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Rhymes for word ceefax

.ax aasax acanthopanax addax after-tax agriolimax ajax anthrax anticlimax apoponax aspalax astyanax audax ax banjax battle-ax bees-wax beeswax bidax bole-ax bombax borax borstax breakax broad-ax broadax capax carapax carfax cephalothorax chafe-wax chafewax chaff-wax chaffwax chartophylax chylothorax climax coax coccothrinax contumax corax corcorax cordax corpax corporax corprax cortelax cotellax courtelax crax crown-tax curtal-ax curtelax curtlax curtle-ax cyanocorax cybistax damsax dendrohyrax dewax disclimax donax dropax ear-wax earwax eax echinopanax electroplax empidonax endolimax endothorax entothorax esquilax estorax fairfax fallax fax fer-flax fix-fax flax forthwax forwax galax garrulax glitterwax glossanthrax gnathothorax goniaulax gonyaulax gravlax greenwax gymnothorax gypohierax haematothorax halifax hapax hax hearth-tax hemithorax hemothorax hoax hydropneumothorax hydrothorax hyrax incapax income-tax iqyax j-ax jax joiax kalopanax kax knax kordax labrax land-tax larnax latax lax limax lithanthrax malax mastax matax max mbalax meat-ax mederinax medewax melierax mesothorax metathorax microthorax minimax monax mordax morphosyntax myeloplax mystax nonclimax nontax nycticorax oax odax olax oleothorax opopanax opoponax orthoprax ourax overtax overwax oxylabrax packwax panax panchax paralabrax paralax parallax paswax pax paxwax peax pentaphylax phalacrocorax pickax pinax plectrophanax plectrophenax pneumatothorax pneumohaemothorax pneumohemothorax pneumohydrothorax pneumothorax pol-ax polax poleax poll-tax pollax polyclimax portax post-climax postclimax pre-tax preclimax pretax proclimax prothorax proto-syntax pterothorax pugnax pykeax pyopneumothorax pyothorax pyrrhocorax qazax quax rax relax sagax sax saxifrax sceuophylax scolopax scramasax sealing-wax seax shibuya-ax siphonoplax smilax snax spalax storax styrax subclimax super-max supertax surtax syntax tax taxwax tenax tetrax thorax thoroughwax thrinax through-wax throwing-ax toad-flax toadflax tommy-ax trichoplax trithrinax trophothylax underwax unlax untax unwax upwax varimax vax vivax vorax wanax wax window-tax woadwax wood-wax woodwax wrax xanax xylanthrax yax yeax yoax zax