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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A sandwich of grilled chicken, red bell peppers and melted white cheddar on baguette is gilded with a garlic aioli.
▪ Add one chopped onion, 2 oz Shape or Tendale cheddar flavour cheese, coarsely grated, salt and black pepper.
▪ Lunch Two slices of toasted wholemeal bread spread thinly with Flora margarine and topped with 2 oz. grated cheddar cheese.
▪ Monterey, or Jack, cheese is also a modified cheddar which originated in California.
▪ Tea/supper 1 oz. of diced cheddar cheese mixed with one diced fresh apple.
▪ Where to get the nitty gritty on spicy cheddar grits?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cheddar \Ched"dar\, a. Of or pertaining to, or made at, Cheddar, in England; as, Cheddar cheese.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of cheese, 1660s (but the cheese presumably was made long before that), from Cheddar, village in Somerset, England, where it originally was made, from Old English Ceodre (c.880), probably from ceodor "ravine" (there is a gorge nearby).


n. 1 A cheese styled after the Cheddar cheese made in Cheddar. 2 (context slang English) money; cash. vb. (context cheese making English) To cut and press cheese so as to remove the whey and leave drier curds.


n. hard smooth-textured cheese [syn: cheddar cheese, store cheese]


Cheddar most often refers to either:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Cheddar, Somerset, the village after which Cheddar cheese is named

It may also refer to:

Usage examples of "cheddar".

There was a sharp cheddar, Havarti, Brie, a salsa, an avocado dip, baby carrots, and various kinds of chips.

You drank cheap Liebfraumilch in plastic cups, calling it cocktails, and carved off hunks of Cheddar cheese with a Swiss Army knife.

Jack fairly shovelling it down like a boy, then half a small tunny, caught by trolling over the side, and then their almost invariable toasted cheese, a Minorcan fromatge duro, not unlike Cheddar, that toasted remarkably well.

It turned out that cheddar cheese had more phenylethylamine than a bar of chocolate.

The two items with the best impressions we took down to the lab to make models, a brand-new brick of Tillamook cheddar with the corner bitten off and a carrot with the end bitten off.

Much later that night we rustled up some eggs with Vidalia onions and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, opened a nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

Cheddar cheese, a greening potato covered with wartlike sprouts, and half an air-dried tomato drawing in on itself.

While he soaped his hands, I fixed him scones, cheddar slices, and a soft drink.

She could envision the clowns and the skiing wedges of cheddar from the BuckLand cheese factory slipping and falling in the street, tangling up with one another, the crowds on the sidewalks doubled over laughing.

She mentioned it when one of them broke the door of her toaster oven, and she also remarked upon the melted cheddar cheese seared to orange leather around the perimeter of her broiler pan, which even Ajax and an overnight soaking could not budge.

A thick layer of melted Cheddar cheese bubbled over the dark, pungent enchilada sauce that in turn smothered the rolled and stuffed tortillas.

If Carlson said the moon was made of Camembert, they would insist it was cheddar.

Ken and Dee had something called portan au gratin on toasted muffins, which tasted just like the best Dungeness crab with melted Cheddar cheese.

Nana and the kids were putting out cold chicken, slices of pears and apples, Cheddar cheese, a salad of endive and bibb lettuce.

When a nagual presses on that point of intense luminosity, the point moves into the disk of the cheddar cheese.