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It had been Cadar de Savaric, Rosala's father, who had battled through to Dauf­ridi first and inflicted that savage red wound, before dying under the maces and axes of the king's guard.

She was too versed in the ways of the world to imagine that she would simply be al­lowed to live here peacefully with her child and the old countess receiving troubadours and their joglars, listening to music and riding in the fields beside the river as the sea­sons followed each other and Cadar grew into a child and then a man.

The heir to the dukes of Garsenc was sleeping in the room she had just left, and Cadar was perilously near in succession to the throne itself while Ademar remained unwed.

Her first, her only duty, was to Cadar, to guard her own safety as his sole shelter in the world.

But there had been moments, even in the few, brief intervals when he had been home, when Blaise had been forced to remind himself whose daughter Rosala was, and to remember that any child of Cadar de Savaric would know more than a thing or two about the world's affairs.

Part of the way back towards the castle Blaise did, in fact, lose consciousness, but not before the thought came to him, quite unexpectedly, along the momentarily unde­fended pathways of his mind, that Rosala's child, Cadar, was almost certainly his own son.

Rosala, aware that under normal circumstances at home she would be far removed from her baby at this stage, with Cadar and his nurse living in another wing of the castle, or indeed, elsewhere entirely, had still not been able to stop herself from walking down the corridor to look in on him when he cried.

She wept for Cadar, for herself, for the dead and burned of that night, for all the dying and burning yet to come.

Duke Cadar de Savaric had died defending their lands and his own at Iersen Bridge.

If Rosala will have me, I would like to raise Cadar as my own, as heir to Talair.