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Rhymes for word khaddar

`adar abecedar abidar adar al-haddar alcedar alydar amidar amildar andar antiradar armudpadar aumildar ayodar babaheydar badamdar badar bagodar baidar bandar bantva-manavadar bardar bawandar bedar beldar bhaddar bhayandar bhayavadar bhumidar bidar bihardar bildar biricodar bondar bordar bozdar bozhidar bozidar brodar bundar cadar calendar callendar candar carevdar cedar chadar chaddar chakdar chaukidar chavdar chedar cheddar chobdar chokedar chokidar chooridar chopdar choukidar chowkidar chubdar chuddar churidar cidar cilindar clidar cobdar colendar colidar collandar covdar dadar dafadar dafdar daffadar daftardar damodar dar dardar darmadar deedar defterdar deodar depredar dhadar di-dar dildar dinasudar discalendar disdar dizdar dudar duffadar dufterdar dundar durdar edar elacridar eldar elidar elvandar enamdar encalendar enerhodar evandar faskidar faujdar fodar foujdar gadar gaddar gaidar galdar galpadar gamesradar gardar gaydar geddar geidar ghadar godar gondar gospodar gronddar gudar gugdar guldar gwadar gyaidar hadar haldar halvadar havildar hawaladar haydar hcalendar hebdomadar heydar hilandar hospodar hundar icalendar idar inamdar iochdar isadar iskandar iskodar isodar isteri-sedar jaadar jadar jageerdar jagheerdar jaghirdar jaghiredar jagirdar jamadar jathedar jayamkondar jemadar jemidar jemindar jodar judar kadar kaladar kaldar kalendar kamandar kandar kanodar kassidar kavadar kavdar kazim-i-samandar kdar kedar keeledar kelidar khabardar khadar khandar khassadar khuddar khuzdar kiladar killadar killedar kirdar krasnodar kundar lambardar landar laniquidar lapidar lashkendar lawdar lidar lindar lumbardar lumberdar madar majdar majumdar manavadar mandar mansabdar mansebdar masdar mashadar medar meddar mehmandar microlidar midar mira-bhayandar mithadar mockedar mouzadar mudar muddar munsubdar muqaddar musicradar nacodar nadar nakodar negudar nidar nindar nmdar nodar nonradar o-cedar odadar om-dar-b-dar oxycedar padar paladar palendar pandar pasdar patidar pavlodar peadar pellucidar petrodar photoradar phousdar pindar podar poddar porbandar post-cedar pouldar prebendar pundar purandar qadar qalandar qeydar qindar radar rahdar rainlendar recordar redar redcedar reddar reidar reodar ressaldar rhadar ribandar ridar risaldar rissaldar roundar ruydar sad-dar sadar saddar sakhdar samandar sambandar sandar saranjamdar sardar sarpotdar sayn-wittgenstein-vallendar schedar secondar sedar selandar serdar sewadar seytdar shabandar shahabandar shahbandar shandar shebandar shedar sheristadar shiledar sidar sikandar silladar sindar sinndar sirdar sodar soledar solidar soobahdar soubahdar splendar srikedar straightdar subadar subahdar subedar subidar subradar sudar sundar surdar sydar taberdar tahsildar talookdar talukdar taluqdar tamdar tanadar tannadar tarafdar tariquidar taxildar tebhapadar techradar teddar tehsildar teplodar thanadar thundar tisheldar tivadar transdar tridar tschoadar tuhseeldar tumandar tusseeldar uachdar uskudar vaikundar valdar vallendar valspodar vardar vatandar veadar veildar vendar vidar visavadar vuhledar vynohradar we-adar weldar whitecedar windar xabandar xandar yardar yekdar zadar zaildar zamindar zandar zdar zemindar zosuquidar zumeendar