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Etymology 1 vb. 1 (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland transitive English) To stretch; stretch out. 2 (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland transitive English) To reach out; reach or attain to. 3 (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland transitive English) To extend the hand to; hand or pass something. 4 (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland intransitive English) To perform the act of reaching or stretching; stretch one's self; reach for or try to obtain something 5 (context UK dialectal chiefly Scotland intransitive English) To stretch after sleep. Etymology 2

n. (context gaming slang English) barracks

Rax (restaurant)

Rax Roast Beef is a regional U.S. fast food restaurant chain specializing in roast beef sandwiches. It is based in Ironton, Ohio. Once a big player in the fast food segment, Rax has extensively scaled down their operations since their peak in the 1980s.


The Rax is a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps on the border of the Austrian federal provinces of Lower Austria and Styria. Its highest peak is the Heukuppe (2,007 m). The Rax, together with the nearby Schneeberg, are a traditional mountaineering and mountain walking area, and are called the Wiener Hausberge ( Vienna's local mountains). They are separated by the deep Höllental ("Hell Valley").

A cable car, the Raxseilbahn, starting at Hirschwang at the north-eastern foot of the mountains and the first in Austria (construction began in 1925), takes visitors to the extensive, high plateau of the Rax at a height of about 1,500 m. This area is a particular favourite with hikers from Lower Austria and Vienna. The steep sides of the plateau offer climbing tours of various difficulty. These steige (mountain trails) and the hütten, alpine huts offering basic accommodation, were built and are maintained kept by various Austrian Alpine Clubs. They were erected in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Usage examples of "rax".

The highway stops short at the castle, and beyond it a drove road tracks the ultimate waters of the Laver, and makes its way, by a pass called the Raxed Thrapple, to the English Border.

Rax could tell through the dust and the spider webs, the cartouche of Thoth, the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom.

Rax sent the two preparators back by plane and he himself traveled with the artifact.