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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Panax \Panax\ n. A genus of perennial herbs of eastern North America and Asia having aromatic tuberous roots: ginseng.

Syn: genus Panax.

Usage examples of "panax".

Of the fates of Quentin, Panax, Ahren Elessedil, and Ard Patrinell, he could not be certain.

But Quentin had taken up his position on the left wing of the search party, along with Panax and the Elven Hunters Kian, Wye, and Rusten, and watched as an unaccompanied Walker made his way cautiously ahead.

When queried by Panax about what sort of trouble she had encountered on the way, she said that she suspected there were creepers hiding all through the ruins, but they showed themselves only in response to certain things.

Quentin glanced at Panax, then at the Elves, his disgruntlement plainly visible.

They ate what they had, drank from an aleskin Panax was carrying, and slept in their clothes using whatever they could find for pillows.

They went back and forth like this for several minutes before Panax turned back to his companions.

Most stayed to finish setting traps for the mysterious wronks, but the one who had spoken with Panax, along with several of his fellows, broke off from the main group to act as escort.

It was difficult to be certain, but it appeared to Panax that Parkasia was a peninsula attached to a much larger body of land north and west in which tribes other than the Rindge made their home.

The conversation between Panax and Obat was sufficiently intense that the Dwarf did not even glance at Quentin, but Tamis caught his eye and beckoned him over.

They used them like pry bars, Obat explained when Panax questioned him about it.

While they waited, Quentin sat with Panax and stared out into the midday heat as it rose in visible waves off the metal of the devastated city.

He glanced at Panax and Tamis to see if they were looking, too, but their eyes were directed ahead into the corridor they followed.

Tamis, and together they sped back down the passageway in pursuit of Panax and the Elven Hunters.

Kian, Wye, Panax, and even the Rindge, who had not fled as Tamis had feared.

Obat and two more stood their ground, joined by the Elves, Panax, and Quentin Leah, who hammered at the monster from all sides, trying to break through its defenses, to find a weak spot, to do anything to stop it.