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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Arabic word, literally "house," used in place names, such as Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, literally "House of Peace."


n. (context UK dialect English) A fish found in the (w: Severn River); a dart or dace.


Dar or DAR may refer to:

Dar (disk archiver)

dar (disk archive) is a computer program, a command-line archiving tool intended as a replacement for tar in Unix-like operating systems.

Usage examples of "dar".

She made up a platter for Thork with three cheeseburgers and a half-dozen pieces of baklava, then did the same for Dar and Aud.

The only way Dar security would know that I boarded your ship is if the cloaker saw me go with you and Dar security forced it out of him.

I is gwine straight over dar and lay my hand on Maria and rid her of dat misery dat she sont word was ailing her all dis spring.

I stay dar all through de night and she sleep sound and wake up dis morning feeling like a new woman.

It still rankled that Lona had only started leaving Fess with Dar after she had made herself a new guidance computer that did even better piloting than Fess had.

Lona had started leaving Fess home, Dar had assigned him that little chore.

In the festal hall, Daeva Gashtaham was ever at hand, the resident Aka-Magus of Dar?

At de highway, de Lawd prepared a friend to carry me to Union, and when I got dar I take and lay hands on Ria Rice, she laying down and suffering, and I sot down and laid my hand on her.

Brer Rabbit snatched off he coat en lipt up de ladder, en sot in dar en put on mo' shingles in one hour dan Brer Fox kin put on in two.

Marster wus good ter all he niggers, dar wus heap er de marsters in dem slabery times whut wus mean, en dat whut mek de niggers run off en hide in de woods, en dats when dey git de nigger hounds on em en track em down jes lak ye do er coon.

Dar warnt no sich er thing es no schools fer de niggers till atter de surrender.

Her companions on Everest were: the Tibetans Sonam Norbu, Lotse, Samdrub, Dar Puntso, Pasang, Tshering, Ngapo, and the Chinese Hou Sheng-fu.

Sally she volunteer, and dar she had been libing eber since, hoping all de time eider dat I should pass through dere or dat she should hear from Philadelphy dat I had got dere.

De preacher hopped up and looked under de pillar, and dar wuz de money sho nuf.

Kandor for those three small barrels of Two Rivers tabac I got in Ebou Dar.