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n. 1 (context lang=en slang) (abbreviation of lang=en vaccine) 2 (context lang=en slang) (abbreviation of lang=en vaccination)


VAX was an instruction set architecture (ISA), developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the mid-1970s. The VAX-11/780, introduced on October 25, 1977, was the first of a range of popular and influential computers implementing that architecture.

A 32-bit complex instruction set computer based on DEC's earlier PDP-11, VAX ("virtual address extension") was designed to extend or replace DEC's various PDP ISAs. The VAX architecture's primary features were virtual addressing (for example demand paged virtual memory) and its orthogonal instruction set.

VAX has been perceived as the quintessential CISC ISA, with its very large number of assembly-language-programmer-friendly addressing modes and machine instructions, highly orthogonal architecture, and instructions for complex operations such as queue insertion or deletion and polynomial evaluation.

Vax (vacuum)

Vax UK Ltd is a brand that retails electrical goods and cleaning products in the floor-care sector, and which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The brand is owned, and its products are manufactured by, a company called TTI Co. Ltd Group, which is based in Hong Kong, China. Vax UK Ltd has its main headquarters in the city centre of Birmingham, West Midlands and a service, warehouse and depot operation in the village of Hampton Lovett, near Droitwich, Worcestershire. Vax branded machines are manufactured in China.

Vax (disambiguation)

VAX or Vax may refer to:

  • VAX, an instruction set architecture by DEC
  • Vax (vacuum), a brand of vacuum cleaner
  • Vaccination or a vaccine
  • V Air, ICAO code for a low-cost carrier based in Taiwan

Usage examples of "vax".

Lord God, that was all this fiasco needed: trouble with Midshipman Vax Holser.

Only Vax Holser had the resources to ignore that tradition and get away with it.

If Vax had his way, the juniors would spend their lives in the exercise room.

Alexi from Vax, who was second in seniority, but I could try to keep the brooding middy from going too far.

Sometime later Vax came and slapped the light on, waking me from a pleasant dream.

Alexi, Vax, and I sat stiffly in the chairs placed in the corridor, knees tight, caps in hand, waiting our turns.

When Vax came in he turned on his holovid, plugging in a shrill slap-nag chip.

Slowly, I came to realize that Vax was a person who did what he promised.

One evening when Sandy and Alexi went below I put Vax at attention in the center of the wardroom.

Their figures agreed with those of Vax, who as midshipman of the watch also ran a check.

Malstrom, for the love of Lord God, for the sake of this ship, commission Vax while you still can!

I could tell Vax he was going to make lieutenant, before Captain Malstrom had made up his mind.

Captain Harvey Malstrom, do commission and appoint Midshipman Vax Stanley Holser lieutenant in the Naval Service of the Government of the United Nations, by the Grace of God.

The Doctor, the Chief, Vax, and I waited in the sickroom for the Captain to awaken.

Log, witnessing that Captain Malstrom commissioned Vax lieutenant before he died.