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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As soon as she'd entered the hotel she'd been handed a white envelope containing a fax message.
▪ The sheer weight of goodwill fax messages told them of this fact.
▪ They come with built-in messaging capabilities for exchanging electronic mail and fax messages.
▪ The fax modem offers an affordable solution to many of the conventional fax machine's shortcomings.
▪ Both computers had a 28, 800-baud fax modem, 16 megabytes of random-access memory and voice mail / speakerphone capabilities.
▪ If the fax at the other end is a fax modem running UntraFAX, you can send files to the remote machine.
▪ The same applies to a fax card or fax modem.
▪ This machine can send and receive faxes, but it's unlike any other fax modem I've ever seen.
▪ Can you let me know the fax number you used to get in touch with Mr. Silver?
▪ The doctor's fax number is 703-352-3908.
▪ When setting up Correct Letters you are prompted to enter your name, company address, telephone, fax number, and so on.
▪ The addresses, telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.
▪ The number originally printed is Bertram's free fax number.
▪ Our eyes are going: we printed Freedman Sharp and Associates' fax number rather than its phone number.
▪ In any event, most decent fax software supports proper scanners for these tasks.
▪ If you leave the fax software running, waiting to answer incoming calls, you can't use the data modem as well.
▪ And Fleischmann received a fax from Harwell and learned that they were seeing nothing at all.
▪ One would be a telephone that could send and receive e-mail and faxes.
▪ This machine can send and receive faxes, but it's unlike any other fax modem I've ever seen.
▪ And its system for receiving and sending faxes via modem is one of the best around.
▪ A previous user of the review machine had tried to send some faxes which never made it down the wire.
▪ I have already sent my first fax and am expecting one in return.
▪ The problem is that the vast majority of stand alone fax machines are set up to send faxes in low resolution.
▪ And its system for receiving and sending faxes via modem is one of the best around.
▪ And so, an Arizona-based company exploited that loophole, sending countless faxes to unsuspecting Californians.
▪ Also, faxes can be sent to multiple fax machines-a fax mail-out-or faxes and traditional e-mail can be combined.
▪ In the office, more and more is being sent by fax, because it is quicker than postage.
▪ I filled in the relevant appeal form and it was sent off by fax.
▪ I will use the fax method to get ticks.
▪ He said he had erred in using a government fax machine and telephone to contact an intermediary about the donation.
▪ It is possible to use the fax send-and-receive software referred to.
▪ And you can cut down on waste by viewing your faxes on-screen first, and skipping over junk faxes and cover sheets.
▪ But for every other fax installed in the world, your fax machine increases in value.
▪ Even in those days, the architects never had to consider the word processor, the microcomputer, the fax machine.
▪ It is also the interface to Novell NetWare, fax and telex.
▪ Maybe it was just a cheap trick to get voyeuristic journalists to read a fax that would otherwise have been tossed.
▪ The fax side as many features; you can store your signature and incorporate it in faxes, for example.
▪ The company may be reached by fax.
▪ You can now send the captured file as a fax.
▪ Shall I fax the report or mail it?
▪ The order will be faxed directly to the manufacturer.
▪ They've agreed to fax us their proposals tomorrow.
▪ At work, faxing is a great way to get information to people immediately.
▪ I know, no, I just told them that I would just fax the stuff over.
▪ I will fax to you the confirmed orders for this.
▪ In order to ensure prompt despatch of the Information memorandum to you please fax the signed confidentiality agreement to me on.
▪ Tell the catering guys to take some polaroids and fax them through to us.
▪ The lab will test samples and, within 24 hours, fax the results to inspectors.
▪ The magazine began shortly after Kristol spent about a year faxing unsolicited political advice and opinion all around Washington.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1948, in reference to the technology, short for facsimile (telegraphy). Meaning "a facsimile transmission" is by 1980. The verb attested by 1970. Related: Faxed; faxing.\n\nFuturists predict that a "fax" terminal in the house or business office may someday complement or even replace the mail-carrier.

["Scientific American," 1972]


Etymology 1 n. (label en obsolete or UK dialectal) The hair of the head. Etymology 2

n. A fax machine or a document received and printed by one. vb. To send a document via a fax machine.

