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UDRA (União Desportiva Rei Amador) is a football club that plays in the São Tomé and Príncipe Championship. The team is based in the southern part of the island of São Tomé. The club is named after Rei Amador, a slave king in Angolares mythology.

Its uniform colors features a blue-white striped t-shirt with white sleeves with the rest of the clothing blue used during home games and orange clothing with blue socks for away/alternate games Its shield color is brown with Rei Amador featured in the middle and the date of the foundation of the town at the bottom.

UDRA became the twelfth and recent club to win their first title and along with four other clubs, has only one national title won today. The club now also has two national cup titles.

The club competed in the first division until the club was relegated in 2007 and did not return again until the 2009/10 season. Four years they were the island's top five clubs, their final positions creeped up each year, fourth in 2011 with 34 points and 31 goals scored, third in 2012 and fewer points and goals with 32 and 28, second in 2013 with a higher 41 points and 37 goals. UDRA finally finished first and won their first and only island title in 2014 which achieved them entry into the national championship event and competed with FC Porto Real of Príncipe with the score 2–1 away and 1–0 at home field, the match went into penalty shootouts and UDRA defeated Porto Real and claimed their only national title. UDRA won their very first cup title in 2013 after defeating GD Sundy 5–1. In the national cup, UDRA would go on to defeat Sporting Clube do Príncipe 2–1 to claim their second and recent cup title.

UDRA (disambiguation)

UDRA may refer to:

  • UDRA, a football club in São João dos Angolares in São Tomé and Príncipe
  • União Desportiva e Recreativa de Algés, a football club based in the parish of Algés, Oeiras, Portugal