics Layout Engine, a program that produces multiple forms of graphical outputs from a script file.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
  • "Greatest Living Englishman", an epithet given to Nigel Dempster by Private Eye

Usage examples of "gle".

While the meteor-blade was highly regarded for the discipline it took to wield, and generally revered for the Gle Kiang-ten level of form, martial skills were regarded by many women as necessary but uncivilized.

He inhaled deeply, beginning the grounding meditation of the Gle Kiang-ten.

Whoever mastered a meteor-blade must also master the mysterious forms of Gle Kiang-ten.

Usually, they were only given to masters of Gle Kiang-ten by their masters.

Only a master of Gle Kiang-ten had the inner stillness and strength of will to work such a weapon.

Easing down the speed, notch by notch, he ran them through a series of the intricate meteor-blade forms of the Gle Kiang-ten.

As far as the Select Quarter knew, no one had ever reached that level of the Gle Kiang-ten again.

Any man who could wield two meteor-blades at once with the grace of a Gle Kiang-ten master just might know what he was talking about.

Forms in and of themselvesnot unlike the Gle Kiang-ten in their own way.

Expertly slung, their fatal trajectories gathered speed and momentum in the classic stance of Gle Kiang-ten.

At the center of the book is a new and formi- dable figure, dona Soledad, a woman whose powers are turned against Castaneda in a strug- gle that almost consumes him.

During the day, he saw the akk dogs in glimpses through the jun gle as they ranged the rugged terrain around.

PLANET UTAPAU - ROCK MESA The little Artoo stumbles over several boulders as he strug- gles to reach the crest of a rocky mesa.

The warehouses were on the left, with the Molt hovels straggling against the Mirror beyond.

Und dann erst, o Kleist, wenn Dich auch diese Lorbeern, mit der weissen Feder, nur uns Dichtern sichtbar durchflochten, wenn beide Deinen Scheitel beschatten--Wenn die liebsten Deiner Freunde nicht mehr sind-Ich weiss es, keiner von ihnen wird Dich gern ueberleben--Wenn Dein Gleim nicht mehr ist--Ausser noch in den Haenden des lehrbegierigen Knabens, und in dem Busen des sproeden Maedchens, das mit seinem Liede zu Winkel eilet-Wenn der redliche Sulzer ohne Koerper nun denkt--Hier nur noch der Vertraute eines kuenftigen Grueblers, begieriger die Lust nach Regeln zu meistern, als sie zu schmecken.