  1. n. duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio [syn: facsimile, facsimile machine]

  2. v. send something via a facsimile machine; "Can you fax me the report right away?" [syn: telefax, facsimile]


Fax (short for facsimile), sometimes called telecopying or telefax (the latter short for telefacsimile), is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images), normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device. The original document is scanned with a fax machine (or a telecopier), which processes the contents (text or images) as a single fixed graphic image, converting it into a bitmap, and then transmitting it through the telephone system in the form of audio-frequency tones. The receiving fax machine interprets the tones and reconstructs the image, printing a paper copy. Early systems used direct conversions of image darkness to audio tone in a continuous or analog manner. Since the 1980s, most machines modulate the transmitted audio frequencies using a digital representation of the page which is compressed to quickly transmit areas which are all-white or all-black.

Fax (disambiguation)

Fax, short for facsimile, is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies of documents over the telephone network.

Fax may also refer to:

  • Fax (Argentine TV show), between 1991 and 1992
  • Fax (Pern), a character in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series
  • Fax (TV series), BBC children's show between 1985 and 1988
  • FAX +49-69/450464, a German record company releasing ambient music
  • FlyAsianXpress, commonly known as FAX, an airline operating in Malaysia
  • Fresno Area Express, a public transit agency operating in Fresno, California
FAX (TV series)

FAX was a Canadian daily entertainment news series, which aired on MuchMusic in the 1990s. The series aired both as a half-hour daily show and as short interstitial segments called RapidFAX. Its newer incarnation is MuchNews, which debuted in 2001.

Hosts of the show over the course of its run included Lance Chilton, Monika Deol and Rebecca Rankin, although regular MuchMusic VJs also occasionally served as substitute hosts. The series concentrated primarily on music news, but also covered some film and television news as well.

Category:Entertainment news shows in Canada Category:MuchMusic television series Category:1990 Canadian television series debuts Category:Year of Canadian television series ending missing Category:2001 Canadian television series endings Category:Interstitial programming Category:1990s Canadian television series Category:2000s Canadian television series

Fax (Argentine TV show)

Fax was a 1991-1992 Argentine talk show, hosted by Nicolás Repetto. It received two Martín Fierro Awards for best host and best production, and the first Golden Martín Fierro Awards.

Category:Golden Martín Fierro Award winners Category:Argentine television talk shows Category:El Trece television programs Category:1991 Argentine television series debuts Category:1992 Argentine television series endings

Usage examples of "fax".

Sending sensitive information by fax Policy: Before sending Sensitive information by fax to a machine that is located in an area accessible to other personnel, the sender shall transmit a cover page.

They even had wine faxed in from the far-flung vineyard-estate communities.

Harman realized that he was still expecting to disappear when his final birthday rolled around, and then be faxed up to the rings even if there were no healing tanks left there to receive him.

He explained that if any of these people faxed back with important news and the sonie was not available, fifteen of the guard troop would accompany the messenger back to Ardis Hall.

One by one they faxed out, tapping the first of their codes onto the diskplate pad on the column in the center of the pavilion and flicking out of sight.

Even if it took a full twelve hours to warn the people in the other cities and nodes, it would be full daylight when he faxed last to Paris Crater.

The Circles at Ulanbat were now completely enclosed in the strange blue strands and Daeman had faxed away at once before the cold seized him there, tapping in the code for Paris Crater, not knowing what to expect there.

When someone faxed up to the rings on any of his or her normal four Twenties of life, you went to the nearest fax pavilion.

Isle, in the Firmary tanks where naked bodies arrived, were fixed by the bubbling nutrient and blue worms, and were faxed back.

The usual puff of air and visual flicker as people faxed out of existence simply did not happen.

The voynix got most of us, half a dozen or so of us made it to the fax pavilion and faxed away for help before the fax quit working, and the five others and I were on the penthouse of the Hughes Town Tower with five hundred voynix occupying everything.

Daeman had faxed to an empty node at fourteen thousand feet above sea level, an uninhabited, wind-ravaged, snow-pelted node known only as Pikespik, to test it.

Even Krogh, who had changed the worlds forever, reaped only a tiny royalty when someone faxed him- or herself across space and time, the morbidity filter one of many background processes running behind every collapsiter grid transaction.

With death a hunted quality, faxed away with every minor journey, perhaps civilization was finally able to take a longer view.

Finally Vivian had faxed up a set of magnetic playing cards and convinced Tamra to make their use an Official Business of the Royal Committee.