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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Zax \Zax\ (z[a^]ks), n. A tool for trimming and puncturing roofing slates. [Written also sax.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1923, colloquial shortening of saxophone.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context rare or obsolete English) A knife; a sword; a dagger about 20 inches in length. 2 A slate-cutter's hammer; slate-ax. vb. (context transitive UK dialectal English) To cut or slash with a sharp instrument; incise; scarify. Etymology 2

n. Short form of saxophone.


Sax or S AX may rdihati sax video

efer to:

Sax (surname)

Sax is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone
  • Dave Sax, Major League Baseball player
  • Emil Sax
  • Geoffrey Sax, sometimes credited as Geoff Sax, film and television director
  • George D. Sax, Business entrepreneur, drive-in bank innovator
  • Gyula Sax, Hungarian chess player
  • Joseph Sax, American environmental law scholars
  • Leonard Sax, American psychologist and physician.
  • Karl Sax, American botanist and geneticist
  • Steve Sax, Major League Baseball player
Sax (song)

"Sax" is the debut single by British recording artist Fleur East for her first studio album Love, Sax and Flashbacks (2015). It was released as the lead single from the album on 6 November 2015 by Syco Records.

In January 2016, 'Sax' was certified Gold by BPI. In May 2016, the song was certified Platinum.

Usage examples of "sax".

Some of them started to dance and some went in the booths and I put in a few more licks for good measure and quit just in time because Kewpie had the mouthpiece on his sax and was showing signs of joining in, dry reed and all.

Saxes, the wicked one-edged fighting knives of the tribe for which they were named, hung sheated at their hips.

An artsy sax player sporting a little silver goatee squeezed his eyes shut in ecstasy, leaning into his spotlight serenade.

And TK, who blew a sax in a weekend hobby band and who knew nothing about harps, was yet in a position to provide them.

Sax began to scamper along the heartwood with the happy abandon of a child at play.

The prudent man would divide his time between the hydroponic farm, and whatever would bring in the highest possible return in the shortest timewhich did not describe sax playing in any known universe.

I grabbed my old college alto sax from the corner and, with Popeye in hand, went up to the roof.

Coleman played his sax, afraid to burglarize, afraid to visit his wolverine friends.

Sax laid out his hypotheses concerning the creation of a possible anamnestic, with suggestions for various lines of experimental work on these possibilities, and he could see that his suggestions had for the young scientists a kind of prophetic power, even (or perhaps especially) when they were quite general comments.

And thinking about it, all of it had indeed come back to her, in the magic of the anamnestic enchantment: those talks with Sax.

Sax wandered over to him: "Would you agree with Aonia that Free Mars is dominating global policy?

Sax wandered over to him: “Would you agree with Aonia that Free Mars is dominating global policy?

A couch, two folding chairs, a grand piano, an electric organ, synthesizers, mixers, tape decks, an alto sax on a stand, and a gorgeous archtop guitar that I recognized as a fifty-thousand-dollar D’Aquisto in an open case.

Toward the end there we had three guitars, harmonica, tenor sax, alto recorder, and an autoharp going, and it got pretty juicy.

A few minutes later, three people biked down the path: Sax, leading Nirgal and a native woman.