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Bédar is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.


Bedar may refer to:

  • Bedar (ship), traditional double-ended Malay ship
  • Bédar, municipality of Almería province in Spain
  • Bedar Mnagrio (born 1937), Sindhi writer
  • Bedar (Kabul), delegate to Afghanistan's Constitutional Loya Jirga
  • Alternative name for the Ramoshi, Indian community of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka
Bedar (ship)

The term bedar, (in Terengganu spelled "bedor"), is applied to a wide variety of boats of the east coast of Malaysia that carry one or two Chinese junk sails and lack the typical transom stern of the perahu pinas. These junk rigged boats are usually built in the Terengganu area. The stern of the bedar is a classical "canu" or " pinky stern," being a typical "double ender", a bit like a modern ship's lifeboat, with a very full turn of the bilge and with markedly raked stem and stern. They came in small versions as fishing canoes - anak bedar ( Malay to English: child) and were built as big as 90 feet over deck ( LOD). The majority of the bedars were usually 45 to 60 feet over deck. The bedar, like all Terengganu boats, was built of Chengal wood by the Malays since the 19th century and roamed the South China Sea and adjacent oceans as a highly seaworthy traditional sailing vessel.