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Rhymes for word adra

abhayamudra acutandra addra adenandra adenophaedra adinandra agni&rudra agnidra agonandra agriomandra akkalasandra aldra alejandra alessandra alexandra alhandra almendra alondra aludra alundra amarindra amborondra ammandra ammasandra amodra ampondra anaxandra andra ankavandra antindra antsindra apeirohedra aphaenandra aphandra aphelandra ardra associahedra audra avandra axinandra ba'adra badra balabhadra balandra balkundra banasandra bandra batrachedra benirredra bhadra bhagabhadra bhagyamudra bhanodra bheemasamudra bindra birandra blepharandra boedra bolandra bolundra bommasamudra bommasandra bouguedra boukhadra braunsbedra bucephalandra buddhabhadra cadra cailcedra calandra calendra calliandra callindra caloundra campsiandra candra canowindra cantalapiedra casandra cassandra cathedra cedra ceratandra chadra chakandra chandra channasandra charadra chedra chelydra chidra chikhodra chlorotimandra cidra clepsydra comandra conundra cootamundra crossandra crypsedra cryptandra cuboctahedra cubooctahedra cyclohedra cynandra cyphomandra cyrtandra dadra daphnandra dayadra debsirindra decahedra decandra deinandra deltohedra dendra devagiri-m-narendra devarakadra devarkadra devasamudra devendra dharmendra diandra dicerandra dichondra dichorisandra diedra dihedra dimerandra dimorphandra diptychandra dodecadodecahedra dodecahedra dra drumcondra dryandra edra elaphandra elymandra endiandra enhydra enneahedra enydra ephedra euhadra euphaedra eureiandra euryphaedra exedra exhedra fedra fidra fjardhundra gajendra galadra galdra galeandra gandra glyphandra gomphandra govindachandra grossbockedra gunabhadra gynandra hadra haidra haldra haribhadra harichandra harischandra harish-chandra harishchandra haut-sassandra hdra hebdomochondra hedgimadra hemachandra hemiandra hemihedra hemisalamandra hendecahedra hendra heptahedra heptaparallelohedra hesudra heterandra heteroscodra hexahedra hexecontahedra hexoctahedra hla-dra holohedra holyhedra homaledra honnasandra hundra hydra hylandra hyperandra hyposidra icosahedra icosidodecadodecahedra icosidodecahedra icositetrahedra idra imandra indra isandra isocylindra isonandra itsandra jeetendra jitendra kalandra kaludra kalyanachandra kandra karmamudra kassandra katedra kendra khadra khandra kiandra killashandra killeshandra kleinbockedra klepsudra klepsydra kodra kshemendra kudra kumudra ladahachandra ladra lagdadra lagenandra laghnadra lakhandra lalchandra lamledra leandra ledra leptandra leucandra liandra likodra lindra liriodendra lomandra londra lopamudra lyciasalamandra lysandra madra maeandra mahamudra maharudra mahendra mahindra makedra mallasandra mandra manibhadra maninidra massandra matsyendra mayasandra mdra meandra meddra mederdra medusandra mesedra mezdra micandra micrandra microhydra mjimandra mnajdra modra mohendra mudra mulabhadra mullasadra mundra nagasamudra namasudra nancledra narendra navadra neandra nectandra nedra nemichandra neocassandra neolysandra nestohedra nicandra nidra nindra noccundra ochlandra octahedra odra oleandra olhydra ondra orthotetrahedra ostramondra ouroborindra ouvirandra oxandra pachpadra pachysandra padra paidra palagnedra paradinandra paramoudra parandra passandra pedra peltandra pendra pentachondra pentadiplandra pentahedra pentandra perelandra periandra permutohedra phaedra philodendra piedra platyedra plerandra polyhedra polytetrahedra pontevedra povondra prataparudra protochelydra protohydra pseudoxandra pterandra pycnandra pyritohedra quadra raghavendra rajan-nagendra rajendra ramabhadra ramachandra ramadra ramasamudra ramchandra ramchundra rhizedra rhombicuboctahedra rhombohedra rolandra rudra ruxandra saavedra sadra salamandra salandra samantabhadra samudra sandra saraswatichandra sassandra scalenohedra scaphydra scenedra schisandra schizandra schondra scodra scolopendra sedra serendra shailendra shedra shkodra shudra siddasamudra sidra singasandra skudra skydra sodra sohdra solandra solenandra soliedra solusandra solyndra somasamudra sondra soodra spathandra spectrahedra squadra srichandra srinagarindra st.andra stachyandra stedra stephanandra stereosandra sthulabhadra strophedra stypandra subhadra sublysandra suchandra sudra sundra supushpachandra surendra sympetalandra synandra syncathedra synedra tdra tendra tetrachondra tetrahedra tetrahemihexahedra tetrahexahedra tetrakaidekahedra tetrakishexahedra tetraplasandra thanisandra thighpaulsandra thundra thylacandra tidra tiedra timandra timbedra tintaldra tiquadra todra toondra toundra trachyandra trachyedra traillokyachandra trapezohedra tremandra triacontahedra triakisoctahedra triandra trihedra tripundra trisoctahedra trondra tundra udra upendra urochondra uttaramadra vadra vandra varadamudra varendra vasudhendra vedra veerabhadra veerendra vidra virabhadra virbhadra virendra vydra wahydra weldra wydra xandra ypsilandra zadadra zajzdra zandra zhizdra zhungdra ziusudra zonohedra