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Gregory "Greg" Fields, better known by his in-game name IdrA (pronounced /ˈɪˌdrə/ I-dru) is a former professional StarCraft II and Brood War player who predominantly played as Terran in Brood War, but switched to Zerg for StarCraft II. He is currently sponsored by Tt eSports and has won community approval as a caster. After a retirement to focus on school, he has returned to former team Evil Geniuses for Heroes of the Storm.

IdrA is known for his macro abilities and an excellent grasp of fundamentals and mechanics. The "IdrA Build" is so-called because IdrA rarely deviated from this build during the beta. Such pertinacity is exemplary of his play style, which has occasionally proven to be somewhat vulnerable to unconventional or unexpected enemy tactics. His standard play and strength in the late game has caused IdrA to become the target of many cheeses and early-game all-ins.

Despite garnering much respect from both fans and players alike for his abilities, IdrA has gained considerable notoriety for his displays of poor etiquette both during ladder and online tournament matches. His habit of trash talking, vocalizing perceived game imbalance and "rage quitting" games have made him a colourful and controversial player within the StarCraft scene.

Usage examples of "idra".

For heat, most stuck to the tiny charcoal braziers Idra had insisted they each pack at the beginning of this campaign.

Tarma thought, watching both Idra and her Second go from weary and discouraged to alert in the time it took to say the words.

Lord Commander sent one of his pages out after Lord Shoveral, then he and Idra began planning in earnest.

As the tent and the voices faded, while the wave of exhaustion carried her into slumber, she heard Idra chuckling.

Tarma had preceded her more than half a day ago, leaving before midnight, as the guide with Idra and the first group.

Leamount and Idra had planned, the young, headstrong nobles let those tempers loose.

Company Captains were few, and of all of them, only Idra led a mixed-sex Company.

And Idra had been showing no signs of retiring, nor had Sewen made any moves indicating that he was contemplating starting his own Company.

He did that pretty young, since he was younger than Idra or her brother, and she left the Court before she was twenty.

Besides several unflattering comments about her own looks, she managed to pick up that Idra had gone off rather abruptly, but that her disappearance had not been entirely unexpected.

I ever expected to hear myself saying, but whatever has happened to Idra, I fear her fate is going to have to take second place to what is happening to the Kingdom.

Ikan and Sewen with that same ease and frank equality Idra had always shown, and thank them for their presence and help with a sincerity that none of them doubted.

I heard from a trusted witness the words of his own mouth, confessing that he dishonored, tortured and slew his own sister, the Lady Idra, Captain of the Sunhawks and Princess of the blood, but I have had the same tale from the servants of his household that we questioned last night.

Kyra had finished the last of the tales, telling in her matter-of-fact way how Idra had ridden out of the cloud of mist and moonlight, you could have heard a mouse sneeze.

So she slogged her way through the camp mostly by memory and was herself grateful to Idra for insisting on an orderly camp, laid out neatly, in proper rows